Gread CPU for price!1/18/2008 9:06:33 AM

Pros: Running this in my new X38 until 45nm quads become more affordable - no disappointments so far! Easily overclocked to 3.2ghz by cranking fsb up to 400 (1600mhz effective). Using AC-Freezer 7 Pro: idles at 25c, loads at 35c. Runs all the newest games just fine, and folding@home in-between so it stays at full-load pretty much 24x7, and still no stability issues to speak of!

Cons: The stock cooler is probably useless – no idea why Intel still includes those :P – use aftermarket!

Overall Review: The multiplier on this is locked at 8x as far as I can tell – would be easier to overclock if it was unlocked, but if you have a good motherboard just crank up the fsb.

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Very cool keyboard!1/18/2008 7:57:22 AM

Pros: Very comfortable keyboard – nice tactile “clickiness” without being noisy. The semi-ergonomic design without splitting the keys into two sections is good for both workflow and lengthy writing tasks. I use the num-pad for gaming (I’m a freak, I know) so I also value the vertically-turned keys beside the num-pad. The extra windows and media keys are an invaluable addition to the vista experience, and the programmable function-combo-keys are very easy to use – a lot better than the old ms keyboard I switched from where you had to toggle the function keys back and forth to use the extras.

Cons: I don’t like the palm-rest on this keyboard (as comfortable and leathery as it may be) – it’s not detachable like most I’ve seen/used before, so this is my first time using a palm-rest, and I’m finding it very awkward. I’ve had several instances during gaming where I found myself a row off and had to adjust mid-game – takes some getting used to. The keyboard doesn’t seem to sit flat on my desk or table a lot of the time – takes some twisting and bending to get it flat – probably not good for its durability. The keyboard is a little on the large side – have had a little trouble fitting it among the speakers and other clutter on my desk. And lastly, the software that goes with the keyboard and allows it to use the special keys is some ridiculous size (55mb?? I think this is the largest file-size of any driver on my system – seems very odd) and seems to be a bit of a resource hog, but this shouldn’t be an issue for newer systems.

Overall Review: My friends like to joke that it looks like I left my kb out in the sun and it melted. Ergonomic or not, this kb has a very cool look that is sure to get a little attention…

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Overkill is fun!!1/8/2008 6:49:34 AM

Pros: Tons of stable power, tons of connections for whatever you have in your case, and it fits perfectly in the CM 690 case. Cables are plenty long to reach the top of the case if you have one with a bottom-mounted PSU. The lack of a rear power-switch hasn’t been a problem at all – nice led on the back to indicate power (red=off-w/power, green=on).

Cons: The sheer volume of the cables coming out of this PSU can be pretty overwhelming – I’m still not using over half of them, and I currently have a large bundle of cables shoved into the bottom of my HD bay. I wouldn’t recommend trying to fit this into a smaller case just because of the volume of cables.

Overall Review: Make sure to put this thing on it’s own circuit in your house – if you do ever manage to fully load it, you could be popping a lot of breakers :P I bought this PSU for the great “futureproofness” of it, but for now it’s still some serious overkill.

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Great Case!1/7/2008 11:32:14 AM

Pros: Case has plenty of room, very good air-flow, easy to snap apart and together, and nice cable-management. Tool-less card holders are working fine for me – they seem to be very snug and are a little hard to close. Seem sturdy enough, tho I’ve only moved the case around a few times. CM’s RealPowerPro1000 PSU fits like a glove, so larger PSU’s should generally be no problem. The IO port on the top of the case is extremely useful if you keep your case on the floor – great for connecting mouse, keyboard, and headphones.

Cons: The case is pretty heavy when fully loaded; rubber feet (while nicely noise dampening) make case impossible to slide around on a hard floor, so the case isn’t quite as portable as I would have liked. Top and front panels pop off a little too easily – be sure not to pick it up by those, or you could break them off. The aluminum plates over the front 5.25” bays are very flimsy – would have been nice if they either left them off or make them sturdier.

Overall Review: I now have a total of eight 120mm fans in this case: the 3 that came with the case (I put the blue led fan on the bottom so it shines on the floor underneath – cool effect!), and another 5 high-powered sunon fans. The air-flow is unbelievable (i can stand behind my machine and feel a steady breeze :), and all my components are running very cool. Mounting the 8th fan into the front-top aluminum 5.25” cover-plates is a pretty big pain, but it can be done – screw-holes don’t line up completely, so you can only attach it by 2 screws and then it kindof dangles by the plate edges. Another simple mod I would recommend is switching the power and HD led’s on the front of the case (and plugs on your MB), as the blue power led is a lot brighter than the red HD one; and lets face it, the power led is hardly necessary these days.

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Great purchase!12/3/2007 8:10:11 AM

Pros: Couldn't be happier with the purchase of this cooler! Very easy to install; running E6750 @ 8x400: idles around 24c, loads up to 36c.

Cons: none

Overall Review: Minor problems with Gigabyte-X38T-DQ6 mb. Doesn't get in the way of any heatsinks, but it covers the closest ram slot, so you will only be able to use 3 ram sticks (only using 2 now, so no problems yet).

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Great stable board!12/3/2007 7:56:44 AM

Pros: Extremely stable, excelent feature set, easily overclockable. Turned fsb up to 400 to get E6750 to run at 3.2ghz and DDR3-1600/7-7-7-20. Board features make updating or restoring bios very easy.

Cons: Current bios still seems a little buggy - I had quite a bit of confusion trying to change the fsb up to 400 (have to type straight into list screen, not go into expanded window) but this was mostly user error. The CIA2 and PerformanceEnhance "auto-overclocking" features seem pretty useless: not simple enough for a novice overclocker to use, and they seem to get in the way of more advanced overclocking features.

Overall Review: Good stable board that is very forward compatible. Support for new 45nm cpu's and PCIe2. DDR3 is still a very expensive jump at current performance, but hopefully will give significant gains by later next year.

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great controller!11/5/2007 7:58:17 AM

Pros: Mounted this in the back of a 5.25 slot facing toward the inside of the case since I didn’t want it to be accessible from the outside – seems to work great so far! Able to throttle down some very noisy fans to acceptable levels. Plenty of channels to control all the intake fans in my case. Looks pretty slick.

Cons: Doesn’t come with adapters to work with fans that only have 4-pin molex connectors. I have two fans that I had to buy separate adapters for, and while the controller is still able to regulate the fan speed, the variable led’s don’t light up at all for those two. Seems a little expensive for what it is.

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does its job11/5/2007 7:43:55 AM

Pros: I'm using the grate part of this to cover the inside of my fans inside my case so cables and fingers don’t get caught in the fans – does the trick nicely. Part of this filter screws onto a 120mm fan, and the other half will snap on, so you can use both separately if you want.

Cons: As others have said, these foam filters cut air-flow to an unacceptable extent. I wouldn’t recommend using the filters out of these – I just threw that part away.

Overall Review: A local retailer has these in two-packs for half this price. What gives? Looks like I’ll be buying them there from now on, as I still need another 3 atm.

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Great air-flow - few design flaws11/5/2007 7:32:22 AM

Pros: I put 5 of these in a new CM690 (two on top and one on back for exhaust, two on side-panel for intake, plus the three CM fans that came with the case on the front and bottom) – Extremely good air-flow – I can now stand behind the case and feel a very refreshing breeze blowing in my face… Using a Zalman 6-channel controller to slow down the intakes.

Cons: Because these only have 4-pin molex connectors and no smaller 3-pins, they don’t quite work right with the controller – had to buy adapters to plug into the controller, and now I can regulate the speed, but the controller doesn’t read the correct speed for them (variable led’s don’t light up). The noise on these is very inconsistent. The fans on the top and back are reasonably quiet while running at 100% capacity (attached to the thick aluminum frame), but the fans on the thin side-panel give off a loud high-pitched humming noise. Throttling these two down to 25% with the controller lowered the noise on these to a reasonable level.

Overall Review: If noise is an issue for you, you might want to look into padding for these, as it looks like the surface you attach them to plays a large role in the amount of noise them emit.

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Great USB Drive!10/1/2007 8:31:50 AM

Pros: Extremely durable: I bought this drive because it should be durable enough to carry on a key-chain without the risk of it being crushed or scratched by other things in my pocket – and carrying it on my keychain should ensure I don’t loose it like the last few USB drives I’ve owned :). Spiffy looking: rugged metallic shell with cool blue led. Large capacity with relatively good read/write speeds: my test gave me 14.2mb/s read and 3.4mb/s write speeds (see below).

Cons: I was able to avoid running into either of the 2 major cons for this drive: keychain and U3 software. Thanks to other reviews on this site, I knew to add my own key-ring before attempting to carry on my keychain – so I’m good there. The preloaded U3 software is completely useless for me, since I just use it to transport data, and am not too worried about security; luckily all the included software is very easy to remove using the included uninstaller in the settings menu. I did this on an older windows 2000 machine – may be harder to get rid of on a vista machine, so I recommend finding an older machine to do the uninstall.

Overall Review: I ran a read/write test on my older machine at work: P4 2.4ghz. I tested by moving 3.02gb of smaller files (average under 5mb) to and from the drive. It took 14:45 minutes to write the 3gb of data to the drive, and only 3:35min. to read it back to the hd – not bad. I’m guessing this could be sped up a good bit on a newer system.

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Great Sound!7/20/2007 12:46:52 PM

Pros: So far i've played thru HL2:Lost-Coast, listened to some mp3's and watched one movie with these. Great volume output, plenty of bass, and very crisp highs. I'd definately recomend these in the future.

Cons: The bass is a little loose becuase of the ported sub design; i usually prefer a sealed sub to get the bass more punchy, but i guess for the money these are ok. There is definately plenty of bass to go around tho, so i should hopefully be able to get it worked out thru EQ. Seems like the back speakers are a little weak, but that could be 'cause i don't have them on stands yet to get them to the correct height. The back speakers also don't seem to have near the crispness in the highs that the front sides do - probably becuase they left off the tweaters on those - not really sure why...

Overall Review: I couldn't find stands for the rear speakers anywhere on newegg!! Most sites that sell speaker stands charge a rediculous amount for them, so i ended up ordering microphone stands from a musician's supply site for much cheaper - hopefully i can rig those to work. Newegg should list the stands as a suggested accesory to speakers! As always, lightning fast shipping from newegg - thanks!

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best digital image i've seen6/7/2007 7:11:44 AM

Pros: Image quality is the best i've ever seen in a digital camera (granted i've not been into the really high end) - crisp focus, manual focus option, decent color (i photoshop my stuf anyways), and plenty of manual customization options. I've recently been amazed with the video options of this camera - been shooting random clips to put on u-tube. Great color, 30fps@640x480= great vid quality (better than you'll want for online use), and the brightness is adjusted in near real-time, which means walking in/out of doors isn't the end of the reel. oh, and also the swiveling screen makes shooting bizzare angles a ton easier...

Cons: almost seems like the camera is trying to simulate the film-grain and camera movement you would get when shooting film in low-light... has a decent image on the view-finder; but when you shoot, the end-product tends to be grainy/blurry most of the time. be prepared to tweak the manual settings and bracket your shots to get a good image in low-light.

Overall Review: bought this a few months ago at a retail vendor, and i'm shocked at the price-drop here at newegg... almost makes me wish i'd waited a few and gotten the 10mp a240 for the same price here... oh well...

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not easy to set up, but great card5/14/2007 8:35:49 AM

Pros: Amazing performance in everything i've tested - max settings in FEAR, Oblivion, STALKER, HL2, Q4, etc

Cons: power hog: had to replace my 500w PSU 'cause it kept shutting down the machine. CD drivers have serious issues - unplayable level of artifacts in STALKER and a few in Oblivion.

Overall Review: Installed the squall_leonhart hack to use 158(v#?) drivers last night and all artifacting issues seem to be resolved - highly recomended (look in nZone forums). Hopefully nVidia/XFX will get everything worked out for an official XP driver release soon.

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