Cool Cooling3/1/2007 4:24:18 AM

Pros: This thing does the job right for my QX-6700. Copper, copper, and more copper... the only way to cool! Excellent cooling power and the speed adjuster is a nice convenient touch.

Cons: Be careful how you handle it, there is no protective shroud around the fins and they ARE soft copper. It is LARGE, but my Striker Extreme mobo and AeroCool Jetmaster case are roomy enough... no space problems.

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Graphically Happy2/27/2007 7:45:19 PM

Pros: I have finally "graduated" from a long history of ATI gimmicks and add-ons. You plug this card in, you turn on the power, you get amazing graphics.

Cons: It's a big beast, and you may have to shuffle your hard drives around to accommodate its huge size, but the video performance is well worth it! There are no "All-In-Wonder"-type bells and whistles, but then, you can always add on an everytype-video-I/O card via USB or FireWire port, for editing video, if that's waht you're into.

Overall Review: It "only" clocks at 525MHz, and, for the extra bucks, I really didn't think I needed the extra speed. This thing works very well for SolidWorks 3-D engineering design software, so I don't really need the supercharged version of this Ferrari.

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Brings Frankenputer to Life!2/27/2007 7:17:48 PM

Pros: All the power you'll EVER need... all the plug types you'll EVER see... all the adaptor cables you'll EVER require.

Cons: You can pump iron at home with this weighty beast if you can't afford a membership at your local gym. BE AWARE... you MUST use a FULL-SINEWAVE UPS for back-up power (you gotta READ that fine print in the instruction manual). Any other type can make this power supply run quirky. Talk with your UPS manufacturer BEFORE you buy!

Overall Review: I'm running a QX-6700 proc, Zalman 9600 cpu fan, ASUS Striker Extreme mobo, 4 GB of G-Skill RAM, NVidia 8800GTX video, 1.5 TB (3) hard drives. This power supply is just loafing! It doesn't even blow warm air!

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QX-6700 Ready!2/27/2007 7:01:20 PM

Pros: I have already pushed my QX-6700 to 3 GHz. These mem modules keep up just fine! They really should be on the ASUS approved list.

Cons: They don't whistle Dixie... but, then, who listens to Dixie anymore, anyway?

Overall Review: ASUS Striker Extreme mobo, 4GB this RAM, QX-6700 cooled by Zalman 9600, NVidia 8800GTX graphics, Enermax Galaxy 1,000 watt power, AeroCool JetMaster case... all enabled by NewEgg service!

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Frankenproc2/27/2007 6:53:17 PM

Pros: What can one really say...? This monster is just like an F-14 Tomcat fighter jet... "Anytime, Baby!" It happily (and VERY speedily) dines on SolidWorks 3-D engineering design software. It snacks on anything in run-of-the-mill video production, Adobe and Corel. I've gotten it up to 3 GHz... why would anyone need more?

Cons: It DOES cost a few bucks. But, in this case, you certainly DO get what you paid for. Junk the Intel cooler... I am using Zalman's 9700 unit.

Overall Review: Here's what I did... AeroCool JetMaster case, ASUS Striker Extreme mobo, 2 x 2GB G-Skill RAM modules, NVidia 8800GTX video, Enermax Galaxy 1,000 watt power. The usual OUTSTANDING NewEgg service!

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Millennium Mobo2/27/2007 6:34:18 PM

Pros: ASUS has made THE mobo of the millennium! So many customizable features! I have ramped my QX-6700 up over 3MHz (who actually NEEDS to push this Frankenstein any higher?). Simply AWESOME! This is only the second build to actually make me happy (the first being a P-4EE on an ASUS P4E mobo). It doesn't get any better!

Cons: No hook-up diagram for the audio board pins, so I can connect my front-panel audio jacks. Had to call tech-support. No big whoop.

Overall Review: This could only get better if Apple put out a dual QX-6700 Power Mac. Then, it would be goodbye to PCs forever! G-Skill 2MB RAM modules run FINE! NVidia 8800GTX graphics are outstanding! Goodbye to ATI, forever. All, ably powered by Enermax 1,000 watt Galaxy. And, after all these years, NewEgg service only gets better! My AeroCool JetMaster case is smiling! I AM a happy camper!

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The Awesome LCD6/10/2006 9:43:13 PM

Pros: Dollar-for-dollar, this puppy rules! You need sunglasses unless you turn the brightness WAY down. I use Adobe Photo Shop and Corel Draw a LOT, and this thing is a joy to do graphics with! I have an ATI XL800-XT All-In-Wonder video card and plugged in using DVI connection... there is NO mouse lag using DVI mode... I repeat: NONE. I couldn't find even ONE dead pixel!

Cons: Maybe... it's TOO big...??? Na-aa-ah...!!!

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Rocket RAM6/10/2006 8:52:19 PM

Pros: I've been running 4GB of this on my ASUS P4C-800E Deluxe mobo with P-4E proc, and it really makes the system run faster and smoother! NOW I can start seriously OC-ing the system! ASUS P4C800E Deluxe mobo, Prescott P-4E 3.4GHz proc, ATI XL800-XT A-I-W graphics, 24" Acer LCD, 350GB storage, 600W power.

Cons: I really don't like the ID labels being pasted over a "hot" part of the heat sink. There are no chips under the center portion on either side of the RAM PCBs, so they should place the labels there, instead of where they are blocking heat xfer. I tried to very carefully peel them off and relocate them, but they started shredding, so I left them in place. I really do not like reducing heat xfer out of any component of an already-hot-enough Prescoot-powered system. However, I do have 8 fans keeping temps well under control.

Overall Review: EXCELLENT product, and the usual EXCELLENT two-day delivery time from NewEgg! THANX!

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DOES THE JOB!!!9/2/2005 7:32:50 PM

Comments: I had to go back to the STOCK P-4 bracket, after installing an AeroCool High Tower (which was a good unit -- as far as it went) and then had to reverse the clips on the Freezer 4 so as not to interfere with the NorthBridge heatsink! Got it all back together and turned it on and WOWEE... dropped another 7 degrees Celsius! I can't figure out how this outcools the Hig Tower so effectively... BUT IT DOES! It's an ugly mutt, but it sure does the job on my 3.4E!!!

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FAST ENOUGH8/24/2005 1:09:47 PM

Comments: I feel this is the best 478 P4 cpu for the money. It is VERY fast and overclocks nicely. Although it doesn't have the Level III cache of the super-sick 3.4EE, it does have something new which the EE lacks... that Level III instruction set which makes it great for multi-media use. However... FORGET the stock Intel cooler in the box! I am using the Aerocool all-copper 3-heatpipe High Tower Cooler (the baseplate is gold plated!) with TWO fans. This instantly knocked the temp down 10 degrees Celsius! I t still runs a bit warm, but doesn't seem to get much hotter under full load. I guess that Intel cooler is okay for ANYTHING BUT a Prescott cpu! Anyway... video and graphics rendering is really fast with this puppy! I LOVE IT!!!

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OUTSTANDING8/24/2005 12:59:53 PM

Comments: I have finally built up my home-brew kluge-box to just where I want it. This is my first ASUS mobo, purchased especially for my new P4 3.4E cpu and it is really great. I did install an aeroCool High Tower cooler with TWO fans to keep this beast cool. I had to install the cooler BEFORE putting the mobo into the case. You may have to download a few driver updates from the ASUS website. Also, ASUS tech support is on-line until midnight Eastern Time. This mobo will allow you to tweak any and all aspects of operation in your system! And I am REALLY getting tired of NewEgg getting product to me 2-or-3 days before I expect it to arrive!

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Power AND Price7/18/2005 9:27:07 AM

Comments: This is the BEST bang-for-the-buck for a Socket 478 P-4. I can now work AND game like a demon! It DOES run hot, though. Get a HEAVY DUTY cooling unit for it. AeroCool JetMaster Black Case MatSonic S9087C mobo EnerMax NoiseTaker 600W Power Supply 3GB DDR RAM ATI X800-XL Video SoundBlaster Live 5.1 Audio 350GB ATA-133 7200rpm drives Iomega Super DVD burner

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