G.Skill is the boss!9/4/2014 6:22:12 PM

Pros: It's G.Skill!

Cons: None

Overall Review: I bought this for my Lenovo E540 model 20C6008SUS that came factory with 4GB of RAM. I found the laptop a little sluggish, despite it having a 7200 RPM hard drive. I e-mailed G.Skill and they pointed me to this RAM. It installed in the laptop with no problems whatsoever. It booted right up. However, I must say, I did not see as large of a performance boost as I was hoping. Start up time is still painfully slow, which I suppose isn't the fault of the memory. Browsing the internet isn't much faster either. However, I have noticed a boost in responsiveness on my Microsoft Office program. I have G.Skill installed on my desktop which is running a Core i7-2700K overclocked at 4.4 and it has an SSD and it is blazing fast. The G.Skill memory works flawlessly in that machine, and I suspect it will in this case as well. I guess my next step will be a SSD upgrade for the laptop. All in all, G.Skill is the Cadillac of memory and they stand behind their products. Their customer support is top notch. Like I said, they took the time to look up my computer and personally write me back with which memory to get. Not every company out there gives you that kind of service. G.Skill does! The memory has a lifetime warranty and while I've never had to use it, I've seen G.Skill's response to others who have had trouble, and that is that G.Skill stands behind their product and will make it right, for as long as you own their product. I only wish laptop memory was as attractive as desktop memory, but then again, it's buried within, out of sight. That is......until they develop a window on the bottom of the laptop for looking in!

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Decent Computer8/14/2014 10:06:18 AM

Pros: This computer came with a fairly decent setup. Even though it mentions Windows 8, it comes with Windows 7 Pro installed. If you want Windows 8, you have to change some settings and use the installation disks that come with the computer. The hard drive is higher than average RPM and isn't too sluggish. It has a Multi-Burner DVD drive and a media card reader. The computer runs fairly cool temperature wise. I haven't gotten used to this keyboard as I use Cherry MX Blue switches on my desktop. It's quite the change going to this chicklet style keyboard. I'm glad it has the 10-key as I prefer that over hen pecking the number from up above, especially when using the calculator. This laptop also has a dedicated calculator key which pulls up Windows Calculator, which I use a lot. My desktop has a blazing fast i7 with an SSD and so this computer is a bit slower, but not as slow as my daughter's Mac Book which she uses at school. I'm content with the speed of this i5. All in all, not too shabby.

Cons: I had a real problem with getting the webcam working. It didn't work out of the box. I updated with the Lenovo utility that comes on the computer and it still didn't work. What I had to do was locate a folder called "swtools" on the hard drive and find the folder labeled "camera". There you will find the correct drivers to install in order to get the camera to work. One reviewer mentioned bloat-ware. It does come with programs that don't natively come with Windows 7. It also comes with an Anti-virus from Norton and a Nitro program which runs your .pdf files. I uninstalled both and downloaded Microsoft Security Essentials and Adobe Reader. A user who isn't very saavy would have had to call customer service. The resolution on this laptop isn't stellar, but adequate for average use. The sound isn't tinny, but isn't that great either. Lenovo has a program that overlaps many of the Windows functions. Lenovo wants to monitor the batteries and wireless connections while Windows does a fine job. Again, it's not enough to stray away from this computer if you have any technical aptitude at all. If you're a beginning user, it may not be the machine for you as there are some bugs that you may need to fix. If you want to upgrade to Windows 8, it sounds like you have to go into the BIOS and make some changes, which isn't for beginning users.

Overall Review: I bought this computer to be a complement to my desktop. I didn't need a machine that could replace my desktop. This computer does what I need it to do. I can type letters, e-mail, check the internet, etc. etc. When I need a computer to do video and photo editing, I go to the desktop which I specifically built for that purpose. All in all, a good machine. I got it when this was on sale for under $600. I feel like I got a good deal and that's really all that matters.

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It works7/5/2013 10:46:24 PM

Pros: Looks pretty.

Cons: Not as easy to set up as they said. I got it figured out eventually. The disk that came with it didn't want to pay in my computer. I'm running Widnows 7 Pro 64 bit. I got it to play, but only after going to Explorer and opening the autorun.exe file. Then it still wasn't all that good of a program, but like I said, I got it connected and working.

Overall Review: The range isn't as good as I was hoping. It's spotty outside of my house, but then again, I have aluminum siding on my bungalow. I think this will damper my ability to use it out in my yard like I'd like to, but it works pretty well inside the house.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hi Jack, We're happy to hear you have setup the modem router eventually and it works fine inside your house. For the CD issue, if the Windows 7 disables the Autorun, no CD can run automatically. If you need any help or further info, please feel free to let me know. My email is: howard.he@tp-link.com Best Regards! TP-LINK Support Team support@tp-link.com (866) 225-8139 http://www.tp-link.com/us/support http://www.facebook.com/TPLINK
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It's a keyboard7/3/2013 6:10:35 PM

Pros: It's lighted.

Cons: The black wears off very easily.

Overall Review: I've owned this keyboard for well over a year now. It's lighted and everything works as it should. The biggest gripe that I have is that the black is wearing off of the keys, especially the letter "A" and the Shift key next to it. They look like blobs of blue (or whatever color you choose) and that is a tad annoying. It doesn't change how the keys work.

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Works fine8/31/2012 10:50:14 AM

Pros: Well, it works.

Cons: It doesn't come with very good instructions.

Overall Review: Here's how it works. You plug the USB into your computer. You plug the audio cable into your computer input as well. You install the driver from the driver disk, then you install the two porgrams from the program disk which are both included in the box. You then hook your VCR up to the RCA or S-Video jack. You attach your audio cable from the VCR to the RCA Jacks. If you only have one audio cable, use the left channel. Open the Power Director program and use the capture tab on the upper left side of the screen. It should then look for the signal, and then show you what your VCR is doing on the little screen. To record, DO NOT use the red button on the program. I keep getting copyright protected errors. Instead, press the button on the kworld device (it's oval and should have a green light lit next to it). It will start recording the video. Make sure you have it going into the file you want and in the proper format. It works, but could use much better instructions.

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