Great little device!8/31/2013 2:56:40 PM

Pros: - Small and simple to use. - Can put/use almost any side SD card in device *see other* - SD card can be a SD or SDHC card - Put a SD card in unit, plug into any USB port and it use like it is a regular USB flash drive!

Cons: - If you want to use a Micro-SD card in the unit, you need to use/have a Micro-SD-to-SD card adapter (don't come with) *I already had one, so this isn't really a con for me* - Nothing that I can think of

Overall Review: - If you don't have a SD card reader in your PC/laptop, or if it gives problems (main reason I got this) this is the best thing to get/use. - I've only tested up to a 8GB SDHC card, works perfectly. - I've only tested this in Windows XP [SP3] (32-bit) and Windows 7 (64-bit), I didn't have to DL/install any hot patches to get this to work right away *if knew here my 64GB SD card was, I’d test with that also* - Oddly Mine didn't come with a free 64GB memory card, like other review said, but I didn’t get it for the free card anyway, so I don’t mind. - All my digital devices only use SD cards, so this is perfect for me

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Great Sound Card3/17/2013 6:42:21 PM

Pros: - Price (Can't be beat) - Works in BOTH Windows XP (32-bit) and Windows 7 (64-bit) - Easy to install and works great for my games on Steam and installed games. - Also, compatible in Windows 7 (32-bit) with my moms hauppauge(sp?) video capture card.

Cons: - The low profile bracket (and screws) that come with the unit are nice, but the packet was put in the box open and the 2 small screws were just rattling around, not in the little bag and sealed like they were suppose to. *not a one time thing either, since I bought two of these cards (one for my mom and one for me) not very happy about that.*

Overall Review: - Very important, remember to disable on-board sound BEFORE you boot up the PC all the way after physically installing the sound card. Might have to remove/reinstall the drivers/unit if you forget this important step. - Says in the steps when you turn your PC on, after putting the card in, it will detect the device and try to install drivers. Your suppose to hit cancel and install the drivers from the CD. But in Windows 7 you can't click 'cancel', They should re-work on there wording in the quick start guide. *was able to install the device just fine*

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Nice little external HDD10/28/2011 3:59:11 PM

Pros: - Power button is on the back (others think this is a con, I disagree, I like the power button in the back). - Small and quite, almost can't hear when it's on.

Cons: - No way to tell us if/when the HDD is in use/being accessed or not. - Power button needs to stand out a bit? (people with long fingernails might have slight trouble turning HDD on and off since it's perfectly flush with case) [nto really a con, but good info to know]

Overall Review: - The makers put a LED in the front to tell us if the unit is on or not, that's great, but they forgot the 2nd LED. Maybe have the white LED blink when HDD is being accessed would be great. - Package details said came with CD for backup software, there was no CD, it was on the HDD itself. - You can do a quick format or delete the files on the HDD to use the HDD your way. - FYI: 1TB = ~930GB, just to warn you.

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Great item, great price!10/7/2011 11:10:14 AM

Pros: * Put the Micro SD card into the SD adapter, you can now use it as if it was a regular SD card! * Can use the adapter to transfer information from Micro SD device to SD compatible device with ease. * Price, can't beat it.

Cons: Slight one Sadly, it looks like you can't buy just the adapter, without the Micro SD card (but oddly, I have seen that you can buy just the Micro SD card). *I just thought that was odd*

Overall Review: Since a lot of items that the Micro SD card is used for, sometimes you want to transfer that information to something else. This adapter helps with that, you can use it to add and remove stuff off the card with relative ease, as if it was a normal SD card. You can also replace the Micro SD card with a bigger one, and use that as if it was a SD card.

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A Great Product7/26/2010 12:12:11 PM

Pros: A great product, this allows my to use my 2nd 2.5’ SATA HDD as a external HDD also when not in my laptop as the main HDD. It works perfectly, haven’t had any trouble with it yet.

Cons: None that I can think of

Overall Review: The one think I noticed, is that you have to have both USB connections on the cable connected to your PC/laptop to use the device. One is used for data (and power?) and the other USB connection is for extra power to run it. Sort of seems odd to me since it’s just a HDD, but I’m not a hardware expert so maybe this is normal. Just wanting to point this out.

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Does what it’s designed to do4/15/2010 1:02:00 PM

Pros: - Both audio and video from my laptop to my LCDHDTV, and all in one cord, nice! - Appears to be good quality, should last long time.

Cons: - I get feedback from sound lead when I plug the sound lead in my TV, but other end isn’t connected to anything, I hope this wasn’t done on purpose (or for money restraints). - The sound lead is way too short, about 12 inches to tip, I’d need a 14 inch minimal to connect both VGA port and audio port on my laptop at once, good thing I had a adapter/extender laying around.

Overall Review: - Even though the VGA port fits snugly like it should into my laptop, I just wish my laptop VGA output port had the ability to use those screws to make sure the video port can‘t come off, but I don’t think any laptop has that ability at all.

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A Protective sleeve for laptop HDDs4/14/2010 3:37:18 PM

Pros: - Fits my extra laptop HDD nicely. - Can use while still in half sleeve if want/able to. - Has vents for HDD to keep cool if used while in sleeve unit, nice touch. - Is made of Silicon, so no worries about static getting to HDDs. - Has ability to stack multiple of them on top of each other (great for storing multiple units)

Cons: - <none, that I can think of>

Overall Review: - Laptop HDD needs to have no brackets or screws in HDD for able to fit inside Silicone sleeve. - Only for laptop 2.5inch HDD, don’t know if they make one for standard PC HDDs, would be nice. - I though sleeve was hinged, but glad it isn’t.

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Great Product9/15/2009 5:06:28 PM

Pros: - Designed and works perfectly on my Laptop, the devise fits nicely in the caring case so when I’m on the go, I have a nice surge protector for it. - Got within 5 days of ordering it, nice speed.

Cons: - As long as you use it for laptops, product is designed for that only, there are no cons that I can think of.

Overall Review: - Got a 2nd one for my mom, because it worked so well for me. - Newegg needs to package better, the box I got was 11x9.5x4(inches) for a 9.5x6x2(inches) item, no Packaging peanuts (or paper) at all. It really rattled around. I wonder if new egg does this for all the items they ship : (

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