Garbage9/1/2009 8:29:04 PM

Pros: -Small form factor for a landline phone.

Cons: Keep in mind I bought these brand new - not refurb: -Batteries would not properly charge for 2 of 3 phones out of the box. -When the phone rings it's anyone's guess which handset will work when. -Panasonic tech support was worthless when I called about the issues I was having. Thank goodness I bought through Newegg. Panasonic peeps said they'd switch the defective new unit out for a refurb. I don't think so.

Overall Review: You might think you're getting quality with the name here but think again. These things are trash and I wish I had never bought them. I'll avoid Panasonic for awhile after this purchase.

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Screams2/1/2007 7:57:14 PM

Pros: Low latency, does the job and does it well. Screams. Zero setup issues. I have some heavy video processing applications and this, coupled with a X2 4200+, high end Epox mobo, 2 GF7900 GT's in SLi push two monitors plus a HD projector without breaking a sweat. That setup with Vegas will process raw video from a Firestore at about a 1:4 ratio (15 seconds to process 1 minute of direct to edit video). I built this with advice from an A-V pro and he said it's the best he's ever used by far.

Cons: None. Absolutely no issues.

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Works just fine2/1/2007 7:36:34 PM

Pros: This is about the 4th wireless router I have set up, and has been the easiest to date. I have worked with Belkin, DLink, and Netgear, and this Netgear was the easiest yet to set up. Small, no frills, and easy to use.

Cons: None.

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Solid2/1/2007 7:30:24 PM

Pros: Using this to output analog video to a DataVideo analog/digital converter, pulling audio into the converter from a Mackie mixer. Taking the output from the converter via firewire to a Firestore. This setup records VERY high quality. I am thoroughly impressed with the audio/video I get with this setup.

Cons: The built in digital converter (used only if you're pulling audio in via the line-in/mic jack and sending it out through the Firewire/USB) is OK if you're just using it for home use, but if it's a high quality application, you can hear VERY FAINTLY a clicking as the analog/digital conversion goes on. This is something that anyone who doesn't deal with A-V stuff regularly will most likely never hear. The only other problem is that the thin, cheap remote will not work from the rear of the unit.

Overall Review: This is one of those that you definitely get more than what you paid for (except for remote function). I'm very pleased with it.

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AWESOME!2/1/2007 7:16:45 PM

Pros: Picks up stuff from everywhere. Using it in a church building that is about 400 feet from where the router is in another building (54 Mbps card that we initially tried wouldn't even work). Picks up a decent signal at 108 Mbps (rarely drops to 54). Picks up all kinds of other networks that weren't even detectable with the first 802.11g card we tried.

Cons: Had a little trouble getting it set up (card was not being detected properly by XP), but DLink tech support had me up in 10 minutes. The problem was not documented in the troubleshooting part of the manual at the time I bought the card.

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Outstanding2/1/2007 7:09:15 PM

Pros: Cools my X2 4200+ with 2 7900GT VC's, Enermax Liberty 620W and other high end components without breaking a sweat. Exhausts so much heat that the room its in heats up, even with blower only set to about 1/3 power. Quiet at normal operating conditions.

Cons: If you have to crank it up (I never have to), it can sound like a jet taking off. Don't get this if you're mounting it in a case that has a door, or else you'll have to mount this set back so the door will close (to clear the knobs) and it looks really crummy.

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Nice card2/1/2007 7:04:05 PM

Pros: Works great, easy to install.

Cons: Drivers a little strange. Definitely not domestic, and it appears support is spotty. If you get it working properly, it's a great card.

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Great case2/1/2007 6:59:50 PM

Pros: Outstanding case, plenty of room to work with, looks really sharp. Plenty of blue between the fans and internal lighting. Can be a pain to route fan wiring on front fans.

Cons: I mounted a Thermaltake fan control in one of the bays and forgot to account for the knobs, so I had to set it back some. That little trim work didn't look so great. Not easy to find a mobo with all the stuff you need and volume output for the top gage, etc.

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Decent, but...1/27/2007 6:42:54 AM

Pros: Short, installs rather easily. Works well enough when you figure out what to do.

Cons: Noisy. When added to my Dell Dimension 2350, it would not play audio using RealPlayer. Played audio and video just fine with supplied WinDVD software. The Lite-On support people told me that was just part of the deal and that none of their drives did not work with Memorex and some other brand of disc.

Overall Review: This one's my fault, but it doesn't have a headphone jack on the front of the drive. I just neglected to check for that when I bought it, I've become so accustomed to that being a feature and took it for granted - if you want one, don't make that same mistake.

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