Top of the line11/26/2011 7:26:27 AM

Pros: Top of the line cooling. Just as good as the D14 & Silver Arrow. The main reason I picked this over the other 2 is color choices.

Cons: The price. You can get identical cooling from a silver arrow which is 20 bucks cheaper.

Overall Review: The price just wasn't enough to knock off an egg.

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Excellent2/25/2009 11:17:54 PM

Pros: I purchased this chip as a replacement for my e8400. I installed it, ran it for a few hours then took it to 3.8. Ran her for a couple more hours and took her to 4.0, 1.30v, 35c idle. No errors for 6 hours so far, prime95. I'm sure I could push it further but i'm happy where it's at. My e8400 was just a pain when pushed to 4.0! This is just an absolutely amazing chip. Ordered Monday morning, arrived Wednesday around 2pm.

Cons: None

Overall Review: If your thinking about going quad or want to upgrade your q6600 then this is your baby. It can easily hang with the extremes without the price tag.

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Spiffy7/2/2008 7:06:27 PM

Pros: Been able to run this memory anywhere from 790-1000 MHz and it's been flawless.

Cons: None

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Lovin' it.6/30/2008 10:55:53 PM

Pros: Keeps my e8400 (Oc'd to 4GHz) at 36c idle, 52c load.

Cons: It's like trying to install an air conditioner into a shoebox.

Overall Review: This is a very good after market heatsink. carefull of the fins. Let's just say that I still have battle marks on my knuckle a month after instalation.

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Still rockin' after a year +5/22/2008 12:31:43 PM

Pros: I bought this ram over a year ago and it's still running strong @ 450. And belive me when I say, this ram has been getting pushed. AN8-SLI, Amd64 4k+ @ 2.70, 2 x 8800 GT.

Cons: I bought these when they were $235.00.

Overall Review: OCZ will always be on the top of the food chain when it comes to memory.

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