Just short of usable.7/14/2011 9:51:22 PM

Pros: Once you get some apps on it, it is fairly good for the price, but takes a lot of knowledge and work to get running right.

Cons: Day 1 -3 I couldn't get any apps downloaded, no wireless, and was very frustrated with the product. Using ethernet, I finally found a site that didn't tell me "No phone associated with this account, download terminated.", and downloaded some apps. The apps work, but slower than I expected. More like an old 486 than a modern computer. I don't have a smart phone, so don't know if this is typical of Android operation. If I can get the wireless working, then I will consider this ok for the money, otherwise it is an expensive handheld game.

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Do not buy7/12/2011 5:34:58 PM

Pros: Nice netbook, seems to want to do more than its Android 2.1 OS lets it. Looks great, good screen, just poor operation of the software and drivers.

Cons: Poor adaptation of Android to the netbook, many features do not work out of the box due to software issues. Augen went out of business in May, so no support or repairs. App store keeps telling me I do not have an Android phone, download halted, so I have been unable to download any aps. Wireless will not connect, it shows my network, but as soon as I try to connect, it drops the connection. I am a linux user, so thought I could do something with the linux kernal in Android, wrong. No cli, haven't figured out how to get to root, no linux usefulness. Very poor documentation. The Arm11 uses the v6 instruction set, and no linux version has been ported for this set (v7 is lowest I have found, and that only for the Nokia N900 phone, Meego linux).

Overall Review: If you have the skills to port a linux distro to the Arm 11, then maybe. I say maybe because I have been unable to find out what the v6 instruction set doesn't have that v7 or higher has. Windows mobile 6 and CE6 come on some other brands using this chip, so you might be able to get one of them working. I have had to use ethernet to connect to the net, which kind of defeats the purpose of this little netbook.

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