Good drive2/21/2010 9:56:10 AM

Pros: + Good value + Decent size + High cache + 3 year warranty

Cons: - 3 year, not 5 year warranty like most other hdd - Only 5400 (read below)

Overall Review: I've ended up using the first series of WD Green drives before on my pc. First for backing up my data, then later as my primary OS drive (long story). Despite the fact that the drive is only 5400rpm, I never really noticed any serious performance hits. (Though those that are more demanding than myself should opt for the 5900rpm green drives from WD competitors if this is an issue). The drive is fast, affordable and green- and comes with a decent warranty. Note the pricing under the image, buy 2 and save a little on both, great deal from Newegg.. no reason not to raid two of these together to backup your data on the cheap! Since owning the first generation 500GB green drives from WD, I'm sure these (with double the cache) will offer great performance and value. Get them today!

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Great value, for now..11/2/2009 9:27:13 PM

Pros: Pros? Let's see, from 4GB ram to having a dedicated graphics card, to pushing an LED, this is a good value. There's plenty of ram to comfortably run Windows 7/Vista, while the LED does offer a good screen upgrade from standard LCD based displays. Of course, non of that matters if you have a slow hard drive. The DV6's inclusion of a full speed (7200rpm) HD will give you performance and speed relative to modern desktops which is appreciated. I really like the HD 4650 graphics card as well. It's great for moderate gaming at decent settings, and comes with a respectable ram size.

Cons: While there are a lot of features to love, there's a few you'll cringe at-- The ram is DDR2, which isn't as fast as the newer (and quickly standardized) DDR3 ram. All isn't lost though, as DDR2 modules are pretty cheap right now, and this notebook can go to 8GB. The LED is great, vibrant and colorful. What it lacks however, is a decent resolution. This packs a standard, lower rez display- that may be fine for some, but won't display HD content as vividly as you'd like. A minor qualm for some, but once you notice a high-def screen, you'll realize the night and day difference. The DV6's nice and fast HD may include 7200rpm speeds, but that also heats up your system. More heat means a louder, heavier system to cool off more components, and a less than stellar battery life. You'll most appreciate this fast hard drive on an AC adapter, but it surely isn't road worthy. Lastly, the weight at nearly 6.5lbs is rather heavy for a notebook. You'd expect this in larger screened notebooks

Overall Review: This is a nice notebook that offers some strong features, while failing in other areas. No notebook gets everything right, but for a decent blend of performance from the HD, GPU, and processor, you'd be hard pressed to find a deal like this for the time being. Remember though, Black Friday is right around the corner, and you could see some notebooks offering similar or better specs for a bit less cash. The new AMD M-series offers a decent upgrade from older Turion processors, but this one only packs 1MB L2 cache (SHARED between both cores), so power users may have to look elsewhere. Overall, a good notebook!

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Close but no cigar..8/25/2009 6:43:41 AM

Pros: Like many have said on other reviews, when it works- it works.

Cons: The adapter does get rather warm, very quickly. Using the bundled usb extension cable, and being about 10ft from the wireless router I am only getting 2 bars. And while I'm not a speed junky, I think that may be an issue to others. My main issue, as is voiced by others, is the unreliability with this unit. The signal drops intermittently and the device must be removed and reinserted in order to regain connectivity.

Overall Review: I see a lot of people on here voicing the same issues I've stated, and are being "voted down" for voicing concern. These people, as I've found out, have genuine cause for concern, and are trying to warn you. Heed their warnings.. Trust me, it's a good device for the 10 bucks you are paying for it; But beware of how hot it gets, and the constantly dropping connections and low signal attainment.

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Great little box7/1/2009 6:17:38 PM

Pros: Dual Core Atom embedded; Numerous USB ports; Low power consumption; Relatively quiet; Exceptional value

Cons: GMA delivers performance as expected; Only 2 SATA device connection; No ATA connections; Uninspired chassis

Overall Review: I bought this little Atom box, despite all of the negativity I've heard about Atom being underpowered and slow. Assuming that you understand tech, then you know that this barebones is not made for gaming, but more for internet enabled apps and light computing. That being said, I've found the performance to be surprisingly up to par. After signing for the package from UPS (Great delivery speed NewEgg!), I tore open the box, tossed in 2GB of ram and tried to install my DVD burner (which is IDE- my mistake however, for not reading about the lack of IDE/ATA connectivity). After installing Windows 7 via a USB key, this system continues to impress me. Operation is speedy (along with the help of my SATA SSD) and I've barely experienced any hiccups. Video, at least that from Hulu (SD only) and Youtube flows at nearly full speed. The Dual Core Atom helps to speed along the graphically rich Media Center as well. At under $150, this is a great system for anyone to pick up as a 2nd PC/fo

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Good value, price7/1/2009 6:07:05 PM

Pros: Recert. item at a great price; Included extra USB extension cable which was handy; Performs well with Win 7 (only tested in 32, no 64bit mode however) and with good speed

Cons: My unit drops the connection periodically- probably just my unit though; Wider USB footprint

Overall Review: After hunting down the installation software from NetGear's website (simple Google search found it right away) this wireless adapter works as expected. The connection is speedy and the added bonus extender helps those with cramped USB ports on their systems. Good price, good product and as usual, NewEgg fast shipping.

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Thank you Vista!8/18/2008 1:14:09 PM

Pros: Thanks to Vista's high ram requirements, everyone is now able to enjoy large amounts of ram on the cheap! This is good, solid and stable ram from a manufacturer that is well-known and reputable. Decent timings, good value and free shipping. Excellent!

Cons: No heatsink could be an issue for some people. It isn't the fastest ram available, but what do you expect for 70 bones?

Overall Review: I am loving having 8GB in my system. (Ordered 2 of these) Vista now has more breathing room, and Windows 7 is sure to be stutter-free as well. It may not be Kingstons' HyperX, or XMS2 ram- but those that aren't diehard gamers and want good value, this is a great option.

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Amazed8/18/2008 1:09:01 PM

Pros: DX10 on the cheap! This card works with DX10 and actually has the muscle to output DX10 games with good quality. Includes free Company of Heroes and Alone in the Dark- great bonuses! Retail package includes everything you need on the cheap, non-oem/openbox.

Cons: None

Overall Review: While there are some other cards out there that can outperform the HD 3850 (8800GT, etc.) in about the same price range, to get a great deal such as this you'll only find open box or refurb. cards. For 100 bucks including shipping, I am now going from a AIW 9600 Pro to a much better product! (Skipping 5 generations for under 100 bucks is just great for me). Those that are looking for the ultimate performance or best frame rates, you know that this card wont provide them. But for solid performance in even some of the most demanding games, and future-forward DX10 functionality from a card that has muscle to back it up- it's a no brainer.

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Very nice board8/18/2008 1:02:56 PM

Pros: This is an excellent board. Includes great IGP, many SATA ports and room for plenty of high speed ram. This is my first "higher end" board- love the Crossfire, HD 3300 with HDMI, and ACC through the new SB. This board does also support the higher wattage AMD is requiring for future processors- which does help to give more futureproofing for the board. HDMI, SB750 w/ ACC, Raid, sideport, 790 series chipset, HD3300 and an excellent price give this board great potential.

Cons: I bought this thinking that the Hybrid CF would work with the 3850 I bought- I was wrong. I really like the idea of a hybrid solution, but apparently it only works on low end cards. I know that true gamers wouldn't really see a need for it, but as a casual gamer I liked the value prospect. (I should have also read a bit more about it I guess)

Overall Review: While it lacks the features of some higher end boards (Support for 3/4 GPU's, DDR3, larger sideport, eSATA) the TA790GX makes up for it with value, long-term potential and decent OC functionality. Note- Hardcore gamers may not gravitate towards this board as much as HTPC fans will; for the HTPC crowd, note that the board is a full ATX and may not fit in some cases.

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Great deal!8/17/2008 2:48:22 PM

Pros: This is a great CPU for those that aren't demanding of every single "mark" (PCMark/3DMark) but still want a great CPU. AMD's second highest chip is at a great value price, while offering true quad power. I also really like how the Black Edition products now include a heatsink & fan- first gen X2 BE products didn't have them. (They aren't the absolute best, but what do you really expect? It's a stock product and not everyone needs a Zalman, etc.)

Cons: AM3 is looming, Intel is grooming. *Lifespan of AM2+ is in question (upgrade path is gray area) *Intel's new Core i7's are coming, Q6600 still a threat. Those of you that want to have every frame and have Vista load under 10 sec., etc.- you know that Intel's CPU's are where the action is. AMD provides a good value, and stable performance- but nothing breathtaking. At 125w this is also a very power hungry CPU. AMD does offer a new 65w lower end X4 however.

Overall Review: I am excited about this product. From 99' to 04' I used a Sempron 2500+ (Yes, 1.4Ghz!), now using a 64 4000+ (05' and counting...). To me, this is a great step up and I love the value that Newegg and AMD are offering. If you value good performance from a company that you can trust- the 9850 is sure to fit your needs.

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Great Desktop1/25/2008 6:09:04 PM

Pros: Apple has a winner here. Sure, Dell and Gateway have their much vaunted all-in-ones, but Apple wins with performance, software, aesthetics and service. Great quality screen, awesome processor (with FULL cache, not the crippled 2MB versions others use). While there is a lack of TV tuner hardware, FrontRow helps fill the gap with a simplistic remote and easy to navigate UI- a great feature for quick access to media. And the icing on the cake? Apple Stores in pretty much every big city means you get quick answers to your questions and even free "switcher" assistance, in person!

Cons: One 1GB stick does suck but on the positive side- it is a single stick, giving more upgrade room. I would have love to see a larger HD than 320GB, especially at this price. The graphics are a step up from what Apple typically includes for iMacs (7300GT?!) but could be a bit better. This unit includes Tiger, not Leopard but Apple does have a good upgrade path, just check out their website.

Overall Review: The iMac is great for whom it is aimed at- families and those with large libraries of media. The gorgeous 24" glossy screen is vivid and presents movies and photos in ultra high quality. Those looking at editing video however should look at Apples' Mac Pro instead. Look on Newegg for cheaper ram than what Apple is selling (major markup on their end)- Go to the Apple website for a Leopard update offer to get even more performance out of this monster.

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