MONEY8/31/2018 7:11:14 PM

Pros: EVGA. 1000 watt Gold psu less than 200 Bucks..Fired up first time..

Cons: Not a big fan of ribbon over it..all i got..

Overall Review: Quality build from a Quality company..Feels like money in your hands...Great buy..Hope it stays that way.. EDIT: Aug 2018 still kicking in second build. Gotta love EVGA's PSUs

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Perfect Mid tower case for any build1/4/2016 3:19:47 PM

Pros: Side window huge and shows your entire build Power supply shroud supports my long EVGA PSU Can remove optical drive bay with screwdriver. Hidden SSD and HDD

Cons: Only one SSD bracket

Overall Review: For the price you cant beat this case. Best bang for the buck in this class..

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Black Fury5/11/2014 6:55:49 AM

Pros: Very reliable ram..No issues at all. Very fast. Looks great on my Sabertooth motherboard

Cons: didt buy two sets when they where on sell. :{

Overall Review: I almost always buy Cor$air ram and are also great ram but these was on sale and i took a chance on getting them..Glad i did...

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Fractal Arc XL BEAST4/13/2014 11:59:26 AM

Pros: Space, Space, Space..Hands down the best I have bought from Newegg or any other place for that matter..You have more space for radiators and the pump/res inside your case. Cant comment on the built in fan controller for the simple fact im not using it..

Cons: cant think of any...its heavy..but thats all i got

Overall Review: Bought this case when it went down on price..was looking at this and the Corsair 750d..Im SOOOOOO glad i pick this one..Dont think im gonna need another case for years to come.

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AMD Fan For Life1/19/2014 3:52:05 PM

Pros: Very overclockable..Got it on sale..Its AMD

Cons: None..Dont plan on having any..

Overall Review: I have the overclocked to 4.8 stable..No need to push it any futher..Using Corsair 110 Liquid cooler and it keeping temps down..Nothing against Intel but I just cant see myself buying it..Im getting all the performance i need with this CPU

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Loving It1/10/2014 4:54:44 PM

Pros: Keeps my AMD cpu cool running at 4.7and I run my PC all day 7 days a week..I love the fact that i can bump it up a little more and i have the Cooler to do it..

Cons: Not really a con but i cant run a push/pull config in my Corsair 540 case..And that they dont make SP 140 fans..

Overall Review: Wouldnt switch for anything out there. This should last me a very long time to come.

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EVGA..nuff said12/4/2013 6:05:51 PM

Pros: EVGA..4gb..

Cons: None yet

Overall Review: Bought two for the sweet SLi performance.Will update if anything goes south..

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AMD.....RIP7/14/2013 1:30:26 PM

Pros: Outstanding overclocker....Temps stay nice and cool with a liquid cooler..after market Air cooler can do it justice also but i happen to be using a H100i from corsair

Cons: No cons...PERIOD

Overall Review: I have been using AMD cpu's for the past 11 years and im not gonna dog them out but....My i5 4670k is the best investment i have made in quite a long time...Its amazing how i can overclock everything including my 660Ti's running in SLI...I still have a AMD 8350 in my other computer but its now my Sons gamer and NO he can not touch my new gamer...EVER...Got it overclocked to 4.4 for now and thats prob where im gonna keep it...No need for further increases seeing that its already out performing the 8350 hands down...I really do like AMD's CPU's but im just gonna stick with Intel from now system is the following.... MSI MPower z87 Corsair H100i EVGA 660Ti x2 (SLI) Corsair Vengeance 1600 16gigs Corsair 850 PSU Samsung 120 SSD WD 300 gig raptor

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AMD For Life1/24/2013 6:54:36 PM


Cons: BAD BREATH!!!!

Overall Review: Got this overclocked at 4.4 right now. Might try going Higher later on some time...Using Gigabyte 990fxa MB...16gigs of Corsair Veng mem...Two EVGA 660ti in SLI...H100i cooling this bad boy...Right now im good to go..

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No High pitch noise here1/11/2013 8:13:38 PM

Pros: Modular, 860 watts, its a Corsair

Cons: Sorry to hear about folks having probs with a high pitch whine. I have not to hear or experience any prob with my PSU..

Overall Review: Remember folks Corsair will help you with any problems you have. Any question or issues I ever had they always responded with the answer..I still have a HX850 from three years ago still kicking...And no i dont work for Corsair...working on that...

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come on WD.....12/13/2012 5:20:13 AM

Pros: It's a raptor.

Cons: DOA

Overall Review: Been using WD hard drives for years. First one to come DOA. Hoping next one works.

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Sold on Xigmatek11/17/2012 9:42:41 AM

Pros: Looks...cooling ability....Looks...

Cons: Kind of a pain to put the fans in place but once is on...Its on....

Overall Review: Im using the Gigabyte 990fx UD3 board and the fx8150 and i got it running at 4.2 stable...Not bad for Air cooling...Not looking to go any higher...i want to keep my cpu for a bit...

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Update to board11/5/2012 8:35:53 PM

Pros: After tweaking around with the bios i am running mem at correct my cpu overclocked to 4.1 and has been running stable for over a couple of weeks now...LOVING THIS BOARD

Cons: NONE

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Not bad...Not bad at all11/3/2012 4:13:01 AM

Pros: Where to start...I was a little worried about this case being small and not having enough room for my hardware fitting inside but im SO glad i was wrong and pleasantly surprised...More than enough room and everything fits perfectly...Case management is also a plus...tucked away nicely.. My son got the HAF XM...which is a very nice case on its own...but wants a Scout 2 now...

Cons: not having more than one ssd tray...and one fan...CM..come on man....

Overall Review: didnt think i would like the side panel window and fan below it but it grew on me quick...if ya thinking about getting this case stop thinking and get it...Also pick yourself up a fan controller...ya gonna need it...

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