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great for size (need to get crossovers correct)6/18/2012 5:25:20 PM

Pros: Great overall sound. Lacks mid bass but as a small satellite system you can expect very spacious sound that should satisfy the average listener. Subwoofer is very accurate. What really blew me away was putting in blue ray "the 25th anniversary rock & roll hall of fame concerts" in DTS. Great sound.

Cons: Lack of mid bass but I was expecting that.

Overall Review: At first I was not happy. Set your receivers crossover to control your subwoofer at 120 (by pass on sub) Set your front to 120 Center to 200 Rear to 110 Awesome. These are the Denons Aaudyssey settings and made a difference!!

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Cons: Should of came with motherboard mounting cardboard washers.

Overall Review: PROBLEM: After updating to the newest Intel Driver ONLY the HDMI would give me a BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death). The VGA and DVI worked fine. The older driver would work, but newer drivers would crash. IGDKMD64 error on blue screen. MY FIX: Grounding Issue. After doing some research I found that if there is a shiny ring on top of your motherboard don't use a cardboard washer. Well this board did not have one on the top, but it was on the underside of the board. I recommend mounting your motherboard on the pink anti-static foam for testing ONLY and see if that fixes your problem like it did for me. Long story short: Adding a nylon or cardboard washer fixed my bsod with the newest driver. Everything works Perfect. I hope this helps. Very weird how the old driver worked fine without the washer? Maybe new driver added voltage which in turn caused the problem. Dave

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Pros: If you’re looking for a basic and practical case this is it. It is a very quiet and I recommend it HIGHLY paired with a very quiet and efficient power supply. Although I have never crossed the perfect case, this case provides moderate cooling for the non overclockers except with Zalman cooler or water cooling (Read below).

Cons: No dust filter, Hard drives squeezed close together (I am not sure if the fan blows that much air past them, but atleast the fan blows directly on the hard drives). If this had a dust filter and had a larger gap between the Hard Drives this would would be a near close to perfect case for those looking for simplicity design along with whisper quiet operation.

Overall Review: Because it has sound dampening foam I would recommend keeping your computer in a some what cool place as the foam keeps heat in. The intake and exhaust fan runs just fast enough keep things cool. Designed for quiet operation the fans run at a lower rpm for a reason (no over powering fans to create noise). I do not recommend overclocking, unless you purchase a water cooling system or an upright Zalman cooler (designed like the 9500A) that blows the heat right out pointing directly at the exhaust fan. Overall I am very happy with it as I do not overclock like I used to. I prefer cool, quiet, and stable computing.

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