good but shorting in the right side5/19/2021 6:29:40 PM

Pros: -haptic bass is great -loud as hecc -great mic

Cons: -cord can easily get twisted up -usb instead of a headphone jack

Overall Review: it's a great headset. i would much rather it not take up of one of my three usb ports(the other two are used by my mouse and drawing tablet) and use the headphone jack instead, but it's whatever. the only real problem is that there's a shorting in the right ear. it can be solved by shaking my head or moving the cup around a bit but it can be pretty annoying. i don't know if it's a result of the cord twisting on itself so easily or something else but i hope i won't have to replace this too soon. i'd like to have it for a good while

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Great Stand5/19/2021 6:23:27 PM

Overall Review: it's a stand with lights. not really much to say. it gets the job done. i like the lights at the bottom. pretty light go brrrrr. there are two usb ports so i can charge my phone and my earbud case at the same time(also good if you have a wireless headset i guess. i do not). my headset has a detachable mic and when i take it off i stick it in the headphone jack(i don't know what that was meant for originally) so i don't lose it. overall, good stand, yes.

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