Nice replacement for Dell 1070Ti2/6/2020 8:27:52 AM

Pros: Made about the same level of noise as the Dell turbo 1070Ti board it replaced. The RTX-2080 super made an immediate %50 improvement for time to complete on the scientific apps I run., I selected Gigabyte due to my experience with their warranty program.

Cons: The rear of the board was tapped for mounting a "locking paddle" and the holes lined up exactly with the Dell paddle holes. Unfortunately, the screw size was far smaller than what Dell used.. Gigabyte should have included a note as to the type of screws to use. I am guessing M2.0 or smaller and will have to order an assortment of small metric screws with a large head or use fender washers to mount the dell locking paddle.

Overall Review: This was a replacement for an existing turbo board and has been running 24/7 no problem. It is a basic design with no flashing LEDs

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Perfect fit as after market cooler for some AMD graphics coprocessors10/11/2019 6:31:49 PM

Pros: fan seems well balanced and does not vibrate which allowed me to use aluminum tape to hold it in position.

Cons: Very long ship time.

Overall Review: Exhaust mouth of the fan is exact fit for AMD s9000 and possibly s9100 and s9150 graphic boards. Those boards are passively cooled and this fan provides more than enough air flow. I have six s9000 in an open air mining rig in my garage where ambient temp can be 32c. Board temps run 65c max. I used aluminum tape to both seal and hold the fan on the s9000.

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Installed easily but memory chips ran hot due to fan speed too low6/22/2019 9:21:01 PM

Pros: Had no trouble putting this on an eVga 1070. Did not use old screws. This was an inside gtx1070 that ran hot because not enough air got into it with the 2nd gtx1070 adjacent with no space. Temps dropped from high 70s down to low 50s after installing hybrid. This system runs 24/7 and crunches BOINC when not being used so it tends to run hot.

Cons: The GPU was so cool that the normal fan speed was too low. Fans sometimes did not move and occasionally system would lock up. I suspect the memory chips or voltage regulator got too hot even though the main chip itself was cool. I used afterburner to set manually set the fan speed to a constant 2000 rpm so air would always circulate. Have not had a problem since.

Overall Review: I got this before the price on this device and especially the nVidia boards skyrocketed due to crypto-miners.

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Worked fine on Lenov S-20 that had a bad ethernet chip.2/20/2019 8:10:58 AM

Pros: Used a PCI slot which allowed the S-10 to have a pair of video cards in the PCIe slots.

Cons: 10 / 100 only but 1gbit not needed for my applications.

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Worked fine with 140mm liquid cooling using front of case for radiator2/20/2019 8:02:40 AM

Pros: This was inexpensive case I needed for an older Dell XPS-435mt mATX for one of my kids. I failed to note the top was drilled for 120mm fans but it turned out the front of the case had more than enough room for the H115i liquid cooler. All total, all from Newegg, I used a refurbished H115i, a Vantec USB3 with 19 pin external port, and TP-Link wIFI. I set the fans on the H115i cooler to blow hot air out the case front as the W3550 xeon puts out a lot of heat. I set the top pair of 120mm and the rear 120mm to pull cool air into the case. The 430cx corsair power was more than enough for the RX570. A 650watt was recommended by corsair configuration tool, but the actual draw was easily under 430 watts and that power supply was a left over one not being used.

Cons: Unaccountably, I had trouble attaching the 2nd 120mm fan. Would be nice if the manufacturer supplied a pair of fans for the top. The ones I dug out of my scrap bin pressed against each other and even a 1/16 inch more separation would have allowed all 4 screws to be used to secure the rear of the two top fans.

Overall Review: Probably should have read the manual as I waited till last to install the power supply. I took a picture of the inside but do not see how to attach it. Supply the missing stuff and look here:

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Worked fine with ubiquity edge router2/18/2019 12:48:14 PM

Pros: Allows access to serial ports of routers for setup and configuration.

Cons: Most win10 systems do not have serial ports so I had to get an adapter usb -> serial which worked fine with putty on win10x64

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Worked fine with putty accessing "com3"2/18/2019 12:45:20 PM

Pros: Worked with windows 10, no need for hyperterm, just the free download of putty

Cons: requires adapter to get to console port of most managed switches.

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Worked fine, has great community support2/18/2019 12:42:36 PM

Pros: After upgrading to latest firmware, has a setup wizard to configure most common topographies. I configured all cameras on one subnet, put the video server on the shared subnet with internet access. This kept camera video off the home network and prevented cameras from "phoning home" or being accessed remotely

Cons: Really old firmware, needed immediate upgrade to be useful.

Overall Review: Had excellent support community (forum)

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Worked fine on RX570, Dell XPS435mt, not easy to activate2/18/2019 11:30:59 AM

Pros: Worked with AMD RX570 although bought with AMD Vega 64.

Cons: AMD and Newegg need to better explain how the activation works. I waited a long time before I realized Newegg was emailing the activation card. When I looked in my bulk email folder I found the email with the activation code (called a key, not code) Unfortunately, the code for the older pair of RX570 had expired but the Vega was usable. It took a while before I realized that the activation occurs through the steam web site portal and NOT the steam app. Once the portal to the web acquired the info from AMD then a few minutes later the steam app got the OK to download the game. I am not even sure if the "key" was actually used to activate the game. When steam (the app) asked for the product code, it rejected the "key" that was shown in the email. Totally confusing, but it did work on the RX570. Maybe the other two games will go in better.

Overall Review: The VEGA was a gift for one of my kids who does not use the system for (these type of) games. He needed the AMD freesync that the VEGA supports. He also needed a quiet Lian Li case so both video and cpu were liquid cooled

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Nice addition to older mATX system.2/18/2019 11:05:35 AM

Pros: Popped up both 2.4 and 5ghz bands, my house and a lot of my neighbors showed up. Used in Dell xps-435mt on x1PCIe in addition to usb3 also on a x1PCIe and an RX-570 on the x16PCIe.

Cons: Required that CD for driver installation. Latest Win10x64 with all updates was unable to find a driver on the internet for this card.

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Does not work with kindle2/2/2019 4:56:25 AM

Pros: Probably works fine on iOS, Android and windows mobile like advertisement says. Unfortunately, I got it for my GF's Kindle.

Cons: When connected to her Kindle, using the charging port (or any other port), a message pops up on the kindle that states I can only continue reading if I disconnect the cable. The message cannot be dismissed so one cant charge the kindle and read at same time.

Overall Review: This can be fixed, awkwardly, by connecting a USB power bank, or any portable USB charger, into the charging port and then connecting the kindle into the power bank. Alternately, I assume, a USB cable with no data lines might work.

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Worked as described but I cannot use it as is.6/22/2018 10:10:27 AM

Pros: Small footprint, low power blu ray burner works fine if it fits in your system.

Cons: Earlier, I "answered" a question about why I bought this drive: 7.5mm is the required size. However, when I finally got the drive in I discovered that the tight fit of the plastic Dell "retainer housing" pressed against the top surface, prevented the disk from spinning. There is plenty of room in my Area51 system, I do not understand why Dells engineers designed the housing such a tight fit that it caves in the roof of the drive when tightened down. If Panasonic used titanium instead of aluminum this would not have happened. A lot cheaper solution would have been for the Dell engineers to attach the drive using the edge surface screws like all other designs of sane engineers.

Overall Review: To use this product on a Dell Area51 R4 you will have to cut out the top surface of Dells plastic 'retainer housing" or come up with a DIY method to hold the drive in position. The housing is hidden inside Dells case so no one will notice the "cutout".

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Worked really nice, right out of the box6/22/2018 9:31:32 AM

Pros: Handled four 8tb Seagate "archive" drives perfectly. Full format ran in background allowing disks to be used immediately. GUI was more than I expected, quite informative and powerful. Should have invested in this long ago instead of my Stardom USB3 enclosures. Streamed BluRay movie MP4 at 1080p and 5.1 no problem. Attaching one volume's shared folder in windows 10 automatically attaches the other volumes with all shared folders. Disks shut down when not used unlike some of my other external USB3 enclosures. This is a really nice product. Fans are silent and the empty ram slot is easily accessible: just pull the right most drive out and you can see the slot.

Cons: M.2 cache can be assigned to only 1 volume leaving other 3 volumes uncached. External drives were recognized if they were NTFS or fat32. As expected, only recognized 1 drive in a 5 drive port-multiplier eSata array. This was mentioned in FAQ. Did not recognize two volumes in a "JBOD RAID" enclosure but could access one drive if I pulled the other out. Did not recognize its own proprietary formatted drive if I pulled it out and attached it to the external sata connector. None of these affected my 5 star review.

Overall Review: Having problem with uBuntu 17.10 mounting volumes. Followed example for 16.04 but it didnt work. Problem is uBuntu but I dont need to access from linux anyway, just wanted to see if I could. Adding 4gb memory improved performance. Putty or ssh can be used to log in a root from windows. I created some bash scripts for use on the volumes this way.

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worked incredible well solving major heat problem i had2/2/2018 2:34:17 PM

Pros: cooled my HIS HD-7950 from 75 down to 55 with full mining using refurbished corsair h50

Cons: had to use a copper shim which was explained in a footnote in the documentation. used my dremel to cut shim (shim bought separately) as it was too big.

Overall Review: memory chips not under the fan run hot and probably need heatsinks. $5 for 10 from china with adhesive backs. ones under the fan don't need any which is fortunate as there is not much clearance to fan. !!!!7950 - 7970 NEED A SHIM!!!! the proper size shim can be calculated by measuring the raised copper flashing on the existing heat sink

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Looks good, works fine, got 5 of them for gifts11/30/2017 6:46:04 AM

Pros: Lets you know when charge is complete (led lights do not move anymore)

Cons: Needs to be longer for use in an automobile. Would have given 5 starts if 1.5 or 2 meters long.

Overall Review: Worked on iPad but had to reverse connection. Did not have to reverse connection on iPhone 6s. Possibly the problem is the iPad but we have only one iPad to test the cable on and in any event the iPad is not listed as a supported device although it did charge.

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worked fine om top pair 140mm fans11/12/2017 9:01:01 PM

Pros: i have dust problem this seems to fix

Cons: missing magnetic strip which i dont need but gets 2 stars as result or it would be 5 stars and a PITA to return do i am keeping

Overall Review: should have got this years ago

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Nice case, easy to work with, looks good.11/12/2017 3:36:45 PM

Pros: Opens up for easy assemble & for cleaning. Dust bunnies have no to place to hide. Has slot for full size optical drive unlike some cubes that accept only thin slot load optical drives, if any.

Cons: Would be nice if the manufacturer designed "punch out" panels for combo fan/radiator cooler. I put the fan of the GTX1070 hybrid on the outside of the back of the case and its radiator on the inside. My VTX120 liquid CPU cooler's 120mm fan went on inside of top but I had to use a jig saw to enlarge the square above it to allow the cooling hoses to pass from the top into the case. When I did that I went ahead and cut out the grid so where was nothing between the top radiator and the fan.

Overall Review: Rampage II gene with low power Xeon equivalent to i-950 and VTX-120 liquid cooling system. eVga hybrid gtx1070 fan/liquid cooling

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Worked fine on MSI-7380 (P7N SLI) with windows 1011/12/2017 9:09:26 AM

Pros: Allowed high speed copy to from USB3 devices on same adapter unlike the x1 four and seven port adapters I tried. The chipset, Renesis, is also compatible with VIA USB3 adapter chipset. Was able to burn blue-ray from external 6TB USB3 drive to external USB3 Asus blue-ray recorder at full speed.

Cons: Did not have that 20 pin socket for connecting to front panel USB3 nor did it have eSata option. The 4 USB3 sockets are horizontal and the plugs need to be wiggled in.

Overall Review: I put this in the 2nd x16 slot. The first x16 slot has GTX1070. The system I have this in also has an x1 slot and I put in a VIA chipset USB3 as that adapter had the 20 pin socket for my top case panel. Both adapters work fine together. The motherboard is rev 1.03 and I put in a socket 771 zeon with that 775->771 adapter. The PCI slot has an SiL 3124 eSata port multiple. All boards work fine.

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Worked fine, should have bought this before I installed the first fan that my finger broke a blade off2/21/2017 9:30:33 AM

Pros: This fits on the typical radiator used on liquid cooled CPU systems. Unaccountably, none of local computer stores carried this size but that is always a problem in some cities.

Cons: Screws were not long enough to go through the fan and attach to the radiator but that was due to the case construction and the radiator.

Overall Review: Eyelet for screws could have an offset to raise the grill. Picture appears to show an offset but there is none and the crossbar is perfectly horizontal with the eyelet. There was no problem with clearance on the fan I used so I did not need to use a washer to raise the crossbar.

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USB3 in name only2/21/2017 9:11:15 AM

Pros: I got a pair of these as they were cheap and I only needed USB2 and they worked fine for what I needed. I tried them on a USB3 Pci-e 1x adapter and a 1gb MP4 was written at 8-9 mbytes/sec only. The same file on the same port was written at 90-101 mbytes on a PNY USB3 but that PNY cost me a h e l l of a lot more.

Cons: ran at USB2 speed only.

Overall Review: Only recommend for use as USB2 as 16gb was pretty cheap. As another reviewer wrote, it can easily be labeled on the back.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Value Customer, We are sorry to learn your experience with our product. Your satisfaction is very important to us. To help serve you better, please contact one of our customer support representatives at Toll-Free number: 1-888-962-3282 Our team member will be happy to assist you with the online recovery application. Thank you ADATA Web Service
This worked fine unlike two others I wasted my money on.2/14/2017 2:02:00 PM

Pros: Uses PCIe x1 port and worked fine on my old P5e fully loaded mombo: Pair of HD5850 and SB X-Fi sound. For windows 7 download the 118 driver package. Dont bother with the one on the disk. Shows up as "Etron USB 3.0 Extensible Host Controller" and also "Etron USB3.0 Extensible Root Hub"

Cons: Does not have the latest driver but came with instructions on how to find them.

Overall Review: First tried an Orico and then a Renesas (Nec chip) USB3 and the provided drivers could not even recognized their boards and neither vendor provided info on newer drivers. Orico uses Fresco drivers and if you go to the Fresco site the links to their drivers are missing. After trying both of those X1 boards I remembered that I had used Etron's X4 board that had eSata as well as USB3 and I sure enough I found this X1 board on Newegg and it worked fine just like their X4 with eSata.

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Have 2 of these and they work fine.12/29/2016 1:45:01 PM

Pros: Handles pair of 8gb archive drives each. Using windows 10: One pair set to Raid 0 and has 16gb of bluray movies that stream fine. The other is JBOD: music, pictures, backups, and regular DVDs. System is core 2 quad with Pci-e x1 USB3 card as motherboard did not have USB3

Cons: Tray does not have shock mounting for drive but have not had a problem.

Overall Review: I owned several older FW400, FW200, eSata, USB2 combo Stardoms and found the 1394 interface was extremely susceptible to electrostatic shock. I have never seen a problem with the Stardom USB / eSata versions. I avoided buying the newer 1394 / USB3 version due to my bad experience with static shock damage on older models.

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Works fine but documentation could be better7/21/2015 9:29:55 AM

Pros: Small, runs cool, supports 8.1 windows. perfect for media server and video surveillance server. Splashtop runs fine giving remote access, DVDFab media player can play any of my Blue-Ray ISO images and Blue-Iris handles my video cameras perfectly. The box can easily be hidden and cloud storage can be used for motion detect images in the event it is stolen.

Cons: There is a problem with the HDMI hardware, possibly the problem is the win8.1 drivers. Problem 1: I was unable to get the LIVA to work thru an HDMI powered switched. Problem 2: It also likes expensive HDMI cables. I had a 3 meter run from the electronics area to the LG 60" TV. There were 3 cables to choose from all went to wall connectors and from wall connector to TV. The LIVA only worked with the more expensive cable. It did not work with the thinner cheaper cable. Problem 3: The win8.1 drivers can detect up to 4 monitors when there are actually none connected. It is not possible to remove the "extra" monitors and the Intel HD graphics driver has to be un-installed and re-installed before the LIVA will recognize an actual monitor when connected. This can be easily verified by (1) disconnecting the actual monitor and (2) using any remote access program to log into the LIVA and then ask the windows 8.1 display handler to detect a monitor. This problem can easily occur if you are using remote access and happen to disconnect the HDMI by powering off the TV set. The BIOS did not show the 64gb ram I had purchased and I almost sent it back thinking I had received the cheaper LIVA.

Overall Review: The HDMI switch was cheap, but it was a "powered" switch and worked perfectly with Dish Network receiver, PIVOS AIOS HD, LG Blue-Ray, but it would NOT work with the LIVA in any resolution, not just the default of 1080p. I tried installing win7 using a UEFI build technique but it didnt work so I then put in an old copy of win8 I had bought for $14 when it first came out and upgraded it to 8.1. I used a USB Blue-Ray device to install from the win8 dvd. Hopefully the upgrade to win10 will work on this system as I like it. It would get 5 stars except for not working with the HDMI switch.

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Works with good equipment.7/21/2015 8:44:55 AM

Pros: Switches manually or with remote (when I can find the remote). Worked fine with LG Blue-ray, Pivos AIOS HD, Dish Network receiver, to an LG 60 TV.

Cons: Did not work at any resolution with ECS LIVA X (win8.1 mini pc) which was the main factor that I bought the switch for. I wanted to easily switch to the LIVA which is running Blue-Iris video surveillance software. The LIVA did work connected directly to the LG TV using a second HDMI connector on the TV.

Overall Review: The LIVA was not cheap, this switch should have worked with it but possibly the problem is the LIVA HDMI hardware. Also, if the remote was larger I would not have misplaced it.

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Built my second hackintosh with this7/4/2015 12:56:39 AM

Pros: Runs fine with Q9550, Corsair vengeance 8gb, WDN4800 WiFi was recognized immediately as airport. OTB. under Yosemite. Sleep seems to be working fine. Video was gtx670

Cons: Cannot get both the HDMI audio and the 887 on board audio to both work at the same time but that is a driver problem I am still working on.

Overall Review: Dont think it supports more then 8gb ram and lacks USB3. If a you have a left over 775 CPU from an old motherboard, then get this board to run mac os x. Works well.

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