No software1/22/2021 8:17:46 AM

Pros: Works fast. Almost as fast as the best but half the price. Easy to install.

Cons: It does not come with any software to migrate the operating system over. Wd has free software. Corsair does not. They used to have software but the link on their website doesn’t work and when I called they said they no longer offer free software.

Overall Review: I wanted to leave 4 eggs do to not including software others include, but I selected the wrong egg and Newegg won’t let me change it.

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Can’t install it9/2/2020 7:33:38 AM

Cons: Newegg promised that would get back to me on Tuesday. It’s now Wednesday. I get an error installing. Nvidea said to reinstall the experience center and graphics drivers and it still doesn’t work

Overall Review: Doesn’t work

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Decent for the money but not ready to go out of the box8/30/2020 8:21:47 AM

Pros: Fast cpu/gpu. Decent price. Runs MSFS in qhd with 60+ FPS and in 4K max setting at 20-30 FPS

Cons: Motherboard is micro atx and has no ram OC ability. Speaking of ram, the computer has ddr4 3000 but it is underclocked to 2400. The mother board supports 2933 so you will need to set this in the bios to get the max out of the ram. They probably set it to 2400 to have less warranty problems. The ram not being at its max potential Is - 1 egg for me. Front lights and rear fan are controlled by physical switch. Cpu fan light can be controlled by motherboard but it isn’t Plugged in to do so. Also the cpu fan only has one speed. It’s not actually a variable speed fan. Of you open up the system and plug in the 2 wires that control the cpu fan color you can only control it with the motherboard. So, half your color is controlled with button and half with mobo. I’d prefer all on mobo, but the other fans are by switch and not compatible with mobo. Also, the hard drive and ram brand are not name brand. They are brands I’ve never heard of so I don’t know how they will do once warranty expires. The cpu cooling is alright, but certainly no room for for over clocking. Would need to upgrade it for OC.

Overall Review: Decent system for the money, but does have a few issues, especially ram bot being set to max speed and cpu the Control not being plugged in.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello Cody, Yes you are correct, we do not enable XMP. This is for the customer to enable on their end if they want to OC. XMP is an overclock after all.. We very much appreicate your business and support for with our ABS brand. We look forward to help solving any issues that might arise in the future. Please contact us at (800)685-3471 Monday - Friday between 8:00AM to 5:30PM PST or email your information to so we can begin to fix the issue for you. Thank you for your feedback, ABS Customer Support
Pretty Awsome CPU1/3/2012 11:47:03 AM

Pros: Awesome CPU for the money. Runs everything i can through at it all at the same time. Works great for Avid Media Composer and rendering uncompressed HD. Also great for gaming (unlike xeon). Intel has finally made a cpu you can both work and play on. Over clocked it to 5.0 ghz stable with water.

Cons: Stock Heat sync sucks. I ran it for a week or 2 while i was waiting for my water cooling system to come in. I saw temps in the high 60s (C) when not over clocked. I recommend an after market cooler and if you can afford it liquid.

Overall Review: RIG SPECS I7-950 Triple GTX580's is SLI 32GB Triple channel 1600 mhz ram 2 kingston SSD in raid 0 for OS (900mb/sec tranfer) 6 Kingston SSD in raid 0 for gaming (2.5 GB/sec transfer) (Yea i know I need to upgrade the cpu with those specs but the 950 just does so well)

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Buyer beware12/10/2010 5:32:00 PM

Pros: Great mobo, easy boot problems. Supported SLI with no problems. Seems fast, great over clocking. Cmos reset on outside of case.

Cons: It has 6 3gb/s sata and 2 6 gb/s. I was planning on using the 6 3gb ports for a raid 10 array and the 2 6gb ports for a raid 1 array. The 6 disk raid would be for video editing storage and the 2 disk raid would be my OS. the 6gb/s have no raid controller. Unless you want to risk data loss they are useless. I now need to buy a raid card for my os drives since the 6gb/s ports don't support any raid. For video editing and intence gaming the os drive can be slow as long as the media drive is supper fast. My raid 10 gives me almost 300mb/s up and down. If i use the 6.0 ports i risk data loss

Overall Review: If you don't care about data loss or don't want raid on your 6.0 this mobo is fine, otherwise the 6.0 are useless.

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NOT FULLY MODULAR12/3/2010 12:47:18 PM

Pros: Runs smooth..good certified..petty quiet.

Cons: NOT FULLY MODULAR... Its fine to have a non modular main power connector, but not the rest. 2 pcie connectors are not modular. Luckily i was running dual SLI so I could use them. They are way to long to reach the video cards though. I end up having to much extra cable int he case. They also have (2) 4/8 pin connectors that are not modular. My mobo only needs n so there is an extra cable to hide. the whole Idea of modular is so i dont have to hide extra cables. NE took the pictures in such a way that it is difficult to see that it is not fully modular. Another major con is the screen over the fan. The gaps are quite large. I have a bottom PSU mount and I was worried I would drop a screw in while finalizing my case.

Overall Review: Asus P6X58D Premium LGA 1366 Intel Core i7-950 3.06GHz Cooler Master V8 12GB CORSAIR DOMINATOR DDR2 1600 Dual GeForce GTX 470 in SLI (2) Western Digital Caviar Black 500GB (OS Drives Raid 1) (6) Western Digital Caviar Black 500GB (Media/Gaming Raid 5) COOLER MASTER Silent Pro Gold Series 1000W Antec Twelve Hundred Case

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25c idle12/3/2010 12:24:25 PM

Pros: 25c idle...what more could you ask for. (room temp was around 19c) Comes with high quality Cooler master goop so you don't need to buy your own. Looks pretty sweet. Never turned the fan up even when gaming.

Cons: Huge is an understatement. It barley fit in my antec 1200 case. Make sure you have good air flow because this will block some flow. With Dual Gfx and this huge thing I am concerned about airflow although the numbers don't seem to be bad. my case fans push more air so this kinda blocks airflow.

Overall Review: Never had a cpu idle under 35c. With all the heat coming off this system I dint think this one would idle so low. here's my specs. Asus P6X58D Premium LGA 1366 Intel Core i7-950 3.06GHz Cooler Master V8 12GB CORSAIR DOMINATOR DDR2 1600 Dual GeForce GTX 470 in SLI (2) Western Digital Caviar Black 500GB (OS Drives Raid 1) (6) Western Digital Caviar Black 500GB (Media/Gaming Raid 5) COOLER MASTER Silent Pro Gold Series 1000W Antec Twelve Hundred Case

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Reviewers that dont know what they are taliking about10/25/2010 4:41:39 AM

Pros: Works as specified.

Cons: none

Overall Review: Another poster asked about a 7200 version. First off you knew this was 5400 when you bought it sso that is not a design flaw and should no take away eggs. Secondly, the reason it is 5400 instead of 7200 is the power requierment. This unit does not require an extra power adapter. If it was a 7200 drive the usb power would not be enough and an extra ac power adapter would be required. That makes it less portable. New egg does sell 7200 exturnal drives, but they are bigger and all need the ac adapter.

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My Sister has no trouble with it10/25/2010 4:34:26 AM

Pros: Lightweight, long batt life, full size keyboard. Its as light as you get with out going to a netbook with smaller keyboard. No cd-rom so less weight when on the move.

Cons: Could not find a way to disable tap to click. My sister is a writer and does a lot of typing. She would prefer to use the mouse buttons to click instead of accidentally clicking wither her wrist while typing. This is easily ficed by throwing the pointer to the top of the screen so if you clcik while typing nothing happens.

Overall Review: much more powerfull then a netbook or any laptop this light. Atoms are so under powered but this has the p520 under the hood. With 4 gigs of ram you wont need more. This is not a gaming laptop by any means, but is great as a more powerful netbook replacement.

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Great Laptop8/3/2010 5:25:00 AM

Pros: Dual hd, will be replacing one with solid state. Supper fast. Great gfx (will play most games in high...GTA4 is limited by the amount of video memory) Rear vents so it will run fine on a bed, a lap, a table or carpet. No cooling pad needed. Awesome look. Huge hd screen. Way more power then you need to run netflix. HDmi out works great.

Cons: Maybe its just me and the temps may be inaccurate, but furmark showed some very high temps in testing. Laptop seemed very stable but I stopped the test at 90C It does not seem to get as hot under extream gaming. In gaming the gfx fluctuates a lot instead of staying maxed out. I knew this going into it, but no firewire :( Not gonna remove an egg since the specs are clear.

Overall Review: All the people complaining about the OS disks. The bloat ware pays for windows, just uninstall it. As for disks, it only takes an hour to make them and if your so concerned about drive space, just delete the restore partition. Its like this on almost all new laptops. Don't take a ways eggs for something that is pretty much industry standard. I uninstalled all the bloat then imaged my drive using free 3rd party software, so if i need to restore it will be post bloat state. Some of the bloat controls the over clock and screen mode so its not all bad (fresh copy of win 7 will disable this). So really are you gonna knock eggs off for an hour of dvd burning and 30 min of bloat removal? Also, if you get the infamous loud static ishue, just uninstall the creative XXXXX software and re install the latest drivers. Other places have this cheaper

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Very Nice1/25/2010 8:10:18 PM

Pros: Very high quality, no dead pixels, awesome picture, great for blueray. Works wonderfully with Avid. Has multiple inputs that only require 1 button push to switch. Speakers are half way decent and if you use external they will follow your input. (hdmi will be converted to headphone jack if you have speakers plugged in)

Cons: Eco mode is hard to find in the menu and not quick to switch in and out of (I dont want eco mode for gaming but want it for web browsing and it is a few menus deep). They look to sleek. Stands are a little low, but I replaced with a dual screen stand.

Overall Review: I have an anteck 1200 and 2 of these are a great addition. I keep an hdmi cable handy for my laptop to plug into the right screen. Since my pc speakers are plugged into the right screen the desktop speakers will switch between the hdmi of my laptop and the dvi/audio cable when i switch inputs.

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DONT BUY1/25/2010 8:03:34 PM

Pros: none

Cons: this stinks. It would continually crash raids fro no reason. There are no drivers for vistas 32 bit. only beta and they dint work for install. Drivers come on a floppy, and the drivers on cd r'nt recent.

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nice light1/25/2010 8:00:27 PM

Pros: Works well, bright. blinks well with heavy bace

Cons: doesn't work to well with music. Inverter is kinda big so you have to find a place to hide it

Overall Review: very bright nice lighting. Works great when playing a FSP. It lights up when ever peeps start shooting.

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not very big1/25/2010 7:57:30 PM

Pros: cheep, easy install

Cons: not big and bright

Overall Review: I miss judged the pictures and thought it was bigger. I should have know they are just small leds, but it is a really small light. For 4 bucks its not bad, but it is pretty dim compared to a cold cathode

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Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
Awsome Stand1/6/2010 6:41:33 AM

Pros: Steady, feels secure, hold a lot of weight with no problems, looks awesome. Can fit full 24" wide screens. Easy to install by yourself. Wire guide thingy holds all cables so you dont see them under the monitor.

Cons: Had trouble getting the monitors to line up perfectly on height. Finally realized one was pivoted slightly for the portrait mode and it leveled properly.

Overall Review: I was so excited to put my new 24 inch viewsonics on it that i didn't read the instructions and put the silver ring in the wrong spot. i also tried to mount it backwards. Take your time and read the instructions and this stand will work great. Looks awesome, almost like my monitors are floating. I had no idea how huge 24" actually is. This is the ultimate stand for anyone who wants and awesome looking desk with dual monitor set up. Now during gaming i can display temps, cpu usage and other hardware stats on the right monitor while gaming in supper high hd on the left. for games that support dual monitor this setup even looks more boss. (then i need to rely on my g19 for hardware stats)

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Junk1/6/2010 6:16:46 AM

Pros: It's better then no wireless card

Cons: My internet is 35 mpbs and when using this reviver it drops to 10 mbps. (download, tested on My laptop, in same location (with only a 150 mps reviver) gets the full 35. I bought to of these and one is giving my computer the blue screen of death. The other is slow. My laptop gets 4 or 5 bars, where this gets only 2 or 3.

Overall Review: Its a shame an internal wireless card on my laptop, can beet this attached to my desktop. Also, my dual band netgear rougher gives both 2.4 and 5ghz signals on 2 different networks. I thought this would be able to connect to both networks at the same time. This seems no different then a 5,4ghz reviver. there is nothing dual about it. I have to choose which network to connect to.

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bad suff12/30/2009 2:51:36 PM

Pros: Better then nothing

Cons: Rose temps by about 15C

Overall Review: I might have not put a smooth enough layer. The cpu fan on this comp has a really poor mounting bracket and it might not have been reinstalled tight enough. Either way it rose the temps of my comp...I'm not worrying to much because it still stays under 50c and I am replacing mobo and cpu with an i7 as soon as my next paycheck comes.

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they work12/30/2009 2:45:55 PM

Pros: They work, no doa. Raided nicely, extremely low power especially when idling.

Cons: slower then expected.

Overall Review: main concern in this build was low power and tons fo storage. They work as expected, but the 5400 rpm will kill you if your using this comp for gaming or anything.

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good PSU12/30/2009 2:43:20 PM

Pros: Low power draw, silent, has steady voltages. has a lot of cables and connectors. Could power my system 10 times over.

Cons: Not modular, but no small psu's are. Not gold certified, but no small psus are.

Overall Review: I didn't read the OEM and did not realize it comes with no power cable. That's not a big deal, but it also didn't come with a Case badge ;(. All in all a good psu. Seasonic, Please make modular psu that is gold certified and only 200 or 300 watts. I would like the same as my x750 but in a low wattage. Low power was my biggest concern in this build so i would pay double or triple for a 80+ gold certified.

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Runs at 25 watts12/30/2009 2:36:19 PM

Pros: Great for a super low power computer. Uses only 25 watts idling in my configuration. Installed easy.

Cons: Drivers on disk are not compatible with vista 64 bit even though the drivers on the web are. For installing vista it asks for raid drivers (if using raid). The disk does not contain the drivers so u will need to dload off web and put them n a flash drive.

Overall Review: If using raid, install os with the drive in single mode then use the raid controller software in vista to build the array. (software can be dloaded from the mobo website) It will then reboot and take over night to complete your raid. My comp has a dvd-rw and 2 500gb laptop hd's mirrored. Also used 300 watt Seasonic 80+BRONZE PSU. the system runs at 25 watts with g15 kb plugged in with lights on. Uses about 32 under load. W/o kb it drops to 22 watts. I also used a gentle tyfoon fan which only has 16 cfm, but uses a tiny .2 watts. this sucker doesn't heat up much anyway.

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DO NOT BUY!!!12/30/2009 8:53:36 AM

Pros: its a cheep case

Cons: Mine cam with a bad bruise on the back end for the right side panel. Shipping box was not damage so poor quality control. Front slot for 120mm fan has no access. You will have to bend part of the case to get the fan in. Front stripe lights don't work on mine (would have disabled since i am building a supper low power comp) Cd-rom drive buttons don't work well because you have to line your cd-roms up perfectly. The metal on the case bends to much to do this. The 3.5 external bay is so far tot he one side it is near impossible to get the screws in from the right side. The back plate is nearly impossible to remove and when you do it leave burs. i needed to use wire snips to cut out the extra pieces so the one with my mobo would fit.

Overall Review: I bought this for a supper low power computer and figured since it wasn't going to be scene this junkey case would work. It barley worked and took so much extra install time. Total junk, do not buy. Quality control stinks, case is flimsy and nothing lines up.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, Thank you very much for purchase the FE-M020. The problem might have been caused during shipping. Please kindly contact Rosewill support team either via phone at 800-575-9885 or via email at so we may assist you with a replacement. We are eager to assist you in any possible way. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks, Rosewill Customer Care
its ok12/29/2009 1:25:13 PM

Pros: It works, its a cabel, what more do you want.

Cons: not ht highest image quality ever, but it is vga not dvi

Overall Review: My gfx card does not seem to want to display 1440x900 even though that's my monitors fav res. I forced it to display 1440x900 and that may be causeing some of the low quality picture.

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I7 and gpu12/29/2009 1:12:53 PM

Pros: See other

Cons: See other

Overall Review: The only bad review states there is a shortage of cables. This psu comes with (2) 4pin cpu, and (4) 6/8 pin gpu. One reviewer suggested that if you have an I7 that needs an 8 pin, you only have (3) 8 pin left. This is incorrect because both 4 pin connectors together fit into an 8 pin for cpu leaving you (4) 8 pin for gpu. The other reviewer simply used the wrong cable for his cpu. This whole thing is only an issue if running 2 really high end graphics cards in crossfire that require (2) 8 pin each. The most power connectors you will need/ cpu core is (1) so in sli or crossfire (4) is more then enough. Crossfire maxes out at 4 cores and I think SLI does also. Long story short, you have enough cables if you use them correctly. Unless your running Dual 5870's with like 20 hard drives and 5 blueray drives, this psu will have more then enough power for all your needs.

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MY LAST REVIEW IS WRONG12/29/2009 12:51:42 PM

Pros: Awesome Kb, once software is installed you can control light color, monitor cpu and ram, view a clock and even more in certain games. Comfortable key feel. Volume control works well and displays o kb instead of on screen which glitched soe older games.

Cons: Uses A/c adapter for power, not usb. Colors on keys don't match preview on computer screen so you have to play around with t to get the color you want.

Overall Review: Install drivers from disk, not the ones form the internet. I dloaded drivers originally because my build was not finished and did not have a cd-rom. None fo the apps come int he dload version so please install from cd-rom. This kicks the g15 away. i like that i can use any color to match my case. New egg, please delete my last review

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what you'd expect for the price12/24/2009 6:40:51 AM

Pros: They work, are much louder then my monitor speakers...gunshots sound awsome.

Cons: The sound quality isnt great. Kinda basey. I turn down the base and then it just sounds a little off. Not bad, but not a great high end sound system.

Overall Review: for the money its not bad, for listening to music and not just gaming you may be disappointed.

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