Great purchase!Nice laser.Better after product upgrade, Simple and User Friendly.8/5/2021 3:36:06 AM

Overall Review: I got this machine couple weeks ago, and did the assembly within 40mins to ~1 hour. This machine came well packed. I recommend watching one or two of the assembly videos on the net. Assembly is a little more complex and requires attention. The laser recommends using LaserGRBL or Lightburn for software. I have tried both, purchased Lightburn. Both software packages work well but require a learning curve - this is not an out of the box and be up and running toy. The diode laser this replaces had its own elementary software - it did the job but left much to be desired. This diode laser has the power and ability to perform complex tasks under Lightburn. I have been etching slate with incredible result.For the assembly overall I can tell that it is a mid-level assembly, it is not going to be easy for beginners but it will probably teach a lot.

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