Almost Required for New Laptops5/13/2021 10:19:17 AM

Pros: One less cable to carry. Very slick design with a nice rubber ring to keep it from sliding around. The USB hub and HDMI-out is fanatastic to have since modern laptops lack USB type A or any other ports it seems. This product will be traveling with me for many years. Does not seem to use extra power while plugged in unless wirelessly charging something. High quality feel. Very solid and reliable. Also very compact. No drivers needed for PC. 4K output at 30fps is impressive for a USB-C device that does so much else.

Cons: Slow phone charging while laptop drains twice as fast on a new Dell XPS 15. Would not recommend using it unless plugged in to AC power or desperate. It takes over 4 hours to charge an iPhone 11 Pro Max from 0% to 100%.

Overall Review: The cable is short, that's good for a laptop user, but prevents use in a desktop or bedside setting. An extension cable would be a welcome inclusion. However, since the design is not that purpose, I won't knock off a star. It would be nice to have the option to use it on a nightstand or a desktop PC, but because the cable is 8 inches you can not. I've used it for a couple weeks, and it's great to get all these features in such a tiny little thing. This is an interesting combination. Not only can I once again use USB-A, full size HDMI, and keep the USB-C passthrough, it also charges your phone. It's one of those things you didn't know you needed until you buy a new laptop with only USB-C.

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Amazing difference from slower 8GB sticks3/15/2021 7:33:20 AM

Pros: I had 8GB at 2133MHz and installing this 16GB kit at 3200MHz made a HUGE difference. Can now load 32 chunks in Minecraft at highest settings. Took my FPS on Cyberpunk from around 45 FPS to a solid 60. XMP was one click after figuring out the BIOS button.

Cons: Had to remove heatsink to install, but it fits perfect even with an aftermarket RGB cooler which is kind of big. Beautiful LEDs at default. iCUE software can change them but I don't bother. Default is good.

Overall Review: Did not expect such a dramatic increase in performance over the 2133MHz 8GB kit I already had. But I guess an extra GHz and double the capacity really does. Running 9th Gen Intel and GTX 1060 on a 300 series chipset.

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Very difficult to install, but cools extremely well4/1/2020 8:39:25 PM

Pros: Dropped CPU temp down a whopping 18 degrees Celsius from the stock cooler. Blows down on the RAM, dropping their temps 7 degrees compared to having heatsinks on the RAM. Giant fan spins slow and is completely silent. The block is so big, you might could go fanless if you have enough case airflow.

Cons: Had to remove all the RAM heatsinks to make it fit. (Use a blow dryer or heat gun, else you'll break them or pull the modules off the RAM PCB) THE FAN CLIPS...! What an awful design. Just use zip ties, because even if you can get the fan clipped to the heatsink (and I doubt you can), the clips hang out even further and TOUCH the GPU. So unless you have a GPU backplate, it's gonna short out your graphics card. There really is no other option than zip ties for the fan. Last thing, the heatsink is so big it also pushes against the 24-pin motherboard connector, as well as the front USB header next to it, which is now leaning so far I was afraid it wouldn't work.

Overall Review: This is amazing at COOLING. But the installation is a pain the neck. Once you get it up and running, it's a huge improvement over stock. This experience was on an MSI Micro-ATX board using a 9th gen Intel Core-i5 compared to Intel stock cooler. CPU went from 68C on stock to 50C maximum stressing CPU and GPU simultaneously for 10 minutes.

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Fantastic2/4/2020 10:57:01 PM

Pros: For a low to mid-range built this is amazing. Has all the stuff you need to stay cool, with the logo out of the way. Brandless, almost.

Cons: Honest to go nothing. I paid for this TWICE and it's great.

Overall Review: Aim your PSU downward as even a GTX 1060 heats up the PSU.

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Failure to launch2/21/2019 1:22:42 AM

Pros: Comfortable for large hand over long periods. Great for accuracy. GOOD tracking by default.

Cons: Software update erased my keyboard settings. You can forget about making the up/down clickers volume. You get the lamest options ever. Top if off with ZERO memory to store your settings. The buttons do whatever they want until they're loaded into active system memory. Side buttons need your whole hand to squeeze them. LEDs not worth description except they're NOT all fully programable. By default the buttons are wack programmed. Meaning you have to go through their software hell to make it work. A decent default layout would have helped, but it's defaulted to demo-mode. Rubber thumb and finger rests are sticky but make your fingers literally sweat.

Overall Review: Stay away from this thing. I dunno what to do with it now as all my enemies are dead. This is a crud mouse for the price.

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Extremely fast6/5/2018 11:59:32 AM

Pros: It's faster than any of my other USB 3.0 portable drives Averages 110 MB/s with bursts up to 129 MB/s WRITE speeds! The case looks cool with it's single blue LED indicator. Very, very black. Can't see the Toshiba logo without really looking, so it appears unbranded.

Cons: No rubber feet. Slides around on desk and risks vibration damage. Would MUCH prefer USB type C on the drive side for rigidity. I can't tell you how many people have brought me broken portable HDDs because they transport them with the USB Micro-B 10-pin cable connected and got bent. Not using USB type C on the drive side makes this product feel last gen. 1-year warranty is disappointing, but standard for these drives.

Overall Review: Thicker, but shorter by a quarter inch on the vertical end than other USB HDDs. Toshiba is pushing the envelope with their HDDs lately. All of them are good, this one is no different.

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Great mouse with a tiny battery5/4/2018 1:54:39 PM

Pros: The mouse is so smooth that I can't tell the difference between 2.4GHz wireless and wired when strafing around objects at 165fps. Had a friend help me test it. Neither of us could see a difference. Instant switching between wired, 2.4 wireless, and Bluetooth for convenience. Easy calibration to your surface area and other preferences. Very comfortable in my large hand and the price is fair for the quality.

Cons: Teenie tiny little 24-hour battery makes the SE version of this mouse with a Qi charger a must, unless you want to keep plugging it in every day. Might as well not be wireless at all without a Qi charger and support for it. The sniper button could stand to be a bit lower. Corsair software crashed once and had to remake my profile. I doubt many people will want to use the alternate pinky finger attachment. My pinky stays on the mat for control, but if you want a pinky rest you got it.

Overall Review: This is a VERY good wireless mouse, but the battery life kills it for me when the MX Master 2S offers similar capability but with an extra 2 to 3 MONTHS usage on one charge. So since I got the "Dark Core RBG" instead of the "Dark Core RGB SE", I'll have to plug this in every single day I want it to be wireless. Use 2.4GHz for gaming. Bluetooth performance is awful, but then again, I've never had a Bluetooth mouse that worked well. Performance is on par with any cheap wireless mouse when using this mode. Get the SE version and a Qi charger or it's pointless for it to be wireless in my opinion. I'm tired of plugging it in.

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Installed in 6 minutes3/29/2018 10:01:03 AM

Pros: Ability to install either version of Windows on a fast, but freebie USB flash drive. Took less than 6 minutes to install Windows running 8th gen Core i3, 8GB DDR4, and SATA SSD. Could not believe the speed.

Cons: Windows "key card" is fun idea... You get a poker sized card with your install information, but a sticker would have been better if you decide to upgrade your system. Finding the little card to reinstall after upgrading instead of reading a sticker isn't ideal. The packaging is nice but a little over the top with the origami fold out stuff.

Overall Review: This is going to be my preferred method of Windows delivery for systems I'm building. Free USB stick that isn't cheap, plus a little poker card with your Windows key... what's not to like?

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Good for racing sims and minor sitting.3/7/2018 10:01:15 AM

Pros: Feels great and adds to the experience when used as a racing chair with a wheel and pedals. When your feet are outstretched along with your arms, you feel like you're in a race car bucket seat. Using this chair + VR + wheel and pedals is a VERY good experience. The material is thick and construction is solid. The LEDs are novel. Demo mode looks some ghostbusters effect.

Cons: You are in a race car bucket seat. Any other position than racing is uncomfortable. It's not good as an office chair or casual gaming chair. The reclining mechanism is useful but only at decreasing discomfort from sitting in it. I'm 6'1 and the headrest is too high. The armrests are too low. The head pillow is awkward and can't be adjusted the way you want. The bottom pillow is also awkward but necessary unless you desire less comfort. The LEDs can be powered by a portable bank, but there's no pocket or strap to hold it anywhere, so it just dangles if you want to be RGB without the tether.

Overall Review: I swapped this chair in and out with others I have over the last couple weeks and can't make it my primary chair, just looks cool in the corner until I want to race in VR. I am giving it 4 stars because if you want a bucket seat racing chair for your PC gaming experience, this is perfect. But you should know what you're buying. It's not an everyday use office chair. It's a race car chair.

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They are what they are...1/5/2018 3:49:41 PM

Pros: Look and feel nice in your hands. Loud and without loss of clarity. Clicky little mute switch feels good. Does well at isolating sound. Microphone pop filter (the foam) does it's job. I haven't tested a lot of headset microphones. It won't replace your cardioid or condensor microphone, but for chatting it works well enough.

Cons: Headphone sound quality is subpar. The speakers are too large and produce far too much bass. The fit on my head is not good. It seems like all these Chinese designed headsets are for a child's head. My head is slightly larger than average, but I only have this problem with low-end headphones. The top of my head is supported by the spring steel, not the soft part. That's the only way it fits and covers my ears. It's not too uncomfortable but why is this so small? This is minor and perhaps obvious, but they will easily cause hearing damage if you flick the volume wheel up too high, which is easy to do. Unless you have clinical hearing loss, these are way too loud and volume knob is pretty sensitive.

Overall Review: I work in FM radio production and we use high ohm monitors that sound 1:1 with the source. These sound like the sound is processed poorly or the speakers are taken from another audio device and glued into headphones. So I record a sine sweep (low to high hz and back) and bingo. They're off across the whole spectrum by a wide margin. If you want good headphones, search out something else. These have no respect for your ears. Seriously, those little $20 Logi headphones have better accuracy, albeit less range. I really like most of the new CoolerMaster products like the MasterMouse, but... not this one. HOWEVER, if you are a gamer with a small head who does not care about music quality and want a cheap headset with lots of bass, these are for you. These went to my nephew who is a young gamer and he loves them. Gave me a big hug and wore the most of the day around his neck. The End.

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Dethroned my primary PC mouse11/10/2017 4:33:49 PM

Pros: Very accurate sensor with easy to use DPI adjust buttons to change the speed. I normally like it fast, but sometimes it helps to slow it down and this does that. Satisfying clicks. It's just the right number of quick access buttons for normal use, but for you extreme gamers, this mouse has "TactiX". Which is essentially enables hot-key to give every button a secondary function. The rough textured surface and rubberized thumb grip feel great. I have fairly large hands and it rests perfectly, with my pinky touching the mousepad for reference. Everyone does that right? They didn't light up their entire logo. You can turn off all or any individual LEDs. I only have the scroll wheel lit to find it in the dark and match the rest of my RGB. The software configuration utility doesn't have to be open to work like some other hardware.. *cough* Corsair. The configs are stored in the mouse.

Cons: Full RGB rainbow by default when plugged in. I guess they want to demo all the colors but it looks stupid and can't change it without installing TWO softwares, the "Master Portal", which then finally allows you to install the config program for MM530. Luckily you can uninstall the first one after. The configuration software is awkward to install and use. Click around long enough and you'll figure it out, but it's the least intuitive HID GUI I've used. (v1.14) Also, updating the settings for the mouse is pretty slow. It should be instantly visible, but you must hit Apply, then you watch the mouse and after a few seconds or more it will change. Perhaps they can firmware update this to be automatic, instead of selecting everything, press apply, then wait 5-10 seconds. I understand it needs to send the settings to the mouse to save, but other hardware can show the changes as you make them AND store the config in the device. The LEDs seem dull even on the "brightest" colors. I personally don't mind this, but there is one level of brightness, and it's low. The cable is just a rubbery normal cable. They didn't bother wrapping it in a sheath or anything. Bummer. Also the six foot cable should be longer to reach the PC after running through cable management in my opinion. USB extension cords are cheap tho, so whatever.

Overall Review: At first I did not like this mouse. I've been using a SteelSeries Sensei 62150 for years and the only thing I don't like about it are the right-side buttons which I accidentally click all the time. The Sensei is also much less ergonomic and has a dumb LCD screen on the bottom. Anyway, after getting the LEDs to chill on this MasterMouse and getting some gaming and photo editing done, I'm satisfied the quality is equal. The negatives are so minor it doesn't take away much from this being a great gaming mouse and for much less money than many others. I wanted to point out that a few months ago I bought a cheap RGB "gaming" mouse on here, and it was absolutely awful. It wasn't worth the money to ship it back. Don't skimp too much on a mouse or you'll regret it. MasterMouse visually appears to have exact same optics on bottom as more expensive mice, and the tech specs are the same. So I'm pretty sure you're have one factory making most of these sensors for many companies. Currently I have both the this and the Sensei both plugged in. Both of them were sent as review items. Even tho the MM530 is less expensive, I've bestowed it the honor as my primary PC's mouse. It's just better. The mice I'm comparing both being free, my unbiased opinion recommends MasterMouse.

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Even plays the Wipeout song8/5/2017 9:09:09 PM

Pros: Popped in the NAS and set it up as it's own volume. Then I went around the office and backed up the four workstations and the server simultaneously. It started out getting almost full gigabit write speed of about 95-100MB per second, and when I started backing up the second PC it dropped in half, and so on. With all four PCs and the server running, they transferred upward of 20MB per second each. After that I tested the speed when simultaneously doing read/write. Copying the backups from three PCs and writing new backups from the others. The speeds were the same. I couldn't slow it down over gigabit. By the way, this thing has great rhythm. The read/write head bouncing around is like the Wipeout song when it gets going. It sounds different than the other drives, but in a good way because it can really keep a beat. It's not as random. Hopefully this is normal. ;)

Cons: None. I really like this drive for the price.

Overall Review: The 3-year warranty is welcome. If you're using it for business, I would feel very comfortable knowing we ran these. We swap out drives every single year, so when a drive has a shorter warranty than this, I normally keep looking. So this drive will be staying in the central NAS at the office until I replace it next year this time. The other drives in my NAS are not "designed" for NAS like this drive, and I thought it was interesting how the mechanics actually sound different in this one. You can tell it's optimized or something. I think my bottleneck was the network adapter, but I have used this drive for nightly backups, scheduled simultaneously, for the last two or three weeks and it hasn't failed. The NAS fan isn't kicking on any more than usual so I imagine it's not getting hot like some performance drives I've had in there. Bottom line, I'm impressed with the quality and will be looking into Toshiba drives in the future. I was going to throw this in the server to run test in that environment, but that's not what it's for, so I didn't.

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Expensive yet quality prints5/23/2017 1:16:15 PM

Pros: Truly portable and rechargeable color printer. Prints look even better than from "photo centers". Not an inkjet, so it doesn't smear if wet. Ridged card stock feel without peeling off the back. Once the back is peeled off, it feels like stretchy vinyl. Photo stickiness is just right. Firmly adheres but easy to remove. Prints take about 15 seconds. I've found this pretty useful for printing our business logo and covering manufacturer logos on laptops and desktops. It will come in handy around the office as well as on vacations and who knows what else. It's a conversation piece. Watching this tiny thing print great photos is incredible.

Cons: Print refills are currently WELL over a dollar per sheet! Unreal! Cheap packaging and no instructions. So here they are: Charge the device with USB, download the "sprocket" app, and search online for the PDF manual. App won't help much fitting photos to the size of the paper. The app is incredibly basic right now. I had to use desktop software on a couple to get them right, yet you can't print to it from desktop.

Overall Review: The first print spits out the blank page, then a few seconds later comes your print. I wasted a sheet by pressing print again after the blank page. ($1.64 wasted) If you're sending this as a present to less technically savvy people, you may want to print them the instructions with it. With the price of refills, the lack of basic instructions, and poor packaging... I had to knock off an egg. If it weren't for the amazing print quality, I would have taken off another. If you want an tiny printer with amazing quality and price doesn't matter, this is definitely for you! The prices fits because of the quality, but it's still something you should consider before buying.

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Great switch, bad power supply4/4/2017 6:00:58 PM

Pros: Wall mounting was easy enough. I found vertical the best orientation. Has run well without a hiccup (except see below) for about a month. I'm it with all 16 ports full in a small business with: 1 server, 4 workstations, 4 IP phones, 1 NAS, 1 DVR, and 4 IP cameras. The last port goes to the router. Just plug them in and done. The black is a nice touch?

Cons: My power adapter popped when I plugged it in, but luckily it uses the exact same 12V-1A adapter as a Netgear Prosafe 8-port I have laying around. When I called to get a replacement, I couldn't because I don't have proof of purchase. It didn't matter the item was for review. That wasted 30 minutes, but it's true I didn't pay for this item so fair enough. It works with the spare I had. The design is flawed. This switch is not rack-mountable, and does not claim to be (there aren't even screw holes if it came with the adapters). However! The reason large switches put the ports on the front instead of the back is for rack mounting. Especially in businesses, which this DOES claim to be designed for. Not a huge deal, but be aware if you were going to rack it you'll need a shelf. What would make sense is to put all the indicator lights on the front and put all the ports and power on the back... if this were designed for laying on a desk. So basically this is designed to be wall mounted. And yet... It does not include a simple screw hole template for wall mounting. It's easy to make template, but takes extra setup time when it could have been printed on the worthless install guide.

Overall Review: Pretty sure this is exactly the same as the "ProSafe" model for about 25% less money, but different color and no "lifetime warranty" (PSST... that ProSafe lifetime warranty doesn't cover the power adapter, which is the same power adapter packaged here.)

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Quality value!3/9/2017 8:15:45 PM

Pros: Magnetic mounting system is clever and very useful. Just snap it onto most metal surfaces. Stylish and very small! Looks good and fits just about anywhere. Wide viewing angle combined with widescreen output let's you see almost an entire room when against one of the walls. Setup took about 5 minutes. Download app, create account, scan QR code on camera, enter wifi password, hold phone close to camera, done. Firmware upgrade is simple with app. In fact the app is very intuitive and fluid. It's not well received on the App Store but I have no complaints. Five star app. Camera opens to live video extremely fast and has pinch-zoom, motion alerts, and all the settings to configure it. My favorite feature is a play button on the app's "Today" menu where is time lapses all the events throughout the day. IFTTT is a supported third party service that allows the camera to go into sleep mode when you arrive at the location. Ensures visual privacy for in exchange for location privacy loss. This requires GPS to stay on all the time. Also, scheduling alerts on and off by day of the week, hour, and minute is nice if you have a business. Cable is nice and long. Power adapter is fairly small. Free year of cloud backup is a nice added value. Even tho it only keeps the footage for a week, it's good fallback in case the camera gets stolen or you don't want to pay for an SD card. The cloud service renewal price seems fair, as well. I have gripes about the web browser access (below), but it works as well as you could expect.

Cons: Sealed box had black dirt and short black (human?) hairs in it stuck to the white camera. One bigger hair even has a split end. Gross. Seriously don't want to touch it before I wipe off. To view anything from a web browser, you must use Internet Explorer... or nothing. It also requires an ActiveX plug-in to be installed. 2.4 GHz is generally accepted as not suitable for HD video streaming and this doesn't support 5GHz. It "works", but it really irks me that it's using such an old congested spectrum. My WiFi signal is on one bar and the thing is 35 feet away straight shot down a hall from the router. Cloud playback or live stream will cut out and go full offline sometimes. Gets 5-15 fps. Footage of alerts are not immediately available if you're only using their cloud storage. It takes a minute to upload I suppose. Even the thumbnails are glitchy at best. Unit gets very warm, even when the IR lights are off. Thumbnails on app could be from any previous event and rarely from the recorded video. This could be fixed later..? Audio gets very "tinny" for me while viewing live. Like compression is at maximum to the point you can't hear what's said.

Overall Review: I remember many years ago paying $300 for a similar Logitech system but it used Power Over Ethernet (bad), and didn't have any type of cloud backup. Just a microSD card and giant power brick. This is a huge upgrade at a greatly discounted price. I ordered a 128GB microSD card. This company claims a 16GB card could hold a month of footage, only if motion recorded. I guess I'll never know because the only SD card info you get is if it's functioning and it's size. Support told me that using an SD card records on BOTH the Cloud and the SD Card. The free year of cloud backup is a real value, but buy a memory card for best experience!

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello Mathew, Thank you for giving us a great review. We appreciate your honest comments. We do appreciate when our customers take some time to leave their honest feedback about our products. Best Regards, EZVIZ Tech Team
Sounds like a floppy drive...2/9/2017 11:47:33 AM

Pros: I'm using in a stand-alone system with four 3-megapixel IP cameras recording at 1080p at 30fps. No motion detection so it's guzzling a lot of HD footage at once. I used to have only a single 1TB hard drive in it and would hold only about a week of footage (at most). Now this 8TB drive has been installed for 2 weeks and it's ~30% full. Giant, fat, 8TB drive optimized for DVR. Should work well in things like TiVo in addition to standard surveillance systems. Plays back fast. I can seek, fast-foward, slow-mo, whatever through four 1080p 30fps video files like a breeze.

Cons: It's not silent. My drive sounds like a floppy disk drive when going. Not quite as loud, but the same "whee, whaa. whee, whaa". It doesn't do that during playback or idling, just recording. "Whee, whaa" Non-stop. Maybe I got a faulty unit, but I have waited two weeks and it's still doing it. I figure it's the read/write head moving around... I have no idea... It's not something the 1TB drive did or any other hard drive I've ever owned.

Overall Review: At least it's not clicking or ticking. The thing works just fine so far, but I waited over two weeks to write this review because I figured it would fail on me from the sounds it makes, but not yet. The 3 year warranty is assuring, and I very likely will need it. Lost a egg for the funky floppy drive noises. Price seems fair. Warranty is good. Drive performs it's duty.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Mindy, Our Skyhawk drives should not make any unusual sounds. If possible, please install the drive into a Desktop system and try running our "SeaTools for Windows" diagnostics to determine the overall drive health: If the drive fails any of the tests, or you have additional questions or concerns, contact us directly so we may assist further: Best Regards, Seagate Support
Incredible Compatibility9/27/2016 11:34:07 PM

Pros: Compatible when paired with another factory installed 8GB module on my laptop even though it the factory memory was 3 years older and an entirely different brand and manufacturer. This was surprising and welcome! Having both DIMMMs filled made my laptop snappier and I turned off the page-file since 16GB is plenty. You could turn off page file with 8GB but might have "out of memory" errors sometimes. Going from 8 to 16GB made my laptop noticeably faster.

Cons: Rigid clamshell plastic packaging is always a pain to open.

Overall Review: If you're planning to upgrade, use CPU-Z software to verify that you have a free RAM slot. If it's going to be a 2nd stick of RAM, the other should probably be "CAS# Latency 11" (CL11) and "dual rank". My laptop came with two SO-DIMM banks and one of them was empty. The other had an 8GB Hyundai HMT41GS6AFR8A-PB manufactured in 2013. I was pleasantly surprised that this new module, which was manufactured in 2016 (3 years later), was 100% compatible with it. I ran Windows Memory Diagnostics after installation just to be sure it was solid and it was. Test System: Lenovo Flex2 with Intel Core i7 4510U

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Waterproof, Tiny, and Stylish9/27/2016 11:07:50 PM

Pros: Truly waterproof. Vigorously ran it under water, shook it off, plugged it in 10 seconds later and it worked immediately. Very slick design. It's a tiny little thing and the seamless zinc housing make it a sturdy, stylish, and smooth device. This is probably the sturdiest (and best looking) flash drive I've used. Comes pre-formatted in a single 60.0GB FAT32 partition. None of that U3 file system, auto-start crud. Lifetime warranty but doubtful you'll ever need it. Seems very reliable.

Cons: Fairly slow to the point USB2.0 and USB3.0 read and write speeds are exactly the same. No LED indicator The little ring would be more useful if it had a way to detach it from your keys.

Overall Review: Became warm on read tests and almost hot on write tests. I'm pretty sure this is a 64GB microSD card in a slick USB case. I can see anyone who fishes, hikes, camps, or works around water using this. It's rugged and truly waterproof. 22.5MB/s average Write speed 36.6MB/s average Read speed 40.4MB/s burst Read speed

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Excellent value and performance8/17/2016 10:29:07 PM

Pros: Significantly faster than internal memory when installed in a lower-end Samsung phone. The phone is now much smoother and no longer getting, "photos will soon fail to save" warning. Best value and performance for price than any other microSD card of this size. With the increased performance and enormous capacity, I won't have to buy a new phone now, which will save me hundreds of dollars. When installed in a SD slot on my laptop using the included adapter, HD Tach reports read speeds of 63MB/s burst and 51.7MB/s average and 0.7ms random access. This is pretty good for an SD card. Copying a 100GB file to the microSD card averaged about 20MB/s the whole time.

Cons: It's not a con for the card, but Android doesn't let you transfer apps to the SD card. Only saved files and photos/videos. If I could transfer the installed apps to this card, they would probably run smoother, too.

Overall Review: Check to make sure your phone can support 128GB microSD. Many phones only support 64GB so don't spend more than you have to. For installing in a phone, just insert it, format when prompted, then transfer the files from internal to SD memory in the storage settings. This can take a while but once done, it's done.

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Middle ground between cheap and awesome extender6/22/2016 1:05:19 PM

Pros: Slick iPhone like packaging. Large and easy to understand setup instructions make setup a breeze for most, especially with the mobile app. It's fast and simple. Repeats the same speed as your router. Not all repeaters can claim that. One button to turn off the blue LEDs make it blend in to most decor. 5GHz is great for repeating off a 2.4GHz router to eliminate congestion on that spectrum. Connect many devices to 5GHz via this repeater and only use 2.4GHz from repeater to router for flawless functionality. Easily moved from one outlet to another until you find a good spot using the signal strength LED.

Cons: Limited range. 15 feet away around a corner and signal strength varies from low to high intermittently, and for some reason stepping outside across the pool, just 50 feet away thru a pain of large glass and the signal drops to zero. Will not function as a dedicated access point using the ethernet jack. It has the jack so it seems like a software limitation. Considering the price I expected this in case you wanted to use it as a primary 5GHz AP hardwired to your 2.4GHz-only router. Using mobile app you will be unable to setup the extender to a hidden SSID network, but you can with web browser. This could be addressed in a future app update. Web browser setup also has some kinks because gateway IP is mirrored. After initial setup you're only able to configure this range extender with the mobile app. Browser based setup directs you to your router from then on. Can't change wifi password for extender networks. Can only mirror the router's WiFi password. Physically, the device nearly covers the bottom plug on standard outlets. Unless it's a lamp sized cord, don't plan on using the outlet below it, but even a lamp cord pushes the device up a bit.

Overall Review: Although most of these cons were not found using a much more expensive range extender, it was nonetheless disappointing to experience them. It's hard to recommend this range extender unless you plan on using the 5GHz ban to eliminate congestion and don't have extreme range issues. Not having AP capability really bummed me out, but it's not advertised that way so it's a personal gripe.

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Super fast, but inherently less reliable.4/11/2016 9:58:35 PM

Pros: Extremely fast and a little more affordable than similar drives. SSD Guru software is a simple way to update the firmware and optimizing Windows services for either performance, reliability, or capacity. 3 year warranty is welcome considering it uses TLC NAND.

Cons: Acronis is NOT included with this model. Just download "Macrium Reflect Free" to get it cloned. TLC NAND is the least reliable and not normally used for SSDs. It definitely should not be used for mission critical data. I make clones every few months and use cloud software for backups, so I'm not too worried about it. Ultra thin 7mm drive does not include an optional height expander which may prevent a snug fit in some laptops or enclosures.

Overall Review: I replaced a Seagate SSHD 500GB/8GB (ST500LM000) on a Lenovo Flex 2, Core i7-4510U, 8GB RAM with this drive. It's not a work computer. Windows 10 Boot Time: - 13 seconds: New 480GB OCZ Trion 150 SSD - 30 seconds: Old 500GB/8GB Seagate SSHD HD Tach reports a whopping average read of 452.9MB/s! If you have any strange issues after installation, uninstall Intel Rapid Storage software and it will be fixed. You may even want to do this before installation. OCZ was purchased by Toshiba and this SSD uses Toshiba TLC NAND. The speed may slowly drop off over time, so be sure to use SSD Guru and set aside a few GB of "over provisioning" in case of failing cells. If at all possible, you should even consider turning off hibernation and disable the page file, as they are very write-intensive services. You will need lots of RAM to turn off page file, preferably 16GB+ to avoid "out of memory" errors. MLC and SLC NAND SSDs are more reliable but cost a little bit more. Be sure this product matches your computing environment. Do not put this in a workstation or server!!!

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Good modem. Bad router.3/31/2016 11:04:33 AM

Pros: Not many pros... It's a cable modem and low-end router in a single (large) box. Modem status and connection cable conneciton information is interesting and somewhat useful for troubleshooting with the cable company. Supports USB devices, but with such slow WiFi it's nearly pointless. The base can be removed with a screwdriver and laid horizontally. Hardwire connection speeds were fast and reliable. At least it has port forwarding...

Cons: 2.4GHz WiFi will be a big problem if you live in urban areas. Very large unit containing visibly empty space which could have housed an internal power supply instead of another wall rat to clog up your power strip. Long, convoluted default SSID and Passcode. Foreign phone technical support workers. No firmware updates since it's release in late 2013. Besides keyword and domain blocking, there are no child restrictions like time limits or scheduling for devices.

Overall Review: There are only three useful non-overlapping channels for the 2.4GHz spectrum, 1, 6, & 11. On wireless channel 1 I could only achieve 15-20 Mbps downstream. Channel 6 was 25-30 Mbps. Channel 11 was around 20 Mbps. This is pretty poor wireless speed. I only pay for 50 Mbps internet but can't even achieve that with WiFi in a semi-rural area. If you live in an urban environment, get router that supports 5GHz! I called their technical support just to see what they were like and after being on hold for 10 minutes, they spent another 10 minutes asking for all my personal information. Then they told me they couldn't help me without sending them proof of purchase. I felt that was fairly rude, a waste of time, and could not understand most of what was said. Bottom line, this is a good modem boxed with a VERY basic router and certainly not a very good one. It's so 'not good' that I'll likely be hooking up a another router to it and using this for nothing but a huge modem. (Did I mention it's huge?)

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello Matthew, We want to help you in any way that we can along with apologize for and investigate the way support handled your case. Please email us at with a copy and paste of your review and the case numbers that support gave you. Our sincere apologies for your time and any frustration caused with the N450 or support. We'd like nothing less than your complete satisfaction and to earn your business again. Regards, NETGEAR Team
Cuts load times in half12/8/2015 4:57:33 PM

Pros: Much faster at loading AND installing games than the stock PS4 hard drive. Grand Theft Auto V loaded 30 to 60 seconds faster and was more consistent. Stock HDD GTAV Load Times: 1. 2:01 2. 1:32 3. 1:37 Seagate SSHD GTAV Load Times: 1. 1:04 2. 1:05 3. 1:05

Cons: No instructions on how to install it. It's not hard, but a novice might need to look up a video tutorial. No way to clone your existing drive, meaning you have to reinstall every game which can be very time consuming If you don't have Playstation Plus you also need to backup every save game from every user profile beforehand.

Overall Review: You will need a computer, a 1GB or larger flash drive, and a small phillips screwdriver to install it. As far as one can tell there is no difference between this and a standard 2.5" SSHD. The term "Game Drive" is superficially plausible as the firmware might be optimized for the Playstation, but there is no way of knowing as the technical specifications are obscure.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Matthew, We wanted to provide instructions for installing the "Game Drive for PlayStation" for future reference and for other readers of this review: If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact our support staff directly and we will be happy to assist further: Best Regards, Seagate Support
Best Range Extender EVER7/16/2015 6:47:58 AM

Pros: "Fast Lane" eliminates interference caused by repeating a 2.4GHz signal as other range extenders suffer from. Signal from router to extender can use one frequency (ex: 2.4GHz) while extender to devices can use another (ex: 5GHz). Simply flawless signal. No more dead spots or waiting for content to load after upgrading from a cheap Netgear WN300RP. Slick design and can be oriented vertically or horizontally and looks really cool either way. Permits hardwire access point configuration with ethernet cable.

Cons: Can not be used as a router. Antennas floppy unless tightened fairly firm. Setup wants you to create a username and password account for no apparent reason. Firmware update failed the first time, worked the second try.

Overall Review: I can not be happier with the signal strength and quality. This is the ultimate range extender / access point, but it doesn't make sense that it can't be used as a router since it has all the features of a router such as parental controls and time limits. Oh well. "Fast Lane" is so good I went ahead and disabled the SSID of the primary router. After over a month of use I have never once had a to wait for something to load or try to refresh due to packet loss.

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Excellent router. Perhaps overkill.6/24/2015 8:54:25 AM

Pros: Automatically distributes 5GHz devices evenly between the two bands with excellent range appearing as only as a single SSID if you choose. Multiple high-end devices can have dedicated channels of 802.11ac while your phones and tablets can utilize their own 2.4GHz band. USB storage sharing is nearly perfect. Can assign up to 5 users with Read or Read/Write access. DLNA flawless. Copy speed from USB3.0 hard drive was around 50-65MB/s on 802.11ac. Menu is snappy to load and apply settings with lots of well written information for novices on each setting. Ideal for wall-mounting. Feels solid.

Cons: Some wireless devices appear as wired under Client Status page. Wireless network won't stay connected to LG LB6300 Smart TV on 5GHz or 2.4GHz. Works fine with $30 cheap router. Makes me question it's compatibility, but I'm confident TrendNet will fix it with a firmware update. Default passwords on bottom of router are too long and hard to read. Price is really high.

Overall Review: You will only need this when you have a high number of wireless devices in your home. Congestion will be eliminated. To determine if your wireless adapter supports 5GHz and/or 802.11ac, click "Start", type cmd, hit Enter, type: netsh wlan show drivers, hit Enter. Look for "Radio Types Supported:". If it only reads "802.11b 802.11g and 802.11n" it's only 2.4GHz. If includes "802.11a" alongside the above, it's 5GHz. If it lists "802.11ac", you are ready for full throttle wireless 1.3Gbps glory. Date and time settings are wonky and should be part of initial configuration. Makes time based parental controls not work properly until it's done. Daylight Savings Time should be on by default. "NTP Settings" should be renamed "Internet Time". Refreshing Client Status page causes HTML tables to disappear. Not a fan of the six antennas on a desk, but wall-mounted they look really cool. The antennas are not removable.

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