Mobius HD Micro Camera - Micro SDHC Card12/24/2014 1:22:47 PM

Pros: These are the only brand compatible with the Mobius Micro 1080P HD Camera. Source: Mobius website and compatibility page

Cons: None

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A6200 a/c WiFi Client Adapter9/6/2013 3:35:12 AM

Pros: Based on my investigation and research I am going to ask MiddletownBill Who posted the first post, What Version of the R6300 Router do you own, v1 or v2. I have heard that these 6200 a/c/ client adapters just scream on the R6300 v2 routers however the v1 not so efficient. I am currently running a R6300 v2 with DD-WRT installed and running the A6200 a/c client WiFi adapter just fine in a 2 story condo and no dropped connections or slowdowns.

Cons: Price

Overall Review: This is one of the most awesome Networking pieces of hardware to date between the 6300 v2 and the 6200 client adapter What a combo. It however is not for the faint hearted a bit of Networking experience is required to tweak this hardware properly and end up with a kick but Network.

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Size Limitation8/16/2013 6:15:19 AM

Pros: I see alot of users in here posting that under Windows XP you can not use more than 2 TB on a USB cage or a PCI-e Drive Controller, If you use Disk Management and format the drive as GPT (Guid Partition Table) otherwise known in the Apple side of the house until the larger drives were made available for PC's you will be able to have a single partition full size drive weather it be a 3 TB or 4TB. As long as your using XP SP-3 or higher or Windows 7 SP-1 or higher. and of course Mountain Lion or Lion all Work fine

Cons: None Before posting that you cant use this drive in a USB cage or Dock or 3rd party controller Prove it and read up on what you are claiming. I know this from actually trying a large drive on an XP Machine SP-3 with the most current windows Updates doing like I suggested above works

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ST4000DM000 Hard Drive8/16/2013 6:04:39 AM

Pros: Pound for Price you cant beat it, I just wish they would finally roll out the 6 TB drives so that these 4 TB's models would upgrade to 7200 Rpm and 128 Mb Cache. Otherwise I bought 2 of these to use as a direct file to file NAS Backup destination. Works very well for that, a bit slow but accurate as hell, Zero errors.

Cons: Slow, and if you Raid these drives on a 6 Gbps Marvell Motherboard Drive controller they are displayed as a USB Raid Array, which I thought was a bit odd.

Overall Review: If your looking for performance I would go with the Hitachi 3 TB Enterprise drive I found them at Server Supply for $175.00 incl tax and shipping. I ordered 6 to upgrade my NAS from 2 TB x 5 to 3TB x 6 they are 6Gbps Sata III designed especially for NAS applications. otherwise if your looking for a cheap way out of a sticky situation and dont mind waiting this 4 TB Desktop model that runs at 5900 Rpm is just fine.

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USB 3.0 1+7 Charging Hub8/6/2013 7:10:50 AM

Pros: I would actually recommend the Anker Brand USB 9 + 1 Charging Hub, I have currently owned that particular model now for a while and love it, Unlike this unit the Anker will charge any type of USB chargable device as it has smart sensing technology unlike this Hub which is only designed for I-Pads. The Anker is compatable with Phones, Pads, Tablets, Cameras, Etc Etc Etc......

Cons: You may think the price is high however the Anker 9+1 Charging Hub is 459.00 on and is well worth the price. If you want a quality Hub Check for the Anker 9 port Charging Hub, It is white top Black base. ad is Screw mountable for Desktop applications as well as light enough for the mobile user.

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Qnap X59 & X69 Turbo NAS6/26/2013 9:05:50 AM

Pros: These are some of the most top of the line units, Synology is the only other Mfg that is comparable. I have owned the 659 Pro II Turbo NAS w/ the Intel CPU and 3 GB memory, I am now needing another smaller unit to use as a backup device for the 659, So I am looking at the 269L with 2x 4TB drives installed.

Cons: Better have a stiff Credit Limit on your Credit Card

Overall Review: This NAS is not for the light hearted or the beginner, unless you want a big challange and learning curve, Although once you get it configured you will no longer be a Novice at either Networking or Network Attached Storage.

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Compared to WNDR4000 N7506/18/2013 5:31:08 AM

Pros: Just based on the reviews of the AC6300 vs tne WNDR4000 N750 I have had my N750 for 3+ years now and use it heavily and have had ZERO problems with the N750 until it started acting up and dropping connection with the WAN every now and again. Of course Verizon will not support the USE of a 3Rd party router and refer me back to either using their MoCA connection or supporting the issue myself, I would never go back to the Veriizon FiOS MoCA connection btw MoCA = Multimedia over CoAx. it is a new way of connecting the ever famous Fiber Network to the router, and believe me the Verizon Action Tech stinks. It took me an act of *** and my first born to get approval from Verizon to switch me over to Data over Ethernet and just Video over CoAx enabling me to use my own router for wireless and wired connections.

Cons: None in 3 years of service

Overall Review: I am now having to replace my N750 and thinking of purchasing the new AC6300 Netgear as a replacement

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SAS Drives4/24/2013 11:13:21 PM

Pros: Unkike EJ on page one of the reviews you dont use these drives for STORAGE they are Windows or OS drives. that is why you buy a 3 TB for under $200.00 or a 4 TB for under $300.00..... I have a 15.7k 300 GB Windows and the 3930k CPU Clocked to 4.8 Ghz, 64 GB Memory and the nVidia GeForce 680 GTX and Windows performance index although I dont think much of it reports a 7.9 all the way down. and 99% of the bottlenecks occur at either memory, CPU Cache or Drive Read / Write for the OS.

Cons: Expensive but worth it

Overall Review: you will find me in the OC and ROG forums as well

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To Mark4 regarding Shipping12/13/2012 1:47:59 PM

Pros: Never request special handling or speedy shipping at New Egg it gets you no place fast. As they have warehouses nation wide and going with standard shipping will get it to you in 1-3 days max, Usually like 36 hours. As the ole saying goes, "There is never time to do it Right but always time to Do It OVER!"

Cons: none

Overall Review: No special shipping

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Intel Boards Suck10/21/2012 4:07:05 PM

Pros: None, Built an i3 System using this 1156 board and matching chip, it smoked within a week after its 72 hour burn in, using factory Heat Sink & Fan. I would not recommend this or any Intel boxed board for any reason. MSI only!!!

Cons: These are very unreliable and unstable boards

Overall Review: Spend the extra few bucks for MSI or ASUS boards

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Accronis True Image Home 20129/30/2012 5:50:08 AM

Pros: I have been using Accronis now for years, wouldn't have it any other way. Yeah it sometimes gets tricky, but overall it has never let me down!

Cons: Learning Curve

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Rosewill Smart Card Reader Internal9/22/2012 4:26:00 AM

Pros: Excellent reader as Rosewill products always are However take head and this is very important to avoid a pin bender! THE CF / MD SLOT IS INTENTIONALLY BUILT UPSIDE DOWN SO WHEN YOU GO TO INSERT YOUR CF / MD BE SURE TO INSERT LABEL DOWN. OTHERWISE IF YOU TRY AND FORCE IT RIGHTSIDE UP YOU WILL BE STRAIGHTENING PINS IF YOUR LUCKY, UNLUCKY YOU WILL BE BUYING A NEW READER BECAUSE OF BROKEN PINS. Otherwise the best part I like about this is it has no standard female USB 3.0 plugs for the installation, but the standard 20 Pin female motherboard header plug, it is not more than 14" which for installation in full towers could be an issue with some 20pin headers on some mother boards. but I have found 20 pin header M/F extenders that will do the job from DX Computer hardware, China based however but they do work fine. I installed this in a Lian-Li X2000F Tyr full tower and the 6" 20 pin extender could have been an option but chose to use it to avoid stress on the mobo header.

Cons: None other than the upside down insertion of the CF / MD card

Overall Review: You can boot to this with any mother board that has the header and the new "Click Bios" I am using it on a MSI Z77a-GD85 i7 board.

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AFT USB 3.0 Card Reader DOA's9/19/2012 10:07:13 AM

Pros: When they work there awesome especially when you connect them to the 20 pin USB 3.0 Motherboard header. Makes windows installs a breeze! HOWEVER - READ THE CON

Cons: I have purchased 5 of these 3 were DOA's oob. attempted RMA via AFT no go would not do claims user caused error. Negatory!!!! So I took the 4th unit which was also a Pro 37u and it worked fine for 3 days, next the Card Reader died even though the single USB 3.0 port continued working. I had one more Pro 57U (5.25" Bay) I pulled the card out of it and installed it in the case for the 37U and it worked fine for a day or 3 then again the Card Reader portion died leaving only the single USB 3.0 port alive

Overall Review: Now since I have always had good luck with Rosewill I have bought a Rosewill and a Kioutech the El.-Cheapo models as it is hard to find 3.5 internal units with 3.0 card readers. These will prolly work forever, we will see...

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The Icy Dock10/21/2011 6:21:25 AM

Pros: Just like with any enclosure the correct tool is a must to have the correct job completed correctly. It sounds like a lot of 'conners' have been just mis informed on what this piece of hardware is really for. Me personally I prefer a robust case that is rolled aluminum (no sharpies) and that cooling is the number ONE PRIORITY! as keep in mind the 600GB Raptor is by no means a slow drive. Also keep in mind that this is the same drive you will be buying for that Desktop if you want the veloci-raptor as that drive is just this same 2.5" sata drive with a 1" titanium crash / cooling fins bolted to it. I do not know what possessed them to actually they could install this drive into a notebook and have it number 1 fit, and number 2 stay together, #3 not burn up. Remember the nifty little fan that goes on top is not going to fit inside your notebook. I may try just for haws and grins and install this in a nicer Lenovo to check performance.

Cons: Heavy, expensive as all hell $355.00 and you know when it is on, it sounds like a turbine generator. that low pitched whine,, I asked if it needed some cheese with it it didn't care

Overall Review: I highly recommend this drive for a portable, where you want the speed or the robustness and or get the appropriate adapter and stick it in a Desk Top as your system drive.

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????8/3/2011 3:27:50 PM

Pros: I currently own a Buffalo a/b/g/n and all was good with that until recently. dunno if it is just a format reload my machine needs or if in fact it is the wifi adapter. I am using the Netgear WNDR 4000 router which works awesome. but keep getting the range bars with the little yellow ball bat over it. NOT CONNECTED! I am debating on doing the ole' format reload first ad see. if that solves it then no worries. otherwise, I am stumpted. HELP ANYONE THAT HAS ANY INSIGHT. Thanks Dev

Cons: .

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