Better than I expected2/23/2021 6:55:07 AM

Pros: -good size - large enough to hold my keyboard and my mouse. It is a nice accessory to my desk. -the rubber bottom gives it nice grip that keeps it in place. It does not slide around. -the lighting is a pretty accent. It is not overwhelming. Many colors to choose from. -the surface is great. My mouse is very responsive on it. -material is easily rolls up, but will also lay flat after being rolled up.

Cons: no directions in the box for the lighting settings

Overall Review: I wanted a desk pad that provided a surface for my mouse. I liked that this one could roll up for easy transport. I was wondering though, if after being rolled up, would it lay out flat, which it does perfectly. I was on the fence about the lights, but I went ahead and gave it a try. I have found that I like them. They are not overwhelming and I can easily turn them off. I especially like the lights when I am working in the evening, between my monitor and the desk pad, it is just the right amount of light. I also like the rubber bottom surface, it helps keep the mat in the right place. I have had others in the past that tend to slide around. Not the case with this one.

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Just what I was looking for1/29/2021 5:57:30 AM

Pros: - Can easily be used on two different computers. Using a bluetooth connection on one and a wireless USB connection on the other. - Has a good weight and feel when operating - Button clicks feel good and smooth -The scroll wheel is not too loose as other mice are, very easy to control. -Easy to recharge with a micro USB cable. Charges quickly -Can also connect to my iPad Pro as a mouse.

Overall Review: I was looking for a mouse that could be used on both my Mac and my PC. I have a keyboard that I can use on both, so a mouse would make my desk less cluttered. At the same time, I wanted a mouse that would be easy to switch from one device to the other. This filled my need. There is a switch on the bottom that is all I need to adjust to switch between devices. I was quickly able to set the mouse up on both devices. I keep a micro USB accessible on my desktop so I can recharge the mouse easily. It also has the capability to connect to my iPad Pro as a mouse. Which I use when doing presentations on my iPad.

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Works Good and well made12/24/2020 1:43:31 PM

Pros: -Very easy to install, just plug and play, no drivers or software -Good build quality. The mount has good rubber grip that keeps it in place on my monitor -Good picture quality. Everything is crisp and balanced -Comes with a tripod to place webcam anywhere -Has adjustable head to turn and pivot the camera -Easy to use privacy shutter for privacy

Cons: -The microphone is ok, but I use a external microphone anyway.

Overall Review: I would recommend that webcam, especially considering the price point. For what I am paying for, it does an excellent job. It has a wide range of viewing. The focus works well. The colors may not be the same as an expensive camera, but I really cannot complain for the price. I appreciate the build quality. The rubber coating on the mount really keeps the camera in place, especially if I need to rotate or pivot the camera, I don't have to hold the mount while I make the adjustment. The privacy shutter is always on and easy to spin on and off. All in all, I have been impressed. The real test, my wife uses it and likes how it works and the picture quality.

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Fast Setup and Install12/4/2020 12:23:36 PM

Pros: -Very easy to setup and install on my Mac and PC. I was up and running in seconds -Has a wide angle lense to view most of my room -Includes a built in privacy cover -Image is crisp and clean -Great webcam for the price

Overall Review: I would recommend this webcam to anyone wanting an upgrade from their built in webcam. This is not a high end camera, but I cannot complain for the price. The built in privacy cover is nice for when I am not using the camera. The mount has a rubber covering that really grips the edges of the monitor for a very secure fit. The camera can also turn a full 360 degrees to easily change the direction of the shot. I have been trying different webcams, each with its pros and cons, this one does a good job with image quality for a reasonable price. I would recommend using a different microphone, but that is my recommendation with any webcam's microphone. All in all a good webcam.

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Easy to install and setup10/4/2020 1:03:59 PM

Pros: Installed very quickly onto my Microsoft Surface. No software was required. It was identified and installed within 1 minute. A big upgrade from the built in webcam on the Surface. Colors are more vibrant and the picture is clear. The built in microphone is surprisingly good. I tend to use an external, but will use this one is a pinch.

Cons: I wish it had a lense cover for when I am not using the webcam

Overall Review: Overall, I am very well pleased with this webcam. I use Zoom and FaceTime a great deal with my work. So I wanted a camera that was better than the built in cam. At the same time, I did not want to spend the price of the larger brand webcams. I saw this one from TROPRO and gave it a try. For the price, I could not be happier. Anyone looking for an inexpensive HD webcam, this is a good find.

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Easy Installation and works good9/21/2020 6:13:06 PM

Pros: I installed this on an older MacBook Pro, with a USB hub. I went through two screens and it was done. Everything works as I thought. The mouse has rotating colors that make it exciting on my desk. The mouse buttons are responsive with a slight click sound giving confirmation. The keyboard has a nice feel. There is a slight noise when pressing the keys, just enough to give confirmation of contact.

Cons: The keyboard keys are very exposed. However, this is needed to have the colored lights appear. Not a big enough issue to change ratings.

Overall Review: I would recommend this gaming keyboard and mouse to people that enjoy the neon lights on the desk. It makes working a little more fun and exciting. If you like the fancy lights and gaming feel, this is the keyboard and mouse for you.

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