Great case!5/13/2021 5:30:01 PM

Pros: Easy to disassemble Lots of cable management options Lots of room Many locations for optional mounting of multipurpose brackets Multiple configurations Good airflow Glass panel has metal anchor points. Looks good

Cons: When mounting the multipurpose bracket horizontally below the motherboard, you have to screw it in from the bottom. That is nearly impossible to do with the power supply and cables installed. But the multipurpose bracket is often one of the last elements to go in. Best to completely plan out your build before you start to make sure you can access all the anchor points when you need them. This makes modifications a bit tricky.

Overall Review: Great product. Definitely recommend

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Driver trouble2/22/2016 6:39:52 AM

Pros: Looks great Cord is covered in durable threading Good weight and feel Everything works well... When it works

Cons: Had trouble getting windows to recognize it. Had to deactivate firewall Once I got it working, it would only work for a few minutes

Overall Review: I blame Microsoft for this one. But perhaps getting a mouse that comes with a driver would't be a bad idea.

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