Good Performance Mediocre Packaging1/20/2009 4:03:48 PM

Pros: Plug and play on an XP Pro box. I copied several virtual machines over and it performed well for a USB 2.0 drive. It is very small and sleek.

Cons: No cons with performace, but packaging is poor. It comes in a difficult to open blister pack and has a white USB cable with the black drive. First, it is packaged in a plastic blister pack. It is very difficult to open, as it requires either a box knife or scissors. It is packaged for a brick and mortor store to stop shoplifting and to hang on a peg board. Neither are issues for Newegg. Second, and mentioned in other reviews, is the included USB cable is white. The drive I purchased is black. This makes it look like an after thought, poor after thought at that. Fortunately, I have a black cable that came with my Western Digital USB drive (also a black drive). This can't be blamed on color blindness; it is black and white!

Overall Review: This drive is a good purchase. It functions as expected, hasn't got hot, requires only one USB connection (power and data over a single cable), and looks great when paired with a matching USB cable. It is preformatted with NTFS. Capacity is 320,070,287,360 bytes or 298 Gigabytes (where 1GB=1,024MB).

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Fine PSU1/4/2009 10:31:26 PM

Pros: Great PSU. Very quiet and doesn't seem to generate much heat. It is 80 Plus Bronze certified. It went well in my green server build. Plus RoHS!

Cons: Not much of a con rather a concern. The cable management is tough in a confined case. This PSU has plenty of connectors. If you aren't using them, they need to be tucked away. I am pretty sure I remember it coming with a velcro strap.

Overall Review: Powers a Gigabyte mATX mainboard with on board video, 8GB ram and an Intel Q9550. Also a Seagate 1TB SATA drive and a Samsung DVDRW. I switched from PC Power & Cooling PSUs to Silverstone for most of my builds. I gave up a 5 year warranty for 80+ Bronze certification.

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Solid CPU, Marginal Fan12/23/2008 12:06:36 AM

Pros: A good solid performer. It is an okay value at just over $300, but a great buy if/when it goes under $300.

Cons: The heatsink is a bit difficult to get in a main board (so is the desire to use a hammer to lock it in). The fan wires are wrapped around the heat sink. To reach the mainboard connector, I had to unwrap it from the heatsink. This caused sloppy cable management. One of the wires rubbed against the mainboard's chipset heatsink which was placed next to the 775 socket (admittedly a design issue with the Gigabyte mainboard). The fan is quiet though. $24.99 water bottle?!?!?!

Overall Review: I am not an overclocker, so I cannot speak for that. I had to remove and replace the heatsink because of the above mentioned rub on the chipset heatsink. Thankfully I had some thermal compound. It came with an Intel branded plastic water bottle as a $24.99 combo deal. Whoever valued that bottle should have their business degree revolked. A better combo deal would be Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Compound.

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VMWare ESXi & HTPC12/22/2008 11:51:03 PM

Pros: Has lots of features. This is a really good mainboard. Seems stable and worked with all my components I selected for this build. This includes: Kingston RAM (KVR800D2N5K2/4G) - total 8GB Intel Q9550 Quad Core CPU 65W (See cons for special note) Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 ST31000333AS 1TB Hard drive SILVERSTONE ELEMENT ST60EF 600W PSU Samsung SH-S223F DVD-RW Most of these components are low power consumers and very low noise/heat. Worked right out of the box!

Cons: The stock Intel CPU heat sink and fan touches the chipset heatsink. The CPU fan power wires rubbed against the chipset heatsink giving the potential to gouge the insulation and cause a short. Rotating the CPU heatsink 90 degrees remedied this issue. Thankfully I bought some extra thremal compound. Connector placement for SATA, front panel sound jacks, serial and LPT (internal), and the floppy (though I havent used a floppy drive in years) are all in difficult places. Most notably, the SATA connectors are under full sized PCI cards (one slot only). The front panel sound connector in in the middle of the mainboard. This makes for sloppy cable management. Unfortunate since the Antec 900 case I used has a window. Lastly, it won't load VMWare ESXi. This could be the hard drive, the SATA controller compatibility, or a configuration faux-pas on my part.

Overall Review: This build was specifically for a green (power, Energy Star, RoHS, temperature, and quiet) virtual machine build. I intended to run a high end application proxy firewall (Sidewinder), web proxy, anti-spam, AD domain controller and Exchange server, and web server on it. Unless I can get ESXi running on it, this may be a very powerful, quiet and green HTPC. Either way, I win. Comes with flat ribbon IDE and floppy cable, two SATA cables (one has one end at a 90 degree angle which could be handy in tight cases), and an eSATA port. Documentation is good with no broken english noticed.

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Great Value12/7/2008 9:50:38 AM

Pros: 22 inches and good quality at an affordable price merits 5 eggs. Comes w/ both 15-DIN and DVI connections (and cables for both). Has ability to be wall mounted if needs be. No dead pixels on mine. Energy Star Certified (that means it is green/costs less to operate).

Cons: The stand (position) is not adjustable. Pretty typical at this price point, so forgivable. Out of the box, the brightness seemed a little dim. I maxed it out and it still left a bit to be desired.

Overall Review: I'm not using this for gaming, so I cannot comment on its performance. At this price point, I wouldn't really expect it to keep up with higher-end displays. I use this system for email, browsing and other text based usages (low graphics requirements). Lastly, I have only used it (daily) for a little more than a week. If it develops any flaws or shortcomings, I will post them.

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Works in a cheap Compaq10/6/2008 2:12:39 PM

Pros: Dropped right in and super charged a cheap laptop from Compaq. Going from 512MB to 1.5GB is obviously night and day. Now Illustrator works

Cons: None so far with the product. Shipping via DHL/USPS is lack-luster.

Overall Review: Got on special with Free Shipping. This first went to DHL who then sent it to the black hole that is the USPS. When UPS sends an order from the Memphis warehouse, I get it in a day. This took 11 days. USPS has very poor tracking and DHL didn't answer the phone (perma-hold). Pay for shipping or take your chances with UPS gorillas.

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Great Drive, Bogus Rebate1/12/2007 7:18:48 PM

Pros: The drive is fast. Windows load times as well as game maps are noticeably quicker.

Cons: OEM drives NOT eligible for rebates according to the rebate website.

Overall Review: I will not be getting a rebate because this was an OEM drive. That is shipped without a UPC or a box for that matter. If you buy this thinking you will get the rebate, you had better read the fine print. Newegg should reconsider implying this rebate is available for this part number.

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Great SFF Games Board6/30/2006 2:22:37 PM

Pros: Works fine with correct RAM. Hit the Manufacturer's link posted on this page to see list of certified memory manufacturers. Running with this RAM from Newegg: TWIN2X2048-6400PRO. Documentation in the manual, especially regarding pin-outs for the system panel connectors are actually easy to follow.

Cons: Dual IDE connector use can be issue in SFF case because of connector orientation. Primary points up, secondary points to the side.

Overall Review: Not fond of the IDE connector arrangement. Could be handy to have options for direction in an SFF case though. I am using SATA hard drives and an IDE DVD. Please give us separate LEDs for SATA and IDE!

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3/4/2006 7:44:44 PM

Pros: Looks great. Good feel.

Cons: Somewhat odd angle. Keys hard to read despite backlighting.

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