Great Product But small Problem3/15/2016 10:17:05 AM

Pros: - Card runs all my games at max graphics just fine and I haven't had any issues running the games @1080p<br>- The fans don't really turn on until the temperatures get pretty hot but with the Asus GUI that comes with the GPU, you can manually turn the fans on or up.<br>- Under a load the card peaks out at about 80 degrees C. (This is on the division on ultra at 144hz.)<br>- I'm really impressed with the design of the fan as well, most GPU's just blow air over the top of the card. This one takes it in and sucks it through the card itself, which is completely enclosed in its plastic casing.

Cons: - This isn't so much of a con with the card but an issue I have had. I'm also not for sure if its the card or something else. Well when I plugged it in (using the DVI-D slot) and when I run it at 144hz I get a really awful screen flicker, almost as if the 3D settings are on but they are not. and all the graphics are bugged out. Also when I turn on the computer, the VGA LED on the mobo pops on for a second and turns off. Yet this only happens with the DVI-D slot. The display port and the DVI-I slot work just fine at 144hz, yet the red light still comes on. I have checked all the connectors and to see if it is sitting in the PCI-E slot correctley, which it is. So I am not too sure what to do. Ill bump it up to 5 stars if I can figure the problem out.<br>- Also not much of a con but I would like to note, it would have been cooler if the bottom of this card had been facing up. instead you get to see the board to the card with all of the capacitors instead of what appears to be the top in the picture.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Cameron, Hello, I would like to thank you for taking your time in writing this review. We certainly value your feedback. It is unfortunate to hear that you are encountering issues with your video card when you are using DVI-D. Sorry for the inconvenience this caused you. Have you tried a different cable to see if the problem still persists? If that does not help, please contact me at, So i can further investigate your case. I'm here to assist our customers with our products and dedicated in bringing a resolution to all issues that they may come across. Your case for reference is #N160351990 Thanks for choosing ASUS Regards, Justin ASUS Customer Loyalty