Outstanding budget gaming monitor12/31/2018 9:55:57 AM

Pros: 144Hz Freesync, 1080 resolution, and 27” screen all for less than $250. This is an extremely good deal for performance like this. If this is your first high refresh rate monitor you will love it. There are some cons to be aware of, see below, but at this price I consider them fairly minor. Despite being a refurbished unit, it did come with all the original cables. These appear to be factory refurbished by Acer and at the time I bought mine they specified that all of their refurb monitors come with all of the original cables. This included a DisplayPort cable. Colors are good, though they needed some adjustments out of the box. Contrast is also fairly good, especially compared to my 7 year old monitor this replaced. FreeSync was a breeze to setup with my RX580. I simply plugged it in with DisplayPort (preferred over HDMI to get full 144Hz) and when I booted up it was automatically detected and FreeSync was enabled. Be sure to have the latest AMD drivers installed and check that 144Hz is enabled! Contrary to what some people have reported, there do seem to be wall mount holes on this monitor. They get covered when the monitor stand is attached so they are not visible in product pictures.

Cons: This is refurbished so there is some scuffs and scraps on the stand. Pretty minor stuff that doesn’t affect performance. This is a 4ms panel so there is some slight ghosting. For me it’s pretty easy to ignore and forget about, especially in games with motion blur effects. The combined power button and OSD direction toggle takes some time to get used to. The biggest complaint I have is that backlight seems to be a little weak at the left and right edges of the screen. For gaming this is pretty easy to overlook because I don’t spend much time looking at those parts of the screen and the difference isn’t enough to stand out in my peripheral vision. In photo viewing with bright scenes it stands out a lot more. I wouldn’t recommend this monitor for photo or video editing but it is great for gaming.

Overall Review: This is a fantastic gaming monitor. There really isn’t anything else that comes close in this price range. Just be aware that there some trade offs that make this monitor less ideal for other uses, like photo and video editing. You probably shouldn’t be using a curved monitor for those kinds of things anyway

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11/7/2011 2:07:15 AM

Pros: -Surprisingly durable feeling -Carrying case is nice -Decent assortment of tips -Very good at blocking out ambient noise -They were on sale -*See other thoughts for sound quality*

Cons: -Noticeable cable knock -I don't like the 90° angled plug -Cable is little shorter than I'd have liked -The case with "MEElectronics" splashed across it makes it look like a cheap set of buds that'd come bundle with something -*See other thoughts for sound quality*

Overall Review: Ok, so sound is a bit of a mixed bag. I'll start off by saying that for the price I paid, these are the best sounding earbuds I've ever had. Are they the best earbuds out there? Hell no! But after some EQ tweaking I'd say they were more than worth the money (especially since they were on sale). As a lot of people have said, these are very bass-happy buds. However, I prefer lots of bass so it's just another reason for me to like them. Highs can be a little harsh, though I've heard far worse. Overall, you can probably find better at this price. But, if you find these on sale they're a pretty good deal.

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Acer S231HLbid Review9/6/2011 9:52:04 PM

Pros: For the price this is a pretty fantastic screen (it was 159.99 when I got mine). To be honest there really isn't much difference in actual specs between most TN LED LCDs out there. Despite what the manufacturer will try try to tell you all these TN screens basically have ~1,000:1 contrast ratios and 5ms response times. The panels that claim to have 2ms (which is always gray-to-gray) response times are basically just using LCD overdrive not unlike what is available in your video card's drivers. The insane 12,000,000:1 and 30,000,000:1 contrast ratios are basically just tricks that don't have nearly the effect they claim to have. If you are looking for an LED lit 23" TN 1920x1080 screen with DVI and HDMI, this screen will look and function just as well as more expensive 23" TN panels. Heck, it even comes with an HDMI cable!

Cons: The stand is literally not adjustable AT ALL. It has good enough viewing angles that it isn't a problem for me but keep it in mind if you have a weird desk. Cables connect perpendicular to the panel rather than pointing down which could interfere with wall mounting. The blue power LED is pretty bright. Luckily it mostly shines down making it pretty easy to shield.

Overall Review: It's also worth noting that this screen uses a small external brick for it's power rather than having a power board inside the screen cabinet. This is good for a couple of reasons: 1. it makes the whole screen thinner, and 2. if the power supply ever fails (which is a common way for screens to die) you can probably just replace the brick instead of trashing the whole screen. Still some people might not like the extra clutter under the desk. In the end the reasons you should be looking at a TN screen like this are: 1. Low price, and 2. Quick response times. These are both things the Acer S231HLbid does well. If top quality contrast and color are what you want then you should you should forget about TN and start looking at ISP panels instead.

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