You Get What You Pay For9/7/2018 10:09:27 AM

Pros: Has all the bells and whistles one would want in a case: tempered glass side, plenty of places to put fans RGB lighting strip, lots of room for the motherboard and long GPUs, and excellent mounting options for both SSDs and HDDs.

Cons: Metal is thin, particularly in the fan mounting areas. Bigger PSUs are going to make the PSU area very tight; I have a larger 1000w PSU and it was a tight fit getting it into the case.

Overall Review: All in all, this is an outstanding price and an excellent value, considering all the things this case features. Be conscious of the fact, though, that this is a $40 case for a reason and it shows in some areas. I am happy with my purchase, though; I am happy to have downsized some from an Antec 1200 v1 and to get a fancy tempered glass side.

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Cannot Get Rated Timings10/30/2008 9:53:48 AM

Pros: RAM runs cool to the touch. Naturally, was easy to install. I've been able to push these modules 160MHz higher than the rated 800MHz speed on an Asus Striker II Formula.

Cons: I cannot get the rated 4-4-4-12 timings off of this RAM. The best timings I have gotten are 5-4-4-12, but these timings offer no performance boost. I currently run these modules at 5-5-5-12. 2.2v is a rather high voltage for these modules to operate at, too.

Overall Review: I've owned this RAM for six months now and decided to offer my opinion. If this RAM would run at the rated 4-4-4-12 ratings, I would have surely given them a 5/5 eggs. Advertising the modules at certain timings without delivering hurts my opinion of these sticks of RAM greatly. A high rated voltage also mars the RAM's score.

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