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Decent monitor, touted features dont work, no support at all.8/2/2018 5:24:48 PM

Pros: Nice size monitor with a decent feature set...if they worked. Decent price...assuming features work. Great stand. Matte finish reduces glare.

Cons: - Will not run on any low latency settings and high refresh rate. Maximum is 120 Hz, not 144 Hz. When set to 144 Hz and low latency settings severe screen tearing artifact. - ZERO response to multiple requests for tech support. - VA Panel seems a bit less vibrant than my prior IPS. Might have gone with IPS had I known.

Overall Review: I spent about one year contemplating my monitor upgrade. I finally found something which I felt would be a good value and checked off all of the features i was looking for (except g-sync, but not still not worth the upcharge for that). I was psyched to see a 32" curved, 144 Hz, 1ms latency for $399 (shell shocker). Weeeelll....turns out too good to be true. You cannot run low latency at anything higher than 120 Hz, which is fine I guess, but not as advertised. I am okay with running at 144 Hz but it should have been marketed as a 120 Hz monitor and not 144 Hz, which it clearly is not...with all features enabled. If someone...anyone from Pixio had contacted me to discuss this and not leave me wondering if my monitor was defective, I probably would not be here telling you all about this, but after a week and two emails there has been nothing at all from them. So, I am assuming that the monitor was designed this way. If you buy, be aware that the features are limited to EITHER low latency or high refresh.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, We apologize for the inconvenience and troubles that you are experiencing with your monitor. Please contact our Customer Service Team at and our team members will be more than happy to provide you with a solution. Pixio is committed to providing the best possible product experience, quality, and value, and we are always here to help with any of your questions or concerns. Thank you, Team Pixio
Five years and still perfect.2/6/2016 9:24:09 AM

Pros: Quiet Reliable Outstanding air flow for the sound rating

Cons: Don't offer 200mm size. They hurt if you stick your wang in them.

Overall Review: Guys... I just don't write reviews. My system is now about 5 years old. I leave it on 24/7. I just tore the whole system down to check out the fans. All of my fans with sleeve bearings were toast - noisy or not working. I bought two of these Cougars for my H80 and they are still running like new 5 years later. They still have among the best noise:performance ratios I could find. The fluid bearning are no joke. If you buy these you will never have to replace them.

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Mine lasted 4 months9/27/2012 6:48:45 PM

Pros: Great while it worked.

Cons: As you can see from numerous reviewers here and elsewhere, this card design was clearly defective - hence it being discontinued. When I called ASUS tech support they tried to tell me it was an nvidia driver update that caused the problem - clearly already knowing that was not the case. Now they will not give me an advanced replacement because the card is no longer in production. That means either I buy a new card or be computer-less for however long it takes for them to repair it...and then do I really want this card back, even repaired?

Overall Review: I'm an ASUS fanboy. I pretty much have ASUS everything and no problems before this. Hardware sometimes fails. That doesn't bother me so much. I am very disappointed in the deceptive CS rep who obviously knows these cards are failing but tried to make other excuses for the problem. Also they should be replacing failed cards with functional models rather than rejecting advanced replacement because they had to discontinue the defective design. Not the way to retain your loyal customers, ASUS. It's really not that hard to be decent to your customers and do the right thing, is it?

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Can't believe the difference4/10/2010 3:36:56 PM

Pros: Incredibly quiet and fast. Superb value.

Cons: It is not an SSD.

Overall Review: I got this to replace my old Raptor 150gb drive that I was using as a boot drive. Boot times, game loads...pretty much everything feels snappier now. You literally can not hear this drive running. Seek times were much quicker on my Raptor but I honestly can not think of a single thing that does not seem faster with this drive. I partitioned off the 1st 100mb (short stroked) as the boot partition for faster operation and it really seems to work.

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Nice Case3/27/2010 7:52:01 PM

Pros: Roomy, excellent cooling, attractive. Top access buttongs and USB/audio ports make it good for under-the-desk installations. Tool-less drive bays make swap-outs a cinch. Mobo tray cutout for rear access to CPU HS retention mechanism for easy swaps.

Cons: I had a few problems with the side panels. The screws do not line up correctly and require some jimmying to get in. Also the patterned cut-out on the side panel for the fan is bowed inward so that the fan hub scrapes against it with certain fans. I had to try a few before I found one with the hub recessed enough to not rub.

Overall Review: This is the best bargain case out there now for the overclocker. It is really an amazing looking case. Beware, though, as it is bigger (Wider and deeper) than it seems in the pictures.

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Very happy3/18/2010 10:12:05 PM

Pros: Overclocks like hell - Swapped out the BIOS for higher clocks and running like a champ at 960/1300 @ 1.15v. At these clocks beats the 5870 hands down. Big perfomance jump with 10.3 Catalysts make it even tastier.

Cons: I bought this card for $269 about a month ago. Now $339. Whoa! $70 increase in a month? I might not have bit at this price.

Overall Review: Good card, no problems. OVerclocks well. Stock cooling is decent but loud. I got an aftermarket cooler that is quiet (T-Rad2 GTX/R4).

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Not overclocker friendly? HAH!1/28/2010 8:08:04 PM

Pros: I ran this CPU at stock speed one time - to make sure the system would POST. Within an hour I was running it at 4.2 GHz. Final overclock 4.4 GHz @ 1.425v on high-end air - Prime small FFT stable. This chip is an overclocker's dream. Haven't clocked to this high a ratio since the Celeron 300A.

Cons: Has me awake at night thinking about overclocking.

Overall Review: Had to disable C-States, Speedstep, etc. to get the overclock which makes the chip very idle-speed inefficient...not sure how to approach that yet. May need to downclock a bit. This chip has unbelievable amounts of headroom for overclocking. Buy one and have fun.

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Brilliant1/28/2010 7:53:53 PM

Pros: Works exactly as described. Complaints of drive not being recognized on hot-swap probably do not have AHCI enabled for the SATA port. Easy to boot from. Much better than a desktop dock - no extra power or real estate needed. I am totally happy with this purchase.

Cons: Would have liked it to also accept 2.5" drives. Would have been even better if it was a combo unit with card reader and USB ports. Had to buy that separately.

Overall Review: I have had no problem at all with drive insertion or ejection. Drives slide right in. Press the button and pop them out. Don't understand the complaints. I have not seen that issue.

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ASUS does it again1/28/2010 7:47:07 PM

Pros: ASUS has become my Mobo of choice. I have built with Abit, Gigabyte, DFI, MSI, ECS, Tyan. ASUS is always reliable. Never had a DOA, never had a no-POST. No wacky settings to get a system up and running. Stable BIOS's and frequent updates. Great overclocking. Took my i5 750 to 4.4 GHz on air in less than an hour with lower than expected voltages. No memory issues with Corsair DDR3 1600.

Cons: Like every other mobo, the BIOS settings are inadequately explained in the manual and you have to look them up online to have any understanding. Enabling USB 3.0 and SATA 6.0 cuts PCIe bandwith in half for video. (-Pro board fixes that issue)

Overall Review: I have heard that the auto-overclocking features are horribly buggy, but I never use them. Always overclock manually. On this board I had one of the easiest and smoothest overclocking experiences ever.

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Too many problems5/8/2007 7:35:55 PM

Pros: Small, SATA, quiet.

Cons: I can't remember having quite this many problems with a CD drive in the past. I don't mean quality issues, I mean design problems. Can't rip with this drive using Exact Audio Copy (my go-to ripping program) because of the Smart-X feature - which, ironically, is supposed to make ripping faster. LOL - it locks rip speed at 2X with EAC. Next I tried to install Quake 4 - no go. The drive must have choked on the copy protection. Tried a few other protected disks...similar problems on some. Its really a very quirky little drive. I have lost faith in Lite-On based on this experience.

Overall Review: Going back to my old faithful BENQ DW1640. Rips 10 times faster (with EAC) and can read standard protected disks. Lite-On can't say the same.

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Nothing but trouble4/20/2007 12:34:05 PM

Pros: Small, nice screen.

Cons: I have had no luck getting this thing to play with Windows XP. Been on with customer support 4 times. First it would not be recognized in Windows. Eventually 6 hours later tech support was able to get that fixed. Then I could not get it to accept new files...the player would crash every time I tried. Now it has crashed during firmware update. I have had similar problems with other Creative MP3 players int he past. I don;t know why I keep trying and hoping for a working player from them.

Overall Review: It's interesting that others have had good luck with them. This is my second Creative Zen product and I had the same problems with both of them. I will be avoiding them in the future.

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Got an "A" (AUO) panel and I'm happy with it.4/13/2007 10:17:08 AM

Pros: Some angry dude reviewed below and said that there is no difference between the A and S panels excet where they are made. True and false. S = Samsung, A = AUO. Samsung panels are believed to be better quality whereas AUO panels are supposedly made at higher volume and of lower quality. Well I ordered and was shipped from the NJ warehouse a few days ago and got an A panel. Honestly, I like it. I thought that if I got an A I might have to try to somehow replace it for an S but I really don't think that's necessary. I am not a professional monitor critic but this seems bright, the colors seem accurate and I can not identify any quality issues. No dead pixels. For $300 I don't think that I could be happier. From what I hear the A panels might actually be superior with regard to response times and so better for gaming. Also there have been side-by-side comparisons that favor the S panels, and those that do not. Take that for what it's worth.

Cons: The whole A vs. S issue should not even exist and I fault Samsung for that. Having identically labeled products of varying manufacturing origin and quality is just poor business practice.

Overall Review: With regard to Newegg's LCD return policy and the minimum 8 dead pixels. You should know that Samsung has a zero-dead-pixel policy, so if you have dead pixels you should be able to return or exchange the monitor regardless. If Newegg won't do it then Samsung should.

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Mostly good - Antec did take a few steps backwards on this one though.3/27/2007 12:26:47 PM

Pros: Extremely quiet and great airflow. Compared to my P-180 this thing is almost unnoticable when it's running. I love the top USB/FW conenctors.

Cons: A few things. For one Antec definitely went backwards on design with regard to drive mounting. All the slick, side-mounting, sound dampening grommets and rails for easy removal are gone. Drive installion is quite tedious with this case and requires unscrewing multiple thumbscrews. Also, the motherboard tray is way too clost to the top of the case making it difficult to access connectors at the top of the motherboard. Finally, no filters on the two front 120mm intake fans?!? Is that really too expensive for them to include? My case was completely dusted up after 2 weeks of use. Make sure that you buy some swifter sheets and make your own filters.

Overall Review: Overall I think this case is a winner. It's just a shame they regressed and made some things more difficult unnecessarily.

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Not perfect but cools well - definitely top 3-4 for C2D3/27/2007 12:19:14 PM

Pros: It does a very good job of cooling. The base plate is macined mirror smooth so I didn't have to lap it - a big bonus. The fan mounting mechanism is good. Once it is mounted it is quite sturdy and I would nto worry about it falling off. Quiet.

Cons: The mounting mechanism is quite difficult to use. I am not a weakling - I work out and weight about 200 lbs. I have to use every ounce of strength to get the last pin set. Also it would really be nice if there was something better than plastic pushpins to keep it on. They are quite cheap and it's difficult to tell exactly when they are locked in place. This HS requires a motherboard removal to get on and off - a big negative. Also buyers should know that this product requires modification if used with a P5B-D (hits a resistor on the mobo and I had to dremel down the base) and the Antec Nine-Hundred case (too big to close side panel, requires breaking off the fan mounting plastic on the case door). I just can't believe that someone out there cant come up with a better mounting mechanism.

Overall Review: At this moment in time the top three collers out there are this one, the Ultra-120 and the Tuniq Tower. When the Ultra-120 Plus comes out it will beat them all apparently so you might want to wait for that one. Not sure about it's mounting mechanism.

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FYI - DAE is broken on LiteOn drives thanks to SMART-X3/23/2007 6:09:21 AM

Pros: The drive is fast and quiet for standard reading tasks. Burn quality is good. The drive is very quiet compared to previous drives I have owned. One of the few currently available SATA drives.

Cons: If you buy this drive you should know that DAE is broken. I have researched the issue extensively. Apparently secure DAE modes are broken on all recent LiteOn optical drives with SMART-X feature. Apparently this feature deliberately slows down the drive during audio play to keep the drive quiet. Problem is that most existing extraction software can not bypass this "feature" and as such DAE gets locked at about 2X. Expect it to take upwards of an hour to rip a music CD. As of the present time there is no fix, workaround or firmware capable of disabling this feature on this drive. Information on this issue can be found online. Just search for SMART-X and DAE.

Overall Review: How can a company release an entire line of optical drives with broken DAE? It's baffling. This is a standard feature that will affect most drive owners. Unless you have no intention of utilizing DAE I would have to recommend that you look elsewhere.

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Got an "F" stepping :(3/14/2007 3:41:08 PM

Pros: Good CPU. Nothing else much to add to all fo the previous reviews in this regard.

Cons: Ordered recently and got an "F" stepping. Known to be the worst overclockers. Mine maxes out at 3.15 GHz with a full 1.5V and that is even doing the vDroop mod on my board and giving it full volts. Very sad.

Overall Review: No problem at all for running stock speeds. Will probably sell mine for a loss and try the lottery again.

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This board is very fussy for overclocking. Runs well stock.3/7/2007 11:32:57 AM

Pros: The board appears to be well constructed. Worked well straight out of the box at stock settings.

Cons: This board is extremely quirky. I have tried 4 different BIOSs (including the most recent F10). Most of the time even the most minor change in the BIOS will cause the board to hard reset and clear the BIOS entries...and I'm talking minor - like changing the FSB by 2. Sometimes it loops in a continuous reset and you have to shut off the PS to break the loop. My overclock drops by 150 MHz just from installing a second memory stick and running in dual channel - that's a board issue. The clear CMOS jumper is directly below the video card - mandating a card removal to reset. The 4-pin 12V connector is in an absurd location. You cant install it with most HSF's since it's too close to the CPU socket. So far on this board my 6600 won't get much past 3.1 GHz...that's quite poor, even with good cooling (Scythe Infinity), great Micron D9 memory, max volts and great core temps (40C max). I am a very experienced system builder and overclocker.

Overall Review: Gigabyte is just not for overclocking. Setup up at stock was fine. This is my second bad experience with a Gigabyte board. With my NF4/Opteron setup the highly lauded Gigabyte board gave me 250 MHz worse overclock than a comparable DFI board. Seems the same problem here as well. IF you need a board that is stable for overclocking, I would recommend that you stay away from the DS3.

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Informational post, not a review2/28/2007 12:06:31 PM

Pros: I just wanted other buyers to know that my box was mislabeled as a Rev. 2.0 while the PCB was Rev. 3.3. I went to the trouble of getting an RMA and repurchased from somewhere else before I realized this. If your box has a sitcker on the front stating "Supports FSB1333," then it is Rev. 3.3 regardless of wherever else it is labeled as a Rev. 2.0 (also a sticker on the front of the box, on the manual and on various paperwork with the mobo).

Cons: Of course Newegg does not guarantee a Rev. 3.3 but my latest order turned out to be one. Just wanted to save other people from making my same mistake and RMA'ing a good Rev. 3.3 board.

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Might be good at stock, but dont expect to overclock11/27/2005 4:10:10 PM

Comments: After buying this RAM I searched the OCZ forums and found this it actually uses pretty skunky IC's. They do not handle FSB>205 without major latency relacation and do nto handle > 2.7V. Probqably good for stock settings but not for overclockers. Mine is coming back.

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