Runs at 3200 on a ASRock x370 gaming-ITX/ac - Fantastic memory without the RGB bling!8/22/2017 12:32:20 AM

Pros: Overclocked to XMP profile for rated timings on my ASRock X370 Gaming-ITX/ac motherboard with a Ryzen 7 1700. It works without any problems whatsoever. It was on sale and a great deal.

Cons: none at this time

Overall Review: I'm able to overclock to 3.7ghz at 3200Mhz on the memory with a slight vcore of 1.25v running stable. Anything about 3.7ghz, I have to drop the memory speed to 2933Mhz for it post properly without power cycling on every reboot.

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First mini-ITX build. Excellent so far. Ryzen 17008/8/2017 9:33:35 PM

Pros: Easy to work with layout. No unnecessary RGB. Overclocking is easy. Easily accepted a Corsair H60 using the AM3 cooler bracket.

Cons: Difficulty rebooting after failed overclocking attempts. Clear CMOS difficult to access - right under video card. Not many options for fine tuning overclock settings. No USB 3.1

Overall Review: "This review for ASRock review rebate program." I was waiting eagerly for this MB as I wanted my next build to be my first mini-ITX build Ryzen 7 1700. My daily overclock is 3.7Ghz at 1.25vcore with 16gb g.skill running at 3200MHz XMP. I had to drop ram to 2933 to run 3.8 and above. 3.9GHz stable at 1.43vcore (including vcore offset of 100) and 4.0Ghz >1.46vcore (including vcore offset of 100). USB 3.1 would have been nice. Clearing the CMOS was a headache as reaching 4.0GHz kept crashing the system with insufficient voltage. Overclock failure protection didn't work. This motherboard is running in a Thermaltake Core V1, EVGA NEX750G PSU, Corsair H60. Samsung 850 EVO 500gb SSD, and Seagate 2.5" 2TB Firecuda SSHD.

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