Highly recommended to purchase this, especially on sale3/3/2015 1:01:38 PM

Pros: Great price, quality parts, easy to upgrade. As mentioned, this can be built for more than the sale price. Fast shipping and quality packaging (two boxes and plenty of styrofoam including inside the case. The R9 285 can handle virtually any games thrown at it, all at max settings. Combine that with a quality processor and motherboard, you have yourself a great budget friendly gaming machine. I installed a SSD with their Windows 8.1 disc and purchased a 248QE Asus 24" to pair it with. Liquid cooling keeps the computer at a low temperature. Cable management was done well and looks great. Overall, very satisfied with the investment.

Cons: I had to remove 1 egg for the lack of support on the known issue with the wi-fi dongle. I would highly suggest they fix the description and give more support on this very inconvenient issue. They would receive a much higher rating overall. I originally wanted to take two off but due to the great customer support over the phone they earned that one back. I spent several hours trying to install the SSD but received the BSOD and at one point could not boot up the original HDD with Windows on it (mainly my fault). I spoke to two reps and both were very familiar with the products and able to walk me through fixing this issue (all US based support as well). HUGE PLUS PLEASE READ IF YOU ARE GOING TO INSTALL A SSD Be sure to follow the proper instructions online (simple Youtube video with suffice) - you need to unplug the dongle then start the install with the disc that comes with the computer. After the fresh install, you will need to install all the drivers (two more discs that come with the computer and be sure when installing the motherboard drivers to understand it will restart the computer several times but will not be completed yet). Once installed, you can plug it in directly from your modem/router (there is no way around this if you do not have a disc or flash drive with the correct drivers on it prior) and then download the drivers from the iBuypower website. Once installed, shut down the computer then plug back in the dongle. For those reviews who state the dongle is sub-par, you either had a faulty unit or need to check your internet connection. With a 100Mb connection, I consistently receive 125+ with this device.

Overall Review: This is not a huge deal but the LED lights on the front of the PC are bright enough to look like a projector is playing on the wall. They do not bother me per-say, but to others who are more sensitive to this bright light may want to remove it or cover it. Secondly, this machine comes with (1) stick of DDR3 (8GB) - if you are looking for more, it can be expanded to 32GB (a plus). However, you will need to remove it or call iBuypower to ensure you are properly upgrading if you are planning on using this same stick (either one 8GB or three) - a simple fix is to purchase a new 32GB set (8GB X4) and call it a day.

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