Easy to set up and use. Big issues.4/12/2021 8:31:54 AM

Pros: The sound quality is wonderful, it's SOLID. There's cool touch pad controls, they were BEYOND comfortable on my ears, they felt too good to be true. Which they were.There's this nice RGB glow in the cups of the ears that'll let you know how charged the headset is, it was really neat and cool. There's also a USB-c charging port! It's great to see that on any headset.I'm giving it three eggs because I'm in a forgiving mood and because those features alone legitimately make it a great headset, but ONLY if you use it in a specific way.

Cons: The meat of this is, there's only a con if you want to use this headset like I did.If you're buying it to use on your PC, calling on Discord or other apps while gaming, or while watching stuff with your friends? Then don't. Bother. The headset uses bluetooth rather than its own software, which it does say of course. So unless you want to use a cord, instead of use the insanely nice 24 hour battery, which for me was a BIG DRAW, then you're out of luck. Because the second you hop in a call, all of your other sounds will be muted. You won't hear anything.I wasn't aware that bluetooth had these types of issues while trying to do stuff.But I did some research and tried to figure it out. See if I could do anything about it so I didn't have to refund the headset. The good news is, you can. But the bad news is, if you do the fix I found, the sound quality drops immensely and it becomes one of the worst sounding headsets I've ever had. It just isn't worth it.

Overall Review: So, I would recommend the headset if you have no desire to do voice calls on your computer. If you truly DO NOT want to do them, if that's the case, it's really, legitimately a perfect pick. But as a headset I wanted to use for gaming and calling and chilling with my friends and loved ones? It is not a good choice. I don't recommend it in the slightest.

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Great quality, especially for the time.8/18/2020 9:25:41 AM

Pros: Nearly silent. Only really makes sound if you bump the fans up yourself above 70% or so, but the temps never get high ANYWAY. Performs just as good as the other bigger variants and fits smaller builds. Still runs modern games though some will need tweaking.

Cons: The 3GB model's existence when 6GB is a thing.

Overall Review: Especially for when I got the thing, it has been exceptional. I'm going to miss it once I get a new card. Way worth the price for the time. Sadly these days it's a bit outmatched by modern cards of similar pricing.

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