Better Than Expected - Don't Be Fooled By Old Reviews1/20/2020 6:16:52 PM

Pros: - Affordable price - More contrast and vibrancy than I expected at this price point

Cons: - Acer's model numbering scheme makes it more difficult than it should be to know exactly which monitor you're buying

Overall Review: Acer has actually had at least three (and probably more) different displays over the last 10+ years that have all been marked "K242HQL". The subtle difference is in the letters that follow - this version is 'BID', previous versions have included 'BBID' and 'CBID'. The version Newegg is selling on this page wasn't available before August 2019, so you can be sure reviews on other sites that predate that are referring to a different K242HQL. As for the monitor itself, I bought two of them to use as secondary monitors on two workstations used for graphic design and photo editing. For the price, I was looking for something capable of web browsing and reading emails while doing 'real' work on the existing (older, but significantly more expensive) monitors - I was surprised to find that, once calibrated, it likely could've served as a replacement. The color depth and accuracy is more than comparable, and the viewing angle is sufficient even for an offset second monitor. I'm kind of shocked considering how affordable it is. To answer a few questions I had after being confused by the many variations of K242HQL, this version has three inputs - VGA, DVI, and HDMI. It uses a standard power cable (no adapters or bricks). There's no speakers. It does have VESA mounting holes (this was an important point, because one of the desks has monitor arms and no room for the footprint of a freestanding monitor; I didn't see any clarification one way or the other on this product page). Neither of the ones I got had any defects or dead pixels. Overall, I'm very pleased with them - if our primary monitors died tomorrow I'd seriously consider ordering two more of these.

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You Won't Be Disappointed11/17/2009 11:53:42 AM

Pros: Effective heatsink

Cons: None

Overall Review: Had a competitor's 9800GT go bad on me, so I picked this card up as a replacement. I suspect those surprised by the size of the card hadn't bought one recently - it was actually about half an inch shorter than my previous card. While it's true it takes up two bays, the extra ventilation is well worth it. It runs a good 15 degrees C cooler under load that the previous card, and that in turn has brought down my overall case temp, as well.

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Buy Them10/13/2008 10:13:15 PM

Pros: Fantastic range, good bass response, crisp highs, no static or distortion - even when adjusting the volume with the control pod.

Cons: Cables seem a little short, but it was workable.

Overall Review: I've been a sound engineer for 8 years now. I've worked on speakers that cost 100x as much as these, and while those, of course, get much louder, these can easily match them for quality. These are absolutely ideal for a home or office setting, or even a small-room multimedia center. I've currently got them connected to a digital mixing station, and the sound is actually better than the significantly more expensive speakers I had connected previously. Additionally, the mic input is much cleaner than I had expected - no static or buzzing. If you're the type to want to impress your friends with the biggest, loudest, most expensive speakers you can find, you'll want to keep looking. But if you want professional sound quality at an incredible price, go ahead and get these. They won't disappoint.

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Great for this niche2/1/2008 10:00:01 AM

Pros: The five-star rating is based on the performance increase in relation to the price. Framerate in World of Warcraft with previous onboard video was ~20 fps in indoor areas with all graphical settings on Low at 1280x1024. With this card, can get 60+ fps in the same areas with graphical settings in the Medium range at the same resolution.

Cons: Nothing that counts against it. Doom 3 can still be noticeably sluggish, but I didn't expect top-end performance out of an entry-level video card.

Overall Review: I bought this card to play World of Warcraft and Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory on a desktop machine that was using onboard video. The performance increase over onboard video is _drastic_. Hardcore gamers with deep pockets will definitely want to look elsewhere, but if you're on the market for an affordable upgrade to a machine with onboard video, or trying to build your own rig on a tight budget, you've found the card for you.

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