Great Value Card!8/21/2016 10:07:02 AM

Pros: I waited, but I got this for a good price plus a rebate. It's pretty powerful and hasn't given my any issues. Runs pretty cool, and the fans hardly ever turn on, so it's really quiet!

Cons: Would love a backplate, but that's just me!

Overall Review: I put this in my new computer build. It's replacing a GTX 550 Ti for me, so obviously I'm in awe of it's performance. Even with the 10 series out, prices are a little wonky for the 9 series. I suggest knowing the minimum of what you need and trying to search around until you find a good deal. Sure, for more I could have gotten a 960 or even a 970, but I really don't need that much power (especially coming from a 550 Ti that did mostly everything I needed it to do). Also, I only by EVGA cards. I've never had a single issue with them. I really think they're the best!

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Good Processor for the Every-Day-Computer!8/21/2016 10:00:55 AM

Pros: It's a Core i3 with a good clock speed at a great price!

Cons: None!

Overall Review: I put this in my new build. Sure, it's only two cores, but I promise it will do more than most people need. I play just a few games and other than that just use my computer for all of the normal things. You can't beat the value of this processor. If you're trying to take over the world, get something more powerful, but if not, buy this! Also, lower power usage for those who care!

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Good Value, but 1 Stick was DOA8/21/2016 9:57:06 AM

Pros: It's DDR4 RAM at a good price.

Cons: I spent WAY too long trying to get my new build to boot. I was cursing the motherboard until I finally figured out that 1 of the sticks of RAM was bad.

Overall Review: 1 stick was bad and that's not a really big deal, but because this is purchased as a kit, both sticks will have to be returned when RMAing. This means I had to buy more RAM before I could return this so I would have a working computer. I tried contacting G.SKILL to see if I could RMA just 1 stick through them, but I never got a response.

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Manufacturer Response:
. Hi Noah Glad to hear you got this RAM at a good price. This is a plug and play memory kit that should work flawlessly in any new DDR4 build. It is odd a module is not working properly, but send it in for RMA exchange and we can have a new replacement out to you immediately. It is recommended to return the entire kit so we can send you a complete kit back, but we will accept a single module replacement if that is what you wish. Visit the G.Skill website for complete RMA procedure. [direct link below] Should you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to let us know. Thank you GSKILL SUPPORT Quality and customer service are our top priorities. Tech Support Email: RMA Dept Email: G.Skill Forum:
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G.Skill RMA procedure
Excellent mini-ITX Case!8/21/2016 9:54:10 AM

Pros: - Fairly easy to install all hardware given the space limitations. - Fan controller is nice to have to keep things quiet when under light use, or quickly crank things up under heavy use. - Only the front is plastic. This thing is built really well. - Support for regular ATX PSUs (however, read con below). - Fan filters! I hate dust (who doesn't), and the filters really help keep this thing clean. Pretty easy to clean as well. - Room for 6 HDDs in a mini-ITX case? Absolutely! Perfect for a NAS.

Cons: - A couple of the MB standoffs needed a little extra effort (read: pliers) to get them in all of the way. - Depending on what you're shoving in this thing, you really need to do some research on which PSU to use. Not knocking an egg off for this, but you can't just buy any PSU. - Some of the thumbscrews are really tight and need a screwdriver to get out the first time.

Overall Review: This is the second Node 304 I've purchased. The first was for a home server/NAS and that went together really easy with not much regard for space. However, the second one was for a desktop computer, so more thought needs to go into which components you're picking. It's pretty roomy and cleverly designed, but it's still a mini-ITX case -- you won't have tons of room. I've had issues with the threads for the MB standoffs in both cases. I've seen others comment on it as well, so I guess that's just a thing you should expect. Overall, this is a really great case. Nothing out there is perfect, but this is pretty close.

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Great Value and Performance!8/21/2016 9:46:04 AM

Pros: Keeps my Intel Core i3-6100 idling under 30 degrees Celsius and between 35-45 degrees Celsius under actual use. It is the loudest fan in my case, but still pretty quiet.

Cons: I can't really think of any cons. The installation is pretty straight forward, but I guess I would say the instructions could be a little more clear.

Overall Review: I purchased a H50 for my previous computer (6 year old hardware) and it worked well (although the airflow probably wasn't optimal in that case). I have this H60 installed in a Fractal Node 340 and it is working like a champ! I have the fan turned to exhaust air from the rear of the case and I don't think my CPU temp has ever passed 50 degrees Celsius.

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Great for the Price!8/19/2016 12:37:27 PM

Pros: - Integrated and user-replaceable WiFi - Decent motherboard layout (no issues in a Fractal Node 304) - Very affordable

Cons: There is a little flex to this board, but everything went together just fine.

Overall Review: If you're looking for a good board for a mini-ITX build, you can't go wrong with this board. Others have mentioned how hard it is to install the antennas for the wireless module, and it can be tricky, but this wasn't the work of an evil genius. Anyone who has ever worked on a laptop knows that those antennas can be tricky. I recommend installing everything else first, and then attaching them. If not, you may knock them loose when installing other components and you'll have to reattach them.

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Not Android Friendly2/6/2014 8:12:16 AM

Pros: Works as advertised and are extremely easy to setup!

Cons: The Android app is a lacking compared to the iOS version. I have the WeMo app on my Android phone and my girlfriend has it on her iPhone. She never has an issue with the app finding the devices, but I find myself having to reboot the switches once in awhile before my Android phone decided to find them again.

Overall Review: I bought two of these and use one for a floor lamp in the living room. It's nice to turn it on and off from our phones, especially when we're coming home late and want a little light to navigate with.

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