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Legit Steam code.7/11/2021 4:41:04 AM

Pros: Price, speed of delivery, and quality of product (a.k.a., no fake keys)

Overall Review: I have ordered games listed as having Steam as DRM from Newegg before, and this time was no different. I got a better price than anywhere else, and the code worked as expected when I entered it on the Steam platform. I can't speak to the quality of this DLC as far as gameplay is concerned, as I haven't played it yet. My review is solely focused on obtaining and redeeming a key to the content on Steam. I hesitate to purchase game keys on certain Web sites, but not Newegg.

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Basic memory stick at a good price11/9/2020 8:36:46 PM

Pros: Worked well with a matching stick that came with my system. Now I have 32GB running in dual channel.

Overall Review: I got this particular product because it was the same model number as the 16GB RAM module that came with my system. My motherboard has 2 memory slots, so I decided to get a matching stick and upgrade while prices are low. Word on the street is that it's better to get 2 sticks at a time, as the manufacturers can test out pairs ahead of time and make sure there are no problems between the pairs, but I've had no problems in the month and a half I've been running both. I didn't do much testing to compare 16GB single channel vs 32GB dual channel. My CPU-Z Bench CPU test scores went up 5.6% for single thread and 3.3% for multi thread. So, maybe a small performance boost from having memory running in dual channel. The value here is in increased memory, not in a significant system boost. I'm sure I'll see a noticeable change once I'm doing real video work again and using much more than 16GB memory.

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