Simply Awesome!12/16/2005 5:21:49 AM

Pros: I bought two of these, only tested one so far on 03' 3Dmark easily benched 14,585 540/1300! stock cooling prob the best deal right now, someone just did 17k+ with one card after volt mods and 28k+ in 03 3d mark in sli mode!

Cons: none so far

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open gl 2.0/1.512/13/2005 10:02:41 AM

Pros: this is to the review below, all cards support open gl 2.0 cus thats whats out at the moment, all you need is an updated driver thats all, doesnt mean anything

Cons: none

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Looks GOOD :)12/13/2005 6:32:48 AM

Pros: I just bought one of these , have not benched it yet, going to get a 2nd one for SLI soon, my friend has one also and from what i gather from reading all the reviews on the net, this thing should put out an avg of 6k in 05' and anywhere from 12 - 14.5 k on a single card in 03' , for the price this card is hard to beat! with new drivers comming out all the time scores can go up, in sli mode i seen up to 12k in 05', i cant wait :)) - price $ - high end card for low - mid price :) - runs cooler then regular 6800 gt and ultra's

Cons: large card loud

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Awesome Ram !!12/13/2005 5:43:51 AM

Pros: 300 x 9.5 with this ram on a dfi sli-d board with venice 3200+ cpu if your gonna go with the dfi use g skill it works the best, i tried patriots so called xblk, tried 2 sets, not very user friendly ram, maxes out @220mhz 1:1, just my experience though :) comes with silver heat spreaders, matches with all colors, xblk is red and may not match other colors cheapest best deal , works as good as the stuff that sells for $100 more

Cons: none!

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PERFECT!!!12/13/2005 5:39:16 AM

Pros: Highly Overclockable!! lovin it 300x9.5 2850mhz using G SKILL 3200 2 x 512mb ram (awesome ram) better the xblk! watercooled Had abit b4 and DFI blows it away! havent tried sli yet but im waiting for 2 - 6800 gs xfx fact oc'd cards cant wait :)

Cons: personally dont like all the yellow UV , looks kinda tacky but i guess its dfi's moto to keep it that way :(

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problems12/12/2005 8:51:13 PM

Pros: just like the fatality but orange board :(

Cons: bios problems even after flash and updates , not worth the time

Overall Review: go for DFI boards there much more reliable and very overclockable

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