Good, bad...not Ugly.3/22/2014 5:41:44 AM

Pros: 4k @ 30mhz (Displayport 1.1a) looks great...very nice for graphic design/photo editing

Cons: 4k @ 60mhz (Displayport 1.2) probably looks awesome if it worked

Overall Review: There is a huge issue with this monitor. Asus and Sharp comparable monitors had the same issue but put out a user enabled firmware flash to fix it. Dell refuses to acknowledge their monitor has any issues. The problem is that when you enable Displayport 1.2, you only get 1/2 of the screen to show up...and sometimes nothing at all. I know my pcs and there is nothing wrong with my is without a doubt, the monitor. Googling for 2 days to see if I could find a fix left me unsatisfied but I at least found out, I'm not the only one. Hundreds of these monitors have the same a matter of fact, I didn't read a single webpage that someone reported that their monitor actually worked with no problems. For a $2500 monitor, it's not worth 4k@30mhz....I could by a 60" TV and get that resolution. I want 4k@60mhz....get it right dell. Fix your junk.

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