Good stuff; spacebar easily fixed!12/5/2011 10:11:33 PM

Pros: - Fantastic to type on. Yes, type. I'm a light typist by default, and I'm used to short key travel on a Macbook Air. I tried a friend's version of this with Blacks and also Blues, but the pressure was too high on the Blacks and I disliked the Blues. Decided to go with Reds, and I'm in heaven. - Built like a tank. You could use this to defend yourself with, no joke. It would probably stop smaller caliber bullets. - Rosewill uses the same OEM as Filco; this is mechanically identical to a Majestouch except the red backplate (Filco's is black). That's a big plus, and info you may need to know (see below). - Rosewill tech support got back with me in less than one business day (!)

Cons: - Squeaky spacebar is a somewhat common BUT EASILY FIXABLE (see below) issue that can be resolved without minimal effort. - Standard Filco keycaps are reputed to be perhaps slightly less durable than other types, but I haven't had it for long enough to judge this.

Overall Review: So, you got your new board and you love it - but the spacebar is driving you up the wall? Thinking about RMA? Fear not, there's an easy fix. Google or go to Geek Hack dot org, searching for "Cherry MX Key Pulling and Swapping Guide." This board has the second type of keys, with metal wire guides. Watch the video for this type. The wire is the squeaky culprit. Follow the directions in the guide to pull the spacebar (both Alt keys first; use a key puller OR be clever with paper clips and a set of pliers). Once it's off, you need to lubricate or grease ALL of the metal-on-plastic contact points. I used silicone spray made by Liquid Wrench, which is both plastic- and metal-safe. Supposedly some greases (white lithium) work as well, but TRY IT FIRST as on occasion they will react/dissolve the cap. Bad. Other BAD THINGS: WD-40 and rubbing alcohol. Anyway get the contact points greased or sprayed carefully, put it back together, and you're back to beautiful noiseless typing!

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