My Opinion After 2 years of Ownership7/2/2010 6:49:04 AM

Pros: - The fold down sides make motherboard and component installation easy - The included 'toolbox' is a very nice way of storing and keeping the accessories used for attaching components - Metal except for the front panel, the handles on the door, and the see through window

Cons: - Lots on fans on this case, but all of them are extremely obstructed - The design of the filter in front of the front 120mm fan is very poor; it blocks almost all airflow. If the faceplate is shut there will be very nearly no airflow from that fan. - The bottom side fan (the "dirktooth cooling system") is positioned so that about 3/4 of an inch of the fan is blocked by solid case. The mixture of plastic on the side plate and metal mesh on the actual dirktooth bar holding the fan, effectively block all remaining airflow from this fan. - The top side fan has slits across it, causing air to reverberate within the fan. This makes it very noisy and reduces airflow considerably. - The top side fan is an intake fan. This will cool your CPU a little bit, however, it will also bottleneck hot air that is trying to escape from your video card. This top side intake hurts in the long run, because it traps hot air inside, heating up every component inside the case.

Overall Review: If left in standard configuration, the inside of the case gets hot, more than 25 C (77 F) above the ambient room temperature under moderate loads (playing video games). I was able to get the internal case temperature to stay within 6-8 C of ambient temperature while under moderate load by: - removing the metal mesh grid that obstructs the front fan while the door is open. - removing the slits blocking the top side fan (this also made said fan much quieter than it was previously) - remounting the top side fan to blow air out of the case (heat rises, yeah?) - sliding the bottom side fan to the right about 3/4 of an inch, and cutting away the plastic that blocked airflow. This also dropped my GPU temperature by 10 C under moderate load, and helped alleviate overheating problems with my PSU. If you are planning on buying this case because it looks like it has good cooling, think again. A case with good cooling will probably have a fan on the top to remo

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Plenty of connections10/21/2008 4:13:19 AM

Pros: Great PSU, arrived yesterday and works flawlessly so far. Comes with plenty of connectors for everything in your computer and then some. Although its not modular the spare cords are easily bundled and stuffed away, not much of a problem. Sleek, shiny look; very seductive, great chick magnet

Cons: none

Overall Review: wish the LED's were adjustable turn on/off

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Extremely Durable10/21/2008 4:08:43 AM

Pros: The case is great. Extremely well built and durable. Plenty of room inside for large fans and video cards. Everything works fine. Really heavy; doubles as a case, and a bludgeoning device.

Cons: need 4 pin molex converters to hook fans up to mobo

Overall Review: When I received this package, the box looked like it had been dragged behind the drug and then drop kicked onto my porch (thanks UPS). Case was perfectly OK, except one of the door panels was a little hard to get open initially. Will definitely pay a little more to have my packages shipped with FedEx from now on

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