So FAST!!!!8/21/2021 10:17:42 AM

Pros: Amazing cooling Blazing fast FPS in 1440p 200fps on modern warefare avg all max settings

Cons: Very very large. not a big deal but for some it may be. cost inflation 200%

Overall Review: I upgraded from a 6800xt, minor changes over all. this card has to work less to keep my 165hz monitor locked at 165fps. less heat overall and or drops in fps. 1440p My other card was also a nitro+ amazing group of cards. box doesn't come with cool stickers or anything... not that big of a deal. the picture compares the 6800xt to the 6900xt

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bad out of box1/8/2019 6:33:47 PM

Pros: very pretty. was able to get money back with ease

Cons: doesn't work... games were 0 fps ;)

Overall Review: I figured bid give gigabyte a shot.. not a fair one since it was reman... but back to good ole reliable Asus where they don't have remans available.

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1/2/2019 3:48:44 AM

Pros: the chair actually fits tall people, soft comfee leather and super attractive

Cons: due to the lay back feature it, the center shock is back further which doesn't allow you to rock back n forth very easy. almost obsolete. not a big deal

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beautiful monitor11/26/2018 10:14:16 AM

Pros: 34 inch with amd sync. easy to use menu.

Cons: power and video input panel is really close to wall mount area. not all mounts can attach and clear inputs.

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amazing deal & great repairs11/26/2018 10:08:56 AM

Pros: works like new. no major signs of damage. slight scratches on back panel. nothing unexpected.

Cons: 4th gen vs 7th gen intel chip. not really a con when looking for a great deal.

Overall Review: would buy from them again in a heart beat

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