Great case, terrible fans and cables3/13/2020 1:30:38 PM

Pros: It is an amazing case with room for more 3.5" hard drives than I could ever need. It is well designed and has great airflow over the drives and through the case. The soundproofing is fantastic as well.

Cons: The included case fans have cables that are just a little too short to route well to the included fan controller. Several of the cables coming from the front panel are also just a little to short, mainly the front panel (power sw, reset sw, hdd led, power led) and the USB-C connector. All of the cables are sufficiently long to connect, but they are too short to route in an ideal way by an inch or two. For a case design that is so well thought out in every other way, it was disappointing to see this glaring oversight.

Overall Review: Overall I would recommend this case unless poor cable management due to short cable length will drive you crazy. This is a great case for a file server with all the room for hard drives. Keep in mind the case only comes with 6x 3.5" hard drive trays and 2x 2.5" hard drive trays, you will need to buy more trays to reach the full drive capacity.

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Chirps like a bird7/25/2019 7:55:30 AM

Pros: Most reasonably priced pure sine wave UPS Pure sign wave

Cons: Makes a chirping noise every few seconds, like a camera flash charging up. Not terribly loud, but enough to be annoying in my quiet study.

Overall Review: Do not buy this product to put in a bedroom due to the chirp, it will drive you insane. If you are putting it in a louder space it should be fine and not noticeable. Seems to be a common issue. Seems to be working fine other than the chirp.

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Manufacturer Response:
Thank you for your review on the BR1350MS. We are very sorry for any trouble you experienced with this unit. Have you by any chance contacted APC support about the chirping noise? Some noise is normal from a UPS, however a constant chirping that is loud enough to be bothersome would not be. Please do not hesitate to contact us via chat support on our web site or via email at if you would like to see if the noise is normal and obtain a warranty exchange if needed. Thank you again and have a great day!
Works great out of the box, only minor tweaking for advanced setup!3/31/2019 8:58:38 AM

Pros: -Simple and elegant design. It doesn't look like a carnival inside my computer and looks great. -Everything just worked on the first boot up, didn't require bios updates or any other shenanigans. -I setup RAID 0 across 2 NVME M.2 drives and the setup was mostly straightforward. Google it, ASRock has a good guide for setting up RAID as your install drive. -Fits the standard AIO liquid coolers between the RAM slots (although it is tight, it is not uncomfortable) -It also fit the Be Quiet Dark Rock Pro TR4 - but it looked terrible in my build so I swapped it for a NZXT Kraken. -Came with lots of SATA cables and SLI boards for every possible SLI config. -I didn't have to update bios to get anything to work -Power/reset buttons on the board!

Cons: -Motherboard wasn't shipped in a static bag, it was zip tied to some foam. Maybe this is fine, but it is the only manufacturer I have seen do this. -The LED behind the southbridge gear shaped heatsink doesn't turn off when the computer powers down. More of an annoyance, and maybe it is just me who can't find the setting, might bother some.

Overall Review: -You will want to manually set the ram to the correct speed, it defaults very slow. -There are a few tricks to installing windows on a RAID array, search for the guide ASRock has online, it will walk you through it. Note the extra step needed if installing to a M.2 RAID Array, there is a setting deep in bios menus to flip on. -I have not done any overclocking, this is all based on running defaults and the expected 2666 memory speeds.

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Great computer for the price11/27/2016 3:05:49 PM

Pros: Got this as an engagement gift for my boyfriend and wasn't disappointed. Top of the line specs has this machine running everything at max settings.

Cons: It is a very small motherboard leaving only one PCI upgrade slot accessible as the video card blocks one and only has 2 RAM slots which come filled. Beware it doesn't come with a CD/DVD drive, but this wasn't an issue.

Overall Review: I bought a similar model ABS computer for myself last year in the same case (but with a 980) and haven't had any issues. Would highly recommend this computer.

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Awesome programmable robot8/20/2013 5:34:17 PM

Pros: Lots of games to keep the play going, open API/SDK and lots of programming/educational apps for kids. Incredibly sturdy, my dogs aren't able to damage it.

Cons: I wish it was faster

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Failed within 5 days5/10/2012 9:57:13 PM

Pros: It seemed fast when it was working, windows would boot up in seconds.

Cons: My computer would often freeze when accessing this drive with the hard drive light on solid. It would always recover about 15 seconds later, very annoying. After the computer was on for several hours the drive would die causing the computer to reboot. Support suggested I update the firmware on the drive, I did this and it completely killed my drive, it won't even show up in the bios anymore.

Overall Review: Be sure to save your packaging, there is very little but I threw mine away and now I can't RMA through NewEgg. Back to using my old HDD drive for now. My time is very valuable and this product has wasted a lot, do not buy this drive, there is a reason it is cheap.

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Manufacturer Response:
We aplogize for the difficulties. Please RMA with Newegg for a quick replacement. We will be happy to assist you with setup procedures to insure long term reliability on our support forums at the link below. We care about our customers and are here to help. Thank you
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