Look elsewhere4/10/2010 1:31:42 AM

Pros: Comes with computer cable, wall charger and a great cover. It is crisp and easy to read (not as good as major brands. As usual, Newegg was awesome in customer care and shipping.

Cons: Despite all the free formats, DRM is virtually useless on this despite what you read on the net. Very slow page turning and very bad menu and navigation.

Overall Review: It looks like a very good deal, and if your only gonna get free books from places like Mobi, this will work for you. If you want a good all around reader look elsewhere for almost the same price.

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Good Bag3/13/2010 7:18:24 PM

Pros: If you are looking for a camera bag that is easy to use and you are not looking for professional grade items, this is an excellent bag. Bought it so that I could wear it and not have to have it falling off my shoulder constantly or have to put it down. This is very handy. It also had a laptop slot which I thought was nice.

Cons: Your not gonna have a lot of lenses with you. But if you know you only need 2-3 lenses, some filters and such, it is a good size. Not armored against banging around. Has padding, but you cannot abuse the bag and expect to save your camera.

Overall Review: Very good value for the money, Newegg shipping awesome as usual.

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STAY AWAY3/26/2009 7:07:07 AM

Pros: It was inexpensive and worked good when it worked. Bright Screen, built in speaker, all the good stuff. Menus and buttons could be confusing.

Cons: Bought them for my daughters who were careful with them (for children). Both units stopped transmitting sound through the headphones and then the speaker.

Overall Review: I took one unit apart and all that holds the headphone jacks in is the solder points to the pcb. I resoldered them but they just could not stand the in and out everyday use.

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