Great docking station4/20/2021 2:26:30 PM

Overall Review: Before I purchased this dock from Dell, I had a TOTU docking station. I was having random disconnects and other issues. The Dell dock solved all my problems. Setup is easy and the instructions (if you need them) are easy to follow.

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Great router so far1/5/2020 8:28:08 PM

Pros: Easy setup as an AP (once I removed the dd-wrt firmware) Stong signal

Cons: Was listed as new but appears to be used Had dd-wrt firmware installed Registered to another person with Netgear

Overall Review: I purchased this as a new item. When it arrived it looked new and it even had the plastic still on the box. I ran into issues trying to use the phone app to set it up since it would not take the QR code. I realized the QR code the app was telling me to use was missing. It should have been on the router but wasn't. I tried the web interface and it kept failing. I ended up using the IP address and it brought me to a screen I never saw before. The screen had dd-wrt but I was able to get into the settings of the router. I thought it was a new setup I have never seen. This was around Christmas and I decided to just forget about it. I came back to it today 1/5/2020. It still had the dd-wrt screen when I tried to access it. I even factory reset the router. I was also not getting the NETGEAR SSID but a ddwrt SSID. Since I had time I decided to google dd-wrt and discovered what it was. I realized the router might come with this firmware. I was able to setup the router as an AP but was still having other issues. I got annoyed and downloaded the latest firmware from Netgear and was able to set it up in minutes. I attempted to register it with Netgear but was informed it is already on an account. It is not on mine so I am still leaning towards the router being used. I don't know if I am going to keep it. I am a little concerned it is registered on another Netgear account. I don't know what a person can access from having the router registered on their account.

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