Excellent Monitor for the Price2/23/2007 3:57:10 PM

Pros: This monitor is an absolutely excellent buy. The display is amazing, and the price is unbeatable. I was initially apprehensive about buying from Acer because of some negative reviews I've read on their products, but I am sure happy I took the chance on this monitor. Mine came in absolutely perfect shape, and runs flawlessly, with zero dead pixels. The viewing angle is a little narrow (from the top only), but this should not be an issue for most users. Although I am not brave enough to buy an Acer PC yet, I am certainly happy with this product. I use it to write papers for school and do office work at my house.

Cons: As you will probably see from the other reviews (I know because I read them before buying this item), some people have noted the monitor is very bright. Now that I own it as well, I concur. However, I also concur with many reviewer's opinions that "if you turn down the brightness all the way, it looks just fine." The speakers are definitely not great, but I think some of the people writing reviews on here are overdramatizing a bit about how bad they really are. Put it this way, if you want to hear clicks, 'Windows noises' etc., the monitor speakers are fine. If you want to watch movies, listen to music, etc., then buy some good speakers with the money you save on the monitor.

Overall Review: (lol) No, I don't work for Acer, I just love online customer reviews because they are always so helpful. Most of the reviews I read on here about this product (before buying it) were dead on, so hopefully someone will read this one and be just as well-informed about what they are getting! The product has limitations, but they are certainly worth the savings!

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