No Fuss Addon4/20/2011 8:43:14 AM

Pros: Installed this card without drivers into a Server 2008 R2 to use as the VM Nic. Works great, has great throughput. VM's are running smoothly on this cheap NIC

Cons: None so far.

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Great drive, Great price4/20/2011 8:38:59 AM

Pros: Quiet About as fast as you can get a combo drive to be. Any faster and you would have to buy a reader not a writer SATA!!! Reads whole movies in 5-10 minutes vs 30-45 with my previous burner.

Cons: None yet

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Very Quick Drive at a Great Price4/20/2011 8:33:11 AM

Pros: No problems out of this drive. It is very fast and was able to keep up with my i7 2600K converting video at 250+ fps.

Cons: None

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Worked great for three days4/20/2011 8:28:23 AM

Pros: Small, keyboard shortcut, sound

Cons: Worked great for three days while I built my new Desktop and Server. Then I started having problems with mouse and keyboard. Video and sound were still working great but I have to start manually switching the mouse and keyboard everytime. I'm not sure if there was some type of Win 7 / Server 2008 R2 update or install that caused this problem, but I didn't have time to troubleshoot to much. There aren't any drivers on the disk just some type of worthless software that I immediatly uninstalled.

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So tiny, my wife wanted to name it!4/20/2011 8:20:17 AM

Pros: The card is very small. Runs at SATA II speeds. RAID Built in. Great price. Works great (except for one instance in the cons section )

Cons: I had to buy SAS to SATA cables in order to plug in SATA Drives. The first night it woke me up at 3 am with an alarm. All the disks had failed and I had to reboot. Everything came back up without a problem but I disabled that alarm before I went back to bed. No problems since then.

Overall Review: Running 7 x 2TB HDD's with it and have the ability to expand to 8. I have crazy storage space now that will last me several years.

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Great Memory4/20/2011 8:13:28 AM

Pros: This memory is very fast. Paired with an i7 2600K and the resulting machine is blazing fast! The memory worked without any tinkering or troubleshooting.

Cons: None so far.

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Vitualization!4/20/2011 8:03:27 AM

Pros: I bought this proc to use as a Home Grown Virtualization Server. The proc came up and ran beautifully without any issues. Server 2008 R2 installed and ran Hyper-V without any complaints. Runs quickly for a single core proc.

Cons: Only a single core, but I knew that going in.

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Good Board, Good Price.4/20/2011 7:57:43 AM

Pros: This is the Second BioStar I have bought and I have to say that I am very happy with both. The documentation was a little limited but I was able to get the answers I needed from their TechSupport email before I ever even bought the mobo. Server 2008 R2 booted up on this board without any issues.

Cons: Documentation was not very verbose but a quick email to tech support bought this mobo back the egg that I would have deducted.

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Works4/20/2011 7:50:27 AM

Pros: This Memory worked great straight out of the gate. I am using it for a Home Grown Virtualization Server and haven't had any issues. It was cheap a runs great in Dual Channel Mode

Cons: None

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Does what it is supposed to4/20/2011 7:33:26 AM

Pros: Needed this cable because my PSU did not have a p8 connector. Turns out that having the extra length was also a bonus because it allowed me to manage the cables better and hide them from view. Bonus!

Cons: None.

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Plenty of power4/20/2011 7:28:14 AM

Pros: There are plenty of different power cables sent with this modular PSU. I bought two of these units and built an i7 Desktop and an AMD Server. I was able to only plug in what I needed (allowing me to minimize the number of superfulous cables in the case). The server has 8 x 2TB drives in it and I had plenty of power for all of them (given that five of those are in a SATA Backplane module and I was able to use the standard power plug instead of SATA power plugs)

Cons: The Blue LED cannot be turned off but the light is only for accent and is not very bright.

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Mobo with great feature set4/20/2011 7:18:18 AM

Pros: This mobo has everything that I need. Between SATA III, USB 3, Onboard HDMI, Fast charging, and a host of other things that I will let you read on the Specs page, you can't go wrong with this board. The board installed and ran from the start without any tinkering or troubleshooting. Working with this board and another BioStar have made BioStar my new favorite mobo.

Cons: Nothing to remove an egg for, but I had to buy a P8 to P4 power cable because my PSU did not have a P8 connector. Not the boards fault.

Overall Review: I bought this board to go with the i7 2600K that I bought because the other boards that supported the i7 were having recalls. Asus has since offered extra warranty to those who bought the boards with the problematic Sandy Bridge.

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Fast4/20/2011 7:04:25 AM

Pros: Fast, Fast, FAST!! This Proc screams. I bought this proc to do Video conversion and at it's first time to bat, it blew my mind. I went from converting movies in 4-5 hours to converting movies in 15-20 minutes! With fps going from 12 to an outragous 250, I am VERY pleased with this purchase. Paying a little more was deffinitely worth the money!

Cons: It doesn't wash dishes. My wife was VERY disappointed about this but I'm okay with it.

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Great box4/20/2011 6:57:23 AM

Pros: I love this tower. There is plenty of room for all the components that I needed to put in. The LED fans are nice but what made them great was the button to turn them on and off. Tool-less and solid contruction makes working with this tower a dream. Drives just slide in and lock into place, perfectly aligned with the front cover. The handle on top of the case has been surprisingly useful. I can easily carry the machine with one hand.

Cons: Cable routing could have been better but zip ties were provided that allowed me to strap everything down neatly. No reason to to subtract an egg for that.

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