works as advertised11/16/2017 2:22:13 AM

Pros: have 6 GTX 1060's running 24/7 with an m.2 as a win10x64 boot.

Cons: expect lots of boot looping if you change the boot device. some of the sata ports are shared with the m.2 and will be super confused if you have a m.2 and a sata drive plugged into the shared ports. it also is kinds picky about ram. had two similar speed and timed 4gb ram sticks in it but from different brands so the chips may have been from sources and caused issues. just pulled one and rocking fine since. day one had some tinkering to get this board stable but once it was it has been solid since.

Overall Review: 4gb of ram is ok but set a higher page file. your algorithms will thank you.

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not bad with combo10/2/2017 10:27:58 PM

Pros: plan on doing 6 gpus each if Newegg keeps this in stock. liked the 9 smaller fan mounts with multiple mounting locations for the mounting plate. if you were forced too, drilling holes to mount gpus reversed wouldn't be too bad. definitely recommend high speed fans on front middle and back. this goes in a rack... who cares about fan noise.

Cons: motherboard mounting plate was not drilled properly. resulting in my mother board not seating fully on one end of the back plate and 1/2 inch off the other end. meh it's a set it and forget it case but come on... measure twice drill once please.

Overall Review: wish there was a substitute option to mount a second power supply 90° turn and next to current psu above CPU position. it would sacrifice two fans but could split load between pcie daughter board power and 6pin gpu power will buy again if in stock. need 5 more

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Works8/8/2016 9:17:15 PM

Pros: -Lasts forever -Has a backup led light -Power % led -Great Price

Cons: -No documentation or indication which usb port is the 1A and which is the 2.1A -My phone uses 1.8 A to charge and at a 50% charge (on the phone) this power bank does not supply enough output on either port to 'continuously' charge my phone. Worked fine on other devices that required from 1A to 2.8A. (May have needed an extended 10 hours of charging prior to being used for the first time)

Overall Review: I got this for $15. Was worth trying out and wouldn't have been a serious loss if it didn't work as advertised. So far the power density of this power bank is quite remarkable but the lack of the simple raised markings showing which port is which is quite annoying. Had a friend who bought one just like this with a solar panel on it and had to open his to repair the battery leads that were broken in delivery. The craftsmanship is about what you would expect with a $15 product.

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Used for personal server use. Dead x16 socket3/5/2016 4:12:01 PM

Pros: Works great for running small game servers on a G3258. (I know it wont be OC'd here but another board is on the way. Everything worked great day 1 with all my SSD's for game server storage but today I tried to plug in an video card and the motherboard doesn't recognize the card.

Cons: Looked in BIOS and it doesn't recognize the x16 slot at all. The x1 lane is found fine though. Not sure if this was broken from day 1 but very disappointing. Did proper checks on graphics card seating, visual inspect of all connectors for all parts involved, upped the power supply to a 700 watt, tried another graphics card I had lying around, tried all parts in other systems I have on hand. The 'OS' version of the fan and system temp software is almost non-existent. It loads a window and says 1 thing, what the current temp of the CPU temp is. I suppose if you only have 1 job.....

Overall Review: Everything I own works find in other configurations just not on this board. Too bad, would have made a nice budget board for lan events but will just have to stay stuffed away in my rack at home. 1 Egg off for broken x16 lane, and 1 Egg off for too simplistic of features for the BIOS. Could use Raid configs and better fan control management in and out of BIOS.

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Patriot Blaze 240GB SSD8/1/2015 2:06:13 PM

Pros: Works =D Used as a boot drive for a home ITX server and holds one game server currently and is lag free.

Cons: Saw someone post about this thing feeling empty, I have to agree it does feel quite light to the touch and makes me wonder about how it will survive my 5th floor drop testing so we shall see. Read speeds during bench-marking got well over 500, where the writes were in the mid 300's on Sata III. Kinda wonder if firmware is to blame for the reads or my super cheap ITX-H81 Biostar board is to blame. Meh.

Overall Review: Over all I'm happy with this SSD, hope it lasts 2x as long as it I need it too. Hoping for a PCI-E x4 ssd upgrade and use this guy in my main rig for extra game space, Darn you gta and your file sizes *angry fist*.

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Update to First Review3/28/2013 9:31:30 PM

Pros: Well I'm Loving this case. I took the plunge and bought it and I am happy with it. There was some minor modifications I needed to make to make me happy but all is well. If I were to buy this again I would defiantly buy a different PSU than the after market one I tried to 'make' fit in there. More in Other Thoughts*

Cons: With all of my parts on the table, *listed in Other Thoughts*, I managed to get 29c on the cpu, and 25c on the vid card. Inside the case I got 45c on the cpu, and 35c on the vidcard. And under stress I managed to get cpu to 60c and the vid card to 52c. ALSO --> I managed to over heat my psu a bit during gaming and had random shut offs. (which I managed to fix) NOT THE factory psu btw.

Overall Review: Asrock Z77 e-itx Board I-3 3220 CPU 8Gb Corsair LP 1600 Ram Zotac GT 640 2GB LP Apollo 350w SFX PSU (wouldn't recommend this type) Crucial m4 64gb SSD + 330gb toshiba 2.5 laptop HDD I would recommend the (Item#: N82E16817338081) PSU. It has enough power yet it smaller and correctly sized to fit this case. Should only really need zip ties to strap it down behind the front grill. -ALSO I believe the thermaltake page is a bit misleading on the air flow. The front of the case does not have an intake vent and I believe I saw a picture advertising the air flow with a nice blue arrow pointing towards this grill that is just a solid piece of plastic with a grill on top of it. -To solve my problem and just as a suggestion on the V2 of this. Give the option to have a 140mm fan mount on that cd tray bracket. I managed to drill some holes in it to achieve this and it has worked wonders. Cpu under load doesn't break 45c now and idles under 30c. =)

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3/15/2013 9:53:40 AM

Pros: Love the 5x5x5 options, having a virtual hdd on the ram is ver convient. On paper this board was great See cons

Cons: Got a defective board. The Sound would only output to the right speakers. I tried everything I could think of. Then noticed front ports weren't working either. Tried another board, front ports worked fine. Then did new drivers, no change. At that point I RMA'd the board due to the hardware sound chip not working right. Took it apart, all looked good and sent it back. Newegg declined my replacement due to what they say was customer neglect and pin damage. Kinda wish now I took pictures of the thing before sending it back but oh well. Just out the 100 dollars I guess. If the on board audio worked It would have been fine because it worked amazingly otherwise.

Overall Review: So yeah, really bummed I cant have my client's build ready till another week and having to absorb the cost of this board. Just going to buy from local dealer to save some time. Will say the RMA process @ newegg is usualy great. But my main con is the audio not working right on the board. so beware this may be a common issue, reguardless of my experience

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear ASRock Customer We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Sorry to hear the mainboard's CPU socket pins has damages. The CPU socket pins on the mainboard are fragile and need to be handling with carefully. In addition, the CPU socket is covered with the cap at all time to avoid damage the pins and should not be removed until installing a CPU. If you have any technical questions or warranty issues please contact us at We can assist you shortly. Thank you ASRock SUPPORT Tech Support Email:
In Stock !?!?! 4:21 AM 5/2/12 CST5/2/2012 2:27:04 AM

Pros: Under load - < 60*C Idle - 35*C Single Card / Single Monitor Benchmarks on Crysis2: 30-40 FPS Up to Quad SLI Tri-Monitor: 170 FPS --- Boost Clock Feature from Nvidia: Noticable Frame rate increase and clocks to 1070's mhz range .. so higher than advertised =) --- New AA engines make for a cleaner viewing enviroment / more efficient --- Less power draw than previous Fermi line

Cons: Cost of course but this is top of the line. Using this card for 3d programs and gaming will be a bit of a concern. Nvidia designed these new cards to be gaming work-a-holics so the usefulness for 3d rendering or like programs wont see much of an improvment from the GTX 570 or better cards.

Overall Review: This is an awesome step forward from Nvidia and hopfully the first of many to come. ...Now just need to convince my apt office to let me by on a months rent to get one. =P

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Looks Great!2/16/2012 12:12:11 PM

Pros: Just got it in the mail today and it looks amazing!

Cons: -

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
Color Change11/21/2011 5:58:06 PM

Pros: Looks Amazing, GF loved it for her b-day

Cons: Picture shows a vibrant blue color, upon arrival it was top part blue bottom part light purple. 5 days later at the birthday opening it was a beautiful rich purple

Overall Review: Maybe I don't know anything about how this works or maybe its temperature related but just FYI yeah it may change color's on you

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Sweet but Sour8/18/2007 7:15:10 AM

Pros: Well I pop*ed in the DVD and within about 30 mins I was ready to go and I love the interfaces and classic menus so I could still navigate without stumbling around. Loved the fact that It had 4 GIG support and DX10.

Cons: Note the Loved part, after assembling my system i kept getting the BSOD, after removal of my 4th gig stick it booted up normaly. Next is the random freezing, yeah it doesn't matter what im doing, surfing web, playing videogames, just moving the mouse around the screen, or It will sit there with screen saver up and suddenly the computer locks up. Keyboard is unresponsive and only way to fix is to reset. And this is after Dling and installing every update Microsoft has to offer.

Overall Review: Well between the Random freezing and the fact that im a gig short of a full set i love Vista, its smooth and functions better than other OS's I've Used in the past, I would reccommend this OS to anyone in about 8 months after all the bugs are worked out.

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