Amazing8/20/2021 8:05:16 AM

Pros: Amazing

Cons: Amazing

Overall Review: Amazing. Ok, I upgraded from a 3900X, so only a slight upgrade, but knew I would not be able to rest until I upgraded to the (maybe if no refresh) final generation of AM4. Loving the Zen architecture, but kind of bummed that AMD pushed prices up with this generation. Oh well.

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Dead7/6/2021 5:46:23 PM

Pros: Big and mean card, like it is crazy how huge this bad boy is. It makes my EVGA 1080 FTW2 look like a childs toy pretend card. Respectable framerates on my ultrawide 1440P 144 Hz monitor while it lasted.

Cons: died in just over one month (a week outside of Newegg return period). Paid too much and was forced by Newegg to buy a superfluous motherboard with it because they wanted to extort customers. Oh well, I got tired of waiting...

Overall Review: Haven't really had much of an opportunity to play games since installing this, a few hours a week. I was playing Horizon Zero Dawn and it just crashed. Then the computer wouldn't post (sticking at VGA with some crazy beeps). Replaced this with my old 1080 and it came right up. I've lucked out in the past and have never purchased a bad computer component before, just sucks that the first one that I get is THIS EXPENSIVE! It has shattered my faith in the AsRock company and now am worried that this will be an issue moving forward now that I am past my return policy from Newegg.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Micah, Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you. We will be more than happy to assist you. Please contact us at Thank you ASRock Support Tech Support Email:
NVME1/27/2020 10:46:36 PM

Pros: NVME M.2

Cons: QLC

Overall Review: While this Intel offering is supposed to be slower than other NVME options, this is a game storage drive and I have zero complaints about it. I was glad to have 2TB for the same prices as my NVME Gen 4 1TB (Boot Drive).

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This RAM is awesome1/27/2020 10:43:56 PM

Pros: 3600 CL 16 Ram RGB

Cons: RGB

Overall Review: Great RAM so far. The RGB effect looks pretty cool. This Neo stuff is designed specifically for Ryzen. I bought this package twice so I have 64GB and it clocks at the specfied speed and timings. Planning to see if I can tighten timings later, but this stuff is so much faster than my old DDR3 in my last system! haha.

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Great Power Supply1/27/2020 10:40:01 PM

Pros: Fully Modular 80+ Gold Great price!

Cons: -None really

Overall Review: This power supply is great. I'm sure it will serve me well for many years. I cannot see anything wrong with using this in any build.

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Amazing9/29/2015 5:23:19 AM

Pros: Super powerful. Between 180-300 fps on Diablo 3 max settings on my 4k monitor. GTA V looks like a dream. Way more quiet than my 2 560ti's I did have in there.

Cons: Still really expensive. Really long! Another 1/2 inch and it wouldn't have fit in my case. At least the power ports are on the side instead of the rear of the card like the 560 ti's were.

Overall Review: Highly recommend this card. Super beastly.

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