Best. Case. Ever.1/21/2014 11:11:43 PM

Pros: This case is a MONSTER. It sits as high as the top of my desk! LOL This thing has TONS of room for expand-ability, mod-ability, and general what-ever-you-wanna-do-with-it-ability. Something else that is a huge plus is corsairs support for each individual component that goes into this case. I ordered another hot swap cable for this thing so i could have a total of six hot swap bays, and noticed that you can also order new front plates, new filters, even a new front port cluster or new drive bay covers. Everything that goes into this case can be ordered from corsairs website if you ever need a replacement. Definitely the first case I have ever had where I can order new specific parts for it if the need ever arises. So this case gets a high support score for that. Room for lots of hard drives with movable drive cages. (I opted to move my cages so that all three were stacked vertically with fans mounted to the side of each caddy for increased forced air flow over the drives. And also, timeless unobtrusive design. I don't know if "unobtrusive" is the right word for this beast.... but the general design style of this case is very elegant and I truly like it. Lots of fan filters with the option for lots of fans if the case is properly configured. Unlike many who get this case for it's water cooling capability, I am doing air cooling on this thing, and so far I am pleased with it. Room for two power supplies if you need it. Ten expansion slots in the rear. Useful for those occasional add in cards that plug into SATA ports or USB headers on the board for extra ports on the rear that do not actually require an expansion slot on motherboard itself.

Cons: They are minor, BUT... given the price of the case they are worth noting. After all... this IS a case that costs over 300 dollars... so any little flaw is worth knowing about. The pins on the drive caddies have a tendancy to work their way out and make it so the front hinge can fall off / break the plastic pin. I can't really explain this unless you just see what I mean first hand. The drive caddy's also do tend to feel a little cheap and sometimes have problems wanting to smoothly lock into place on my particular case. Very minor, but the screws for the expansion slots require an allan wrench style phillips head (which IS included with the case), or a screw driver with a flexible joint to be able to unscrew the expansion slot thumb screws (only an issue initially or if you torque them down tighter than your fingers can handle). But. being able to get a regular strait screw driver in there would have been nice. Air cooling this thing CAN be a bit tricky to properly figure out at first if you also intend on having a boat load of hard drives and wanna do a positive air pressurized case. It's not hard to figure out, but just requires a few minutes of planning and thought. Otherwise you could accidentally end up with a negatively pressurized case which means that air will be getting pulled in through the unfiltered back vents. The cable lengths on the fans that come with the case could have been a bit longer. I had some issues getting them to all reach the various headers on my motherboard. I solved this by buying fan header splitter cables so i can plug 4 fans into a single header (and thus the splitter also acts and an extension cable, as well as using molex to provide the actual power to the fans) A couple of the cable routing holes I with were rubber grommetted, such as the ones at the top of the motherboard for example). NONE of the ungrommetted holes are sharp or anything. All the holes are nicely folded over and quite blunted so that you do not have any sharp edges to cut yourself on. But from a purely aesthetic stand point the rubber grommets all around would have been nice. And as many have mentioned, having a optical drive installed kind of ruins the clean look without modding to stealth out the drive. Price.

Overall Review: Don't buy this thing if you intend on being able to move your computer, because this case is so huge that it's going to become a new piece of furniture. PLEASE do NOT let the cons I mentioned dissuade you from buying this case if you are thinking about it and have the money to do so! This is without a doubt the best case I have EVER had the pleasure of building a PC inside of and I do not regret the purchase as all. I only mentioned them all because this over 300 dollars for a computer case I am going to nit pick, and only feel that anyone else thinking about plunking down this much money for a case be aware of the minor flaws. It is possible to do a very effective air cooled setup with this case in the event that you do not want to do a water cooled setup, or are having to rely on air until you can do water. I have a fully air cooled PC inside this case and will likely leave it that way. But having the option for as much water cooling as I do is quite nice. Overall I rank this case as a 4 out of 5 eggs. The case IMO is ALMOST perfect. BUT... for the price I demand absolute perfection for a full five eggs. As I said I have no regrets and would happily buy this case again if i had to do it all over again, so do not let my nit picking turn you away from it. This is without a doubt the best case I have ever had!

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AWESOME POWER SUPPLY!1/21/2014 10:20:34 PM

Pros: TONS of power at a high efficiency! Read Johnny Guru's review of this unit, the thing EASILY passed 80 Plus Gold in his tests with room to spare. Fully Modular Cables are nice and long (a good thing for me since I own a 900D for a case. 16 AWG power cord (this SHOULD be a bare minimum standard for power supplies this big. but you would be amazed how many high wattage PSUs I have seen that come with 18 and even 20 AWG power cords) TEN year warranty!

Cons: None for me that I have seen so far other than I keep feeling like i need more hardware just to truly give this beast a real workout!

Overall Review: Picked up this beast for 130 dollars after MIR on black friday, and have not regretted it one bit! The cable bag in my opinion is of high quality and is useful for storing not only the leftover cables you will end up having, but also many other various cables you might have laying around since the bag is bigger than it actually needs to be for the cables provided with this PSU.

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Not sure who to blame for this one...1/13/2014 7:24:17 PM

Pros: Large capacity. Works well in raid arrays. My buddy has four of these running in a Raid 5 inside his media server without any issues. Which is a large part of why I bought this drive. I bought one and planned on getting some more later to expand into a Raid 5 when more money became available. I know what these drives look like and how well they perform when they work, which is the only reason I am giving it two eggs instead of one. The issue is I don't know if i should blame newegg or WD for this one... At the time there was a ten dollar off promo code which is what pushed me over the top on deciding to purchase this drive.

Cons: As soon as the drive arrived I start running WD's Data Lifegaurd Diagnostics long test on the drive to verify that all was in working order before I put the drive into service. After about two hours the diagnostics had failed saying that the drive had too many errors to finish testing, and then the drive completely failed and I couldn't get a single computer to even recognize or see the drive. Upon further inspection it looks as if the drive was dropped on it's corner as the top plate is bent down on the lower left corner. The inflatable package that was supposed to protect the drive during shipping had two deflated segments on the end of the package. So whether the drive was dropped before shipping or the damage caused during transit, I do not know.

Overall Review: I am just going directly through Western Digital themselves for the RMA on this drive. I don't wanna deal with newegg right now to just have another bad drive shipped to me. I have seen too many poorly packaged drives come from newegg lately. I bought the drive at the time because of the ten dollars off promo code and figured "Hey sweet, I could save a few dollars if I buy it now". And now I am going to likely end up spending the money saved to ship the drive to WD for a replacement. Hopefully I am not waiting for a month for a new functional drive to arrive.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello there, it is unfortunate that you experienced a faulty drive. Our drives are all rigorously tested to ensure they are in good working condition before leaving our warehouse. We understand your situation and will gladly replace your in-warranty drive, as we stand by our products and their associated warranties. Our goal is to provide world class customer service, and part of that goal in this situation would be to replace your drive, and investigate the cause relating to the products defect. How to get an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) or replace a defective product under warranty We would appreciate the opportunity to assist you directly in order to address any further concerns you may have with the device and/or your experience. You may contact us at 1 (855) 559-3733, or via our Please indicate within the online case creation or with the first support agent you speak with, that you are responding to a Newegg review, so we route you and your information to the correct team members.
Great Card7/24/2013 5:42:29 AM

Pros: Extremely fast. Am able to play Crysis 3 on completely maxed settings at 1920x1200 with no issues (at least no issues that are noticeable to me). I purchased it thinking I would tinker around with overclocking it some. But heck, it's so fast I haven't seen the point or a need to. Granted, this card is overkill for 1920x1200... sweet sweet buttery smooth overkill... *drools*

Cons: As others have mentioned, this card is physically HUGE! Make sure you have enough room in your case before you get it. I almost didn't have enough room in mine, and I am using a Full Tower case! DO BE AWARE! This card DOES in fact require THREE expansion slots. Although it only takes two expansion slots on the back of the case, the huge heat sink and shroud for this card will hang part way into the third expansion slot (effectively making that slot useless for anything). Likewise the card can also get a bit louder when under full load. I personally do not notice it one bit unless I am actively listening for it, but some might find it to be more of an issue than me

Overall Review: Something to note... The pictures show that this card has a 6-pin and an 8-pin power connectors. My card came with dual 8-pin power connectors. I am not sure if this is just a fluke specific to my card or if the newegg pictures are incorrect, but it is something to be aware of that if you order this thing, it might come with dual 8 pin PCI-e power connectors. So make sure your PSU has the correct connections available. Incredibly glad that I bought this thing when they were on sale for 350 dollars!!! ZERO regrets!

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Great PSU11/25/2006 2:35:00 PM

Pros: Great PSU thus far from what I have seen. The lights on the back are nice (IMO), they go well if you have a case with lots of other LEDs all over the place. I have this thing in an older AGP system after I blew out my 520 watt PSU. This thing pumps out steady voltages and never lets up, even under heavy loads. It has handled wonderfully up till this point, and I run my machine 24/7 under load 24/7 (Folding). The adjustable rails on the back are nice too, but I didn't even need to touch them since it came from factory already dead on. If your an overclocker these will most likely be nice though. For those looking for something quiet this thing is EASILY the quietest part in my computer, I can't hear it at all, even when I turn all my other fans down as low as they will go. All the wires are wrapped to, making cable management easy and far better looking than bare wires. And the Velcro Cable ties you get are GREAT for cable management, especially compared to zip ties.

Cons: Will probably have trouble powering the most extreme of extreme rigs, for that you need a 1000 watt psu, but I would consider my machine to be a pretty decent power hog given the amount of stuff I have in it (plus folding all the time), so unless you are running something like dual 8800GTX's, multiple hard drives, x-fi, physX, Quad core Intel, and w/e else, this will most likely fit the bill for you. Puts decently warm air out the back I guess too, but it's a power supply so I don't know what you expect. Really from what I have seen there have been no negatives about this product at all, just buy it!

Overall Review: The connectors on this power supple are GREAT, I will be able to reuse this unit easily when I get around to NEEDING a new computer. The fact they made the connectors work with older AGP systems along with brand new top of the line machines is a definite plus! Will definitely be salvaging this unit when I do a new build! My machine if it helps anyone P4 3.2GHz w/ 800MHz FSB (Northwood) Abit IC7-G motherboard 3GB DDR400 (2x512 & 2x1GB) 20GB Maxtor 120GB WD 160GB Maxtor 320GB Seagate ATI Radeon X800XL 256MB Sapphire Radeon 7000 64MB PCI (Quad monitors rule you) X-Fi Xtreme-Music Powering about 7 or 8 case fans with LEDs Used to have a ATI tuner card too up until just recently as well And I have had other various hard drives running in this machine as well from friends when they needed to salvage data because something in their machine died. This Unit powers ALL that with room to spare while crunching for Folding@home the entire time when I'm not gaming. A GREAT P

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