what a deal, cheap raid 53/25/2014 3:32:57 AM

Pros: -hardware raid -S.M.A.R.T. -raid 0, 1, 3, 5, 10, LARGE, CLONE -software adds many features -does not require PCI slot -works well with multiple units in a rackmount enclosure, software manages all cards/drives. -fast performance for SATA II -write cache -easy to see status LED's with software to find physical connections(click a button to find physical drive port) -raid modes work with ANY system, even external enclosures.

Cons: -no live expansion -software/firmware is final with no updates -SATA II, not SATA III -no ZFS (partial limitation with ZFS itself. ZFS doesn't work with raid cards intercepting data from drive) -no alarm for drive failure, yet software has broken buzzer toggle -poor documentation unless you find the website documents -no boot environment. needs software to get full function

Overall Review: bought this used on EB , but was practically undamaged. I didn't expect as much functionality as was provided, based on previous reviews After getting the software my options were significantly expanded, and I don't even have to restart the computer to do anything. Don't expect to use this controller with SSD's. the SATA II interface for it is significantly bottlenecked. this controller is aimed for large NAS'es or media servers, with the ability to run such configs as raid-10 or raid-50 with another card. If I had the money or need, I would love to test buying a second card and make a raid-50 with a SATA III port multiplier-based raid-0 card. would make an amazing external USB 3.0 jumbo backup box. lol I think of those kind of crazy ideas.

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frequent dropping, poor firmware, no updates.11/25/2013 9:50:46 PM

Pros: A cheap router with 3 removable antennas, decent firmware options, and bridging capability. A router like this, IF IT WORKED, would be great for providing coverage over a large building when using wifi bridging and replacement antennas.

Cons: Right away this router started causing problems. the set-up wizard did not work through chrome, and the only way I was able to configure the router was by a "new network detected, do you want to configure?" typing in the IP results in nothing. after setup the router behaved well, doing what I needed to do, providing wifi access across the street and with a second unit setting up a wifi bridge. Over the few months, the units repeatedly would not authenticate, drop wifi, need frequent, and some times repeated reboots. Since this network was used for VoIP for an at-home business, we need to replace these units. unfortunately we are out of the 90 day warranty, so stuck with these units now. If only it supported DD-WRT these problems wouldn't have happened.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, Thank you very much for purchasing this unit. We strive to provide the most reliable and highest quality products to our customers. Thanks for the feedback we will pass it along to our QA and Design teams. Phone: 1- 800-575-9885 Email: rma@rosewill.com We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks, Rosewill Customer Care
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well built fan dispite not being a true 200mm5/16/2011 2:59:53 AM

Pros: -very high air flow -even at full rpm (~1350 for me) speakers can drown out noise -comes with molex adapter if you want to use an in-line controller

Cons: -not a true 200mm fan. it's in fact a 192mm fan, so in most situations it wont fit mounting slots -im not a fan of white in my system -there is a dead zone right in the middle of the fan, and the blade clearance is not very tight, which forces the air in an outwards direction

Overall Review: I ordered this fan fully aware that it was 192mm because I was going to mount it on the side of a case that only supported an 80mm fan. yes, this meant I did some ol' school metal cutting. i also purchased a wire mesh filter to put on this bad boy, which required cutting holes in the case, not using the mounting holes of the fan itself. end result - the only intake fan my system needs while being very stable. I might even buy a second depending on what a new case has for space when I buy one

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very tinny sound, long battery life9/4/2010 8:30:47 PM

Pros: long battery life, good sound isolation with heavy background noise, like when driving.

Cons: VERY flat sound. people often have a hard time understanding me in a quiet environment. using this headset for computer is out of the question. some static in the background, im assuming from bluetooth. I have had people comment saying its tinny, sounds like a tin can on a string infront of a microphone, and sounding like a fan next to it.

Overall Review: everything other than the sound quality is fine. the ear piece does not fit my ear quite well, but it is good enough. the ability to pair with two devices helps for using it for cellphone and computer, but unusable with quality.

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very nice player but windows wont read it anymore7/13/2009 7:29:35 PM

Pros: this mp3 player is good for the average listener. durrable, 5 band equalizer, micro sd slot (up to 2 gigs, not SDHC) videos are good enough to watch things that dont require fine detail, or subtitles. fast forwarding is not a good idea for this, so videos only a few minutes long is best. the scroll wheel is very nice to move through content quickly. the scroll wheel makes using the buttons for navigation almost useless, thus having the buttons bound to uses not needed. battery life is nice, lasting more than a full day continually running with fairly high volume. charges take around 15 minutes for a full charge, so not alot of time lost. the lock feature is nice, but not needed most times, since the buttons are not overly easy to push accidentally.

Cons: the firmware and programs are confusing, hard to find, and dont work most of the time. videos have to be in the proprietary format, and with the video encoding program with issues, it can be a pain to upload videos onto the device. like almost all mp3 players, the headphones that it comes with are useless to all but the people that are willing to listen to $1 earbuds. dropping the mp3 player causes it to turn off, not a safety measure, but just power down instantly, loosing settings or current songs, similar to not saving a game before unplugging the console. when you use a micro SD card, the boot process is extended to allow it to scan whats on the memory card. this can take up to 30 seconds. researching issues requires ether talking to a representative, or reading forums, since there is not enough support info on the site. after around half a year my unit is not being detected by windows. i can still charge it via usb---cont.->

Overall Review: but my only way to put music on it is via the micro sd card, and that only holds two gigs of music, and no videos. battery life is still good, and plays music well. just no putting new music on it

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worked for half a year than stopped7/13/2009 7:04:17 PM

Pros: it does get decent performance. SiSandra reported i believe around 20MBps after i bought it. its in a durable, water resistant rubber body that is also shock proof. unlike many other usb drives, this has a rubber doodad that you can slide the cap on so you dont loose the cap. an activity light is customary and this one is not overly bright

Cons: the rubber casing makes it slightly larger than the average usb drive. about a quarter of the length is un-needed. the width might give issues for tight usb arrangements, but i didnt have any issues. after owning for around half a year, my drive has stopped working. the activity light will show when plugged in, but windows refuses to read, or recognize the device. this is my second usb drive from ocz, and the second one to die on me in half a year

Overall Review: ocz can make fast memory, usb drives, and ssd drives, but two usb drives dying in a row is unacceptable. I have aldready sent my old drive back to ocz for a replacement (ocz rally 2 4G) and got this ATV drive, which has the same problem as the last.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello, we are sorry for the problem. Please visit the link below and create a support ticket to start the RMA process for a replacement unit. We care about our customers and will see that you are well taken care of. Thank you
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OCZ Support Page