Coolermaster is good, not this keyboard combo3/17/2015 2:54:09 PM

Pros: This keyboard and mouse combo was $27 on sale before shipping or taxes. The Blue led was nice, not too bright. Thats about it.

Cons: Well, Lets say this, I have bought quite a few coolermaster products, ( I will continue to buy coolermaster as they make really good stuff), but this keyboard was HORRIBLE. My CHEAP $7 HP keyboard felt more quality than this. I never used the mouse as I have a Logitech G502. I bought this keyboard as I dont like mechanical keyboards and I am a casual gamer and only needed a backlit keyboard. The Board kept randomly shutting off. I had to unplug the keyboard and plug it back it again( and NO i used several USB 2.0 and 3.0 PORTS on my 6 month old new build, same issue) The buttons felt so cheap that I could not type properly. It was as loud as a mechanical keyboard, which is brutal for membrane keyboards. AT one point WINDOWS said there is an unknown USB device that cause a short in power(or something close to that). The ALT and a few other buttons on left side kept randomly flickering. The left side of the Keyboard LIFTERS was longer than the right putting my keyboard on a wierd tilt, and when I typed it moved the keyboard because the rubber feet were lifted off the ground becuase of the left lifters higher length. DO NOT BUY THIS COMBO> I read all the reviews and said I would chance it. DONT. It started screwing up the day I got it.

Overall Review: I will stick with LOGITECH from now on for my peripherals. I got a Logitech G105 for $35 at staples normally $69. It works great. I like coolermaster and I will recommend their products highly. This Keyboard combo I WILL SAY DO NOT BUY BECAUSE ITS AS HORRIBLE as the other viewers have said. Im taking the loss on this keyboard and I might have a working back up mouse if I ever need it.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hi, I am sorry to hear that the keyboard has failed on you so soon. Luckily, we do have a 2 year warranty in place for these items. You will need to RMA the product. I have provided the link below to our FanZone and an RMA instructional link. I would recommend having your serial number and a photo of your purchase receipt. Register your product and then you can apply for an RMA under MY PRODUCTS. We will approve your request. Once you receive your RMA number, write it clearly on the shipping box to help expedite the process. Shipping the product to our facility is the customer’s responsibility. We will cover the replacement and shipping that replacement to you. Also, we have the option for an Advance RMA. If you would like to commit to an Advance RMA where we authorize a cross shipment, please complete the following steps. Make sure you have your RMA number ready, call us at 888-624-5099 ext 2, M-F 7:30am PST to 5pm PST. Once you get a hold of a representative, they will ask for your RMA number, credit card information, and a digital copy of your Photo ID for liability. We do not charge the card, unless we do not receive the defective product in a reasonable amount of time after you receive the replacement. If you have any further comments or questions, please let me know by dialing 888.624.5099 or use the Livechat & Ticket links within Fanzone. Respectfully, Robert N. CMUSA Support Phone: 888.624.5099
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Instructional Link for RMA:
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Good Mouse1/27/2015 9:30:10 AM

Pros: This mouse is really good. I am a claw/finger gripper. I rest my wrist on a wrist mouse pad( gel) and i barely move the mouse. Its really GOOD to hold for me. My finger and thumb grip sides of mouse, and it has good Rubber with good grip that easily holds my fingers without and work or feeling my my hand is going to slip. There the dpi is quite amazing and accurate. You can have 5 dpi settings9 of which you can scroll through with up and down DPI buttons beside Mouse Left click. It has a profile button just behind scroll button. You can change profiles on the fly. You can change DPI on the fly with saved profiles( the SOFTWARE is great and easy to use). There is a snipe button that can be set for a small dpi for shooter games. I personally play MMO, i just use it for different abilites in game. the mouse feels well build and thought through. Great purchase.

Cons: Well, 5 buttons are for DPI or porfile switching. When i bought the mouse i was just hoping for a few more than the usuall 2 buttons for mmo play. I just didnt want the 12 button on the side mouse. But i can use some of them for other things. There is no mention of what the buttons actually do anywhere really on newegg. I honestly would have got a differnt mouse if i had known() not that this mouse is bad in anyway, i just wanted a good MMO more than 2 button on side mouse)

Overall Review: Great purchase, DPI is crazy, up to 12000. VERY accurate lazer. ALL in all im glad i got it. ANd im just starting to use it.

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Good Cooler12/14/2014 5:40:00 PM

Pros: Keeps my Overclocked Intel 4670K @ 4.6ghz while playing WOW(which is cpu heavy) at max graphics with an R9 280 @ 45oC. Idle at 25oC. fans speeds i keep around 30% unless its gaming which its around 45-55%

Cons: There is a FILL Valve which is facing the pump on the radiator. I cant place it face down with pump going down in my case AT the top of the case unless i place it below the 200mm fan because of it. I can place it the other way but the way the tubes bend is a way i dont feel comfortable with. MY case is a thermaltake v Core 71( massive case with lots of cooling options)

Overall Review: Had a Coolermaster hyper 212 evo with 2 JETFLO led blue fans(95CFM EACH) which kept it at 65oC while gaming and 35-40oC at idle. Very happy with it as well. it was on sale for $94 plus a $25 mail in rebate. Other than the little issue with the fill valve, which im pretty sure is just the same with all the other AIO Liquid Coolers, is very minor. Actual product has a quality feel to it. I really like the BLUE led on the pump., goes with my Black and Blue theme.

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Great Processor8/21/2014 7:46:44 PM

Pros: This is my second Intel build. Last cpu was a 2500k. IT was great. I did alot of reviews about the new ivy bridge/haswell cpu it is hotter but by a few degrees celsius. 2500k was at 28C at idle with a noctua d-14 cooler. 4670k is 31-33 at idle with a coolermaster 212 evo with 2 120mm CM jetflo fans. I wont buy amd because of a lack of CPU power.( formyself)

Cons: Expensive compared to AMD processors. but then Intel really doesnt have competition in cpu power really. AMD is good too, but not for my needs.

Overall Review: I have 4670K Asus z97-a r9 280 HIS graphics card kingston v300 win 8 g.skill ares 8gb 2133 ram BenQ 27" 2ms response time Thermaltake core V71 EVGA gold 650 PS works great for me. i mostly game and brows net.

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Excellent Monitor8/17/2014 9:52:04 AM

Pros: I went from a 16" used monitor to this. I built a new computer and didn't have ash to get it then. It is a great monitor. Stand is high quality. Easy to snap in place. Doesn't creak or move. It's solid. The screen itself has a very good picture. I personally game Starcraft 2, Wildstar, and civilization 5. The 60 hz refresh rate is more than enough for me. I max it out at 60 with all these games. I have an i5 4670k with an r9 280(same as 7950). Overall I'm very happy with this giant screen. No dead pixels. Yea!!

Cons: None. This $389 monitor I got at $219? It's quality too. No cons

Overall Review: I would definatly buy this monitor again. I was going to buy asus 24" 144 hz refresh rate monitor. But I don't need something crazy like that. I don't play fps games so this was more than enough. And cheaper too(on sale). Plus I'm on a budget.

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Excellent Card7/16/2014 9:29:47 PM

Pros: Excellent card. I play Civilization 5. It's at maxed setting running at 75fps which my monitor is. I'm sure if I had 144hz monitor it would be close. Very quiet at 100% fan speed. I had an msi gtx 660 ti at 70% fan speed was louder. Can get 1100mhz on clock speed and 1500 on memory OC. But I'm only running 1000 on core and 1360 on memory because it's overkill for what I'm doing. Civ 5 only uses 1.3 gigs of ram. Large card. Feels quality. Got it for $249 on sale with $150 game coupon. The CCC was easy and no problems like sone people have. No problems. Was one of the things I was hesitant buying this card over a gtx 760. But I'm glad I did.

Cons: Only cons are it really are: it droops slightly in my case and the r9 270 has almost same performance for less. It's like 5fps average difference. OC is not great on these cards. Could get a higher end 270 for better performance. The 7950 never did good for having like 500 more shaders than the 7870. Bad on amd. But

Overall Review: Still a decent card, runs great with zero problems. If it was on sale I would buy it. At regular price, no way. Even with $150 game coupon. Card itself is good just AMD put the 280 in a hard spot to sell. Spend the same on a gtx 760 or save some and get the 270x. It's all similar performance. Give or take some fps. This card other than price is great. Specially if you need that extra gig of ram over 2gig cards.

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Awesome Fans7/11/2014 3:53:16 PM

Pros: Real nice blue color. fans FEEL quality in my hands and made well. Heavy as well. Can move alot of AIR. 95 CFM. Got two of these on a coolermaster hyper 212 heatsink. Cools great. Of course its on PWM as 100% speed is fairly loud.

Cons: Fairly loud at 100%? 18.99 each?

Overall Review: Great fan, would buy them again. In fact I plan on buying at least 2 more.

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UMM wrong DVD burner6/25/2014 6:48:31 PM

Pros: I dont know newegg sent me a super write master DVD burner instead of Samsung DVD burner.

Cons: Its not worth the shipping to RMA the wrong dvd burner so ill just keep it.

Overall Review: Im sure it would be a great DVD burner.

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Excellent SSD FAST SPEED6/25/2014 6:46:25 PM

Pros: I don't check write and read speeds, but for my its very fast. Loads WIN 8 with an OC 4670k at 4.6 Ghz in about 7 seconds. No problems so far.

Cons: Wish SSD were still a little cheaper.

Overall Review: Great SSD that is solid and great performance.

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Great Motherboard6/25/2014 6:44:09 PM

Pros: Excellent motherboard. VERY nice colors. I didnt want to spend $250 on a motherboard. This one has many features i didnt think i would use till i got it. The auto overlclocking is awesome. 5 WAY tuning is awesome., you really have to use it to realize how much control over your motherboard you get. Everything worked great. I like to overclock but honestly dont know much about OC. I used the EZ XMP switch on the board to OC my 2133 ram to 2133. WORKED great. Motherboard was sturdy when I installed my Hyper 212 heatsink. NO warpage.

Cons: Only thing i would have liked would be better heatsinks on the motherboard. $165 is still alot of money for a motherboard, and would have liked a better heatsink on the board. But thats not really a big thing.

Overall Review: OVERALL a great board that I would buy again. Alot of features compared to competitors at this price point.

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Great6/25/2014 6:37:28 PM

Pros: Excellent Card, Easy to install into the pci express x1 socket( but really that is not hard ever) Win 8 automatically detected drivers and loaded perfect. Downloads at my LAN's MAX SPEED. No difference between LAN and WLAN.

Cons: no cons but it its $84. But you get what you pay for.

Overall Review: You will be happy with this purchase. Works great.

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Excellent Case!!3/31/2014 8:13:24 PM

Pros: This case is HUGE. If you remove the drive cages its really big. ALOT of airflow( specially removing drive cages, plus you can use 2 drives on back side) Feels really high quality and not cheaply made. Front and top bezels(which can be removed- Remove Front bezel first, as the front bezel is attached into top) are made of metal honeycomb with the sides sturdy abs. Bezels are tight and secure when on, but arent hard to remove. The 200mm Fans have a quality feel to them, including the 140mm exhaust rear turbo fan. They look to be in place easily. IF you are going to add a 4th 200mm fan on top, you will have to remove the first fan to get the 4th fan on top( near top I/O panel) You can remove the top I/O panel or remove the fan which imo is easier but you have to deal with putting in 2 screws under the I/O panel and you have about an inch and a bit to work with) Also have an awesome blue glow as well. You can control fan speed on high or low with LED on/off button( which works with fan speed on high or low) Fan controller has a molex plug to work with controller. Comes with 3X 200m fans and rear exhaust 140mm fan. Can have 4X 200mm fans, and 2X 120( on bottom-optional) and 1X140 on back( which you can mount a 120 as well) Drive trays are easily removed, totally tool less. You remove the drive tray by unlocking it out, remove 2 side clips( where screws would go into the hard drive on the side, put drive in, put 2 side clips in, and Put drive cage in. Easy. You can also remove the all 3 drive cage sections, by thumb screws and you can move the drive bracket ( the piece that the cages were attached to it, can be removed by screws as well and flipped reverse, so its not in the window, and still adding support to case, Good option if you remove all the drive trays and use back ones, just looks nicer and more air flow as well) Dust filters on top, front and bottom fans. Also easy to remove all them. The top filter is removed from back of case. The bottom ones are 2 seperate filters, one is removed from back of the case and one from the front. The front filter is removed by removing front Bezel. as its attached to it. Still easy enough to do and clean inside) Side window is very sturdy and not cheap at all. Side doors are easy to remove and install. The 2 thumb screws ( which dont come out so you can't lose them, which is awesome) and you slide door out towards front of case and it comes off, same with other side panel, and fits back easy the same.

Cons: The only real cons would be having to remove front bezel to remove front filter, but not really something you can avoid. You can only have 1x 420mm radiator on this tower at once. You can have 2x 360 radiators on top and front at the same time or a 420 and a 360 on front or top( which to be honest is rediculous overkill anyways plus you have a 120 on back, and 240 on bottom). If you use 420 rad you must remove 5.25" drive cages( which are modular, the bottom one is removeable the top one is really also I/O panel as well) Foam on bottom of feet instead of rubber. Now its more like memory foam and feels high quality, but imo Rubber would have been better. Wish I/O panel was on Front bezel, if this is on top of your desk, then you have to stand up to use usb ports, turn fan speed lower/higher or LED on/off or reset etc... its 23" tall so its high.

Overall Review: Shipping in canada is EXPENSIVE, $45 on top of case price which is 179.99( 20 bucks more than usa) plus i live in BC which has 12% tax. It cost me $243 to my door. OIY. But even at that i think its worth it. Im using this case as air cooling until down the road I can afford Exotic water cooling. This case is VERY good for the price you pay and the innovations and work that went into this case is VERY evident. I am very pleased with purchase. Buy this case you will be pleased. I knew I was going to get this case after thermaltake in CES 2014 revealed it!! I was looking at coolermaster haf 942 BLUE edition but didnt really like aggresive Case design. This case fit that spot perfectly. IT not only has rediculous air cooling potential but it has so many ways to create the case to how you want to use it. 6/5 eggs for the case. Excellent job thermaltake.!!

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