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Exactly the Extremely Bright Bulb Promised

SANSI 27W (250 Watt Equivalent) A21 Omni-directional Ceramic LED Light Bulbs, 4000 Lumens, 3000K Soft Warm White Light, E26 Medium Screw Base Floodlight Bulb, Home Lighting, Non-dimmable (2 Pack)
SANSI 27W (250 Watt Equivalent) A21 Omni-directional Ceramic LED Light Bulbs, 4000 Lumens, 3000K Soft Warm White Light, E26 Medium Screw Base Floodlight Bulb, Home Lighting, Non-dimmable (2 Pack)

Pros: The bulbs are indeed extremely bright, deliver all that light at excellent wattage, have no warmup time or initial flicker, and fit standard sockets. They've worked so well for lighting up the driveway that I intend to buy more for other areas where standard high wattage equivalent bulbs simply aren't bright enough, such as the basement or other wide open exterior areas. Probably not much for indoor use though, as just one will make an average sized bedroom too bright, if anything. That's how bright they are.

Cons: -The bulbs screw into standard sockets just fine, but they are overall wider than any other lightbulbs I've ever used, barely fitting into the outdoor light fixtures I installed them in. If regular bulbs are already a tight fit width-wise, these may not fit that location at all. They're also noticeably heavier than standard bulbs, so an extremely delicate or flimsy socket might not be up to the task for these particular bulbs. -The LEDs are all bunched toward the top of the bulb, resulting in less than perfectly balanced lighting. They certainly cast significant light in every direction, it's projected most strongly straight out and upward, and least of all downward. As such, the bulbs don't quite reach their full practical illumination potential when mounted in a standard upward orientation in high locations, especially without a good reflective surface above them.

Overall Review: If you have a standard lightbulb location somewhere but need a non-standard degree of brightness, I can't think of a bulb I'd recommend more. I'm not aware of any other alternative that delivers as much light, while taking up just barely more space than a standard bulb no less. And at a better price than far bulkier alternatives to boot. The only thing I'd like changed would be not bunching the LEDs up so much toward the top of the bulb exclusively. I suppose this design is just fine for high places if you want a bright ceiling, or the bulbs are installed in an upside down socket, but I feel like keeping the LEDs more to the middle would have yielded more balanced, and overall more useful results. Alternately, focusing the LEDs entirely toward the bottom half of the main bulb section could work too as an alternate companion design, then one could choose this version or the bottom-heavy version depending on intended height and orientation, to make sure light's best projected in the direction most needed. As is, unlike most any other bulbs where direction doesn't matter much, these bulbs may or may not shine their absolute brightest, depending on which direction you need their light the most and which orientation they'll be installed in. But even the least lit direction will still be brighter than any other bulb would have delivered.


Make that Photoshop subscription a bit more affordable

Adobe - Creative Cloud Photography Plan 20GB (1-User) (1-Year Subscription) - Mac, Windows [Digital]
Adobe - Creative Cloud Photography Plan 20GB (1-User) (1-Year Subscription) - Mac, Windows [Digital]

Pros: First and foremost, yes, you can use this if you're currently subscribing to Creative Cloud monthly. That was my biggest question before buying too, and as this and other reviews will confirm, adding this prepaid full year will work fine even if it's not the same payment plan you're currently using. With that headline out of the way, If you need Photoshop, you already know you need Photoshop, so no need to sell that here. It's pretty much the standard for anybody who works in digital visuals. The particular selling point to this product - the one year Creative Cloud subscription - is that sometimes it's on sale, giving people a rare opportunity to actually save on that subscription. So if you see it on sale and aren't planning on quitting all fields of graphic design entirely in the next year, get it and save yourself some money. And in case you do know that you need Photoshop but aren't sure what plan is right for you, this is still probably the plan for you. Personally, I was initially a little iffy on the "Photography" plan, being primarily an illustrator and all, but despite the somewhat misleading name, this plan supplies the full and complete Photoshop with all its capabilities. And it's the least expensive plan available. So even if you don't really do photography and are all about drawing and/or the other non-photography applications of Photoshop, I'd still recommend this Photography plan over the others, unless you think you really need the extra Creative Cloud stuff the other, more expensive plans include.

Cons: As previously noted, this one year subscription absolutely will work for us monthly subscribers, I've successfully used it myself. However, adding it to your Creative Cloud account isn't as straightforward as it could be. There's more than one point that one could enter a serial number of the format this purchase will provide, but only one specific page where this one will actually work. So keep that in mind in case it initially seems like this subscription isn't working, and keep digging.

Overall Review: I'm still not exactly a fan of Photoshop going subscription-only, but it is what it is. This one-year Creative Cloud subscription will at least make the subscription model a little more tolerable whenever it's on sale, so I'd recommend that anybody who uses Photoshop keeps an eye out and jumps on this when those rare sales happen.

Good Wall Mount, Good Price, Minor Problems

VideoSecu Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount for most 26-55" LCD LED HDTV UHD, Long Arm Tilt Swivel TV Mount Bracket with Max VESA 400x400mm, Loading 88lbs, Cable Management BJZ
VideoSecu Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount for most 26-55" LCD LED HDTV UHD, Long Arm Tilt Swivel TV Mount Bracket with Max VESA 400x400mm, Loading 88lbs, Cable Management BJZ

Pros: The mount itself works as well as could be expected once set up, the product is definitely a great value for its price. It's plenty sturdy and has every point of articulation I could need to get just the right angle for my TV. The adjustable tension is handy too.

Cons: -This is hardly a mistake on the part of VideoSecu, but while the packaging includes a wide assortment of parts to accommodate various TVs, none of them fit the weirdly specific requirements of my Samsung TV. I ultimately had to buy a set of bolts from my local hardware store to attach the back plate to the TV itself. This is 90% Samsung's fault for not fully following VESA standards, but it does mean that this product has a compatibility gap nonetheless. And is something to keep in mind if also intend to use this for a Samsung. -The packaging included quite a lot of parts, but for some reason didn't have any washers that fit its own included M8 bolts, despite calling for using washers on those bolts in the instructions. Fortunately I had extras on hand that worked, but it seems there must have been a packaging mistake somewhere. -And finally, the instructions have quite a lot of typos. Not enough to render them unreadable by any means, but some proofreading would have helped with overall impressions.

Overall Review: All around, I'd definitely recommend this wall mount for anyone who isn't planning to use it on a Samsung television. For Samsung owners, I'd recommend it along with the additional purchase of four 39-41mm M8 bolts as well. And either way, it'd probably be a good idea to have some extra washers. I would have liked this mount even more if the arm were an inch or two longer, but it gets the job done and it's hard to find single arm wall mounts that are any longer anyway.

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Good, though a bit slow to ship

The product was delivered exactly as expected, well packed in perfect condition. It also arrived on schedule, but... That schedule included more shipping time than usual. No idea why their shipping took longer than average, but at least they were up front about that timing. Unless you're ordering something you need immediately, they're a fine seller in my experience.

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