Laptop for new user9/9/2020 12:35:42 PM

Pros: Systems integrator here. Just received new/used laptop from Newegg!!! Could not tell the portable from Factory New. Win 7 plus my utilities for maintenance and remote access and we are good to go!!! Found out next morning that my new laptop from Atlanta Electronics LLC had a battery that not only would not take a charge but did not even recognize the battery. ONE chat session with Warden and the wheels were set in motion with Atlanta Electronics to provide a new battery. Within the hour a very nice rep from AE responded to my plight and said a new battery was being shipped directly to me!!!! Now if you can find better 5 star service anywhere in the industry, I would be very surprised. Kudos to Warden @ Newegg and Atlanta Electronics LLC Russ H.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Inexpensive, clean and fast for an I3. What's not to like !!!!!!

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Just what I wamted1/8/2020 12:27:28 PM

Pros: No OS, No Software. Just HP's legendary hardware.

Cons: None !!!!!

Overall Review: Build file servers for small business with large RAID drives. Load the server OS, build the RAID, add my favorite software utilities. Will definitely buy again. 1/6/20 Back for more of this older gem. Packing was great and ditched the 250gb spinners for SSDs. Loaded client specified OS and driver pkgs. Got lots of them in the field, no complaints or issues. Great little client workstation.

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Great little box for consultant wife.2/12/2019 8:00:07 AM

Pros: Computer came looking new Fast I7 w/16 meg mem. Changed out cooling fan and swapped spinner for Samsung 950 SSD Loaded Win7 PRO and Office 2016 Nice economy box for the money Packing was fantastic

Cons: Shipping was a touch slow, but not a big deal with this nice refurb.

Overall Review: I would not hesitate to purchase from this seller again. Great buying experience

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One of the best deals on one the best engineered computers.10/31/2018 12:11:17 AM

Pros: Upgraded the fans in the case and power supply, added my own copy of Windows 7 and installed 177 windows updates. Replaced the 500 gig spinner with a 240 gig SSD and for <> $300 I have a great little machine! With this platform I can build a rock solid client or server that is FAST. My new "goto" computer build for very cost conscious customers. Bought several of these and will be back for more.

Cons: I have to put something in here. One of the 8300's that I bought had a stuck access lid. A little WD 40 and I was good to go.

Overall Review: I hesitate to recommend this purchase to other system builders as that would potentially limit my supply.

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Great little device until it just stopped working7/20/2018 6:08:26 AM

Pros: Small, fast on USB3 or Esata. Super Easy to setup

Cons: Just quit working !!!!!! Tried reinstalling everything. Power Supply reads 12.2vDC. No Joy. Cannot recommend.

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Manufacturer Response:
We're sorry to hear that our S3520BU33ER stopped working. We stand behind our products, and this enclosure is covered under a 2-year warranty with free lifetime technical support. We recommend contacting us directly so that one of our Technical Advisors can look into this further for you. You can reach one of our Technical Advisors at 1-800 265-1844 or Nick, Support
Won't work on an Intel Server Board (Intel S1200KPR Server Motherboard)5/31/2018 8:58:00 AM

Pros: Did not work and the Server would not even boot. Server is too important the mess with this cheap part. Going to save it for a older workstation.

Cons: Did not expect it to though! Had a couple of extra minutes to waste. Got some extra long Sata cables from the Egg and everything is fine.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valuable Customer, Much appreciate for choosing ORICO as your preference, this is Maite from ORICO Customer Care Team. Thanks for your kindly feedback, truly sorry for all the inconvenience to you. To deal with your problem and serve you well, could you please tell me the problems by email? My email is, We will try our best to solve this problem Sincerely hope if you can give us a chance to fix the problem. For the defective products within warranty, we can send you a replacement. Hope to hear from you soon, thanks. Best Regards
Loaded Win 10 and disabled pretty much everything. Made it a headless File Server.3/13/2018 2:54:28 PM

Pros: HP's reputation for building Bullet proof PC's !

Cons: Not a thing !!!!

Overall Review: Ditched the DVD-ROM and dropped in two Seagate 2 TB 3 1/2" spinners and Raided them. Ditched the WD OS drive and purchased a 128 MB SSD. Reduced my boot time from 37 sec to 5 sec. Made it WOL and left it headless. Control via RDP. What's not to like! Cheap File Server.

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Rosewill Armer RX304-APU3-35B - External 3.5" SATA III 6 Gb/s Hard Drive Enclosure - USB 3.0 & eSATA Connection, Aluminum Body, 80 mm Variable Speed Fan with On / Off Switch, LED10/23/2017 12:55:52 PM

Pros: Pretty much everything. See Cons, and they aren't that big of a deal.

Cons: The entire case rear panel is BLACK !!!! I mean BLACK!!!!! Makes identifying various plugs, holes and switches a little difficult.

Overall Review: Finally, A product that incorporates mods that I have wanting for years! Rosewill released a dead-on, much needed product with this external case. I bought two, and if they work out well I will get another six or eight. The option for USB 3 or Esata is awesome. Couple that with a switched fan for under $40 and Rosewill has a winner! Loaded both of them with four terabyte WD Black drives; one for off box data backup and the other one for shop Reflect images of all inhouse and customer machines. Initially, could not be more pleased.

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Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
Replaced 11 year old Netgear Print Servers5/19/2016 6:12:37 PM

Pros: When we have to print, we use 2 old HP 6P printers that were on old Netgear PS's. They finally died. Newegg got the TP PS here pronto. Price was right, Seems to do what it advertises. Set up required changing the subnet. Did not use the included SW. Went to TPLink's site and downloaded the SW from there. Followed the installation instructions. All computers in the residence can use the old reliable HP lasers again. Happy Camper here!

Cons: None, so far.

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great "little" file server2/27/2016 8:15:35 AM

Pros: 1. Built like a brick "outhouse" 2. Four core CPu 3. Intel Raid built -in 4 ECC memory After I load the OS on the "included" old drive, I clone that drive to a brand new WD Black SSD with Reflect 6 Then I swap the old drive for the new drive Then I use IObit Advance System Care 9 to update the drivers Then I download the hundreds of Windows Updates Then I Build the Intel Raid with any of the five remaining SATA ports Then I take it to the customer This is my 3rd build

Cons: This thing is heavy !!!!!

Overall Review: Gotta be great or I wouldn't be back!!!!

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Ownership: more than 1 year
What's with all the bad reviews?11/28/2014 6:01:50 AM

Pros: Truly a setup and forget it box. I had neglected to update the OS on my NAS box and found out the I could not get the box to respond to anything. After looking on the web I emailed Synology Tech Support. Several hours later Dustin K returned my email with the exact answer I needed. I followed his solution steps and he logged into my box remotely and performed his magic. No files lost and all is good, I took his advice and updated the OS immediately.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Note to self; Check the auto upgrade box !!!

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
barely usable1/27/2014 3:23:35 PM

Pros: Does what it says and it is one of the only devices that does it on a budget

Cons: Barely usable on a 4 port USB KVM switch over 100 ft of Cate 5e cable.

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sweeeet1/11/2009 6:12:16 AM

Pros: Size, build quality

Cons: no pci-Express slot (knew that going in)

Overall Review: Used 92 mm case fan, my own Artic Silver and 500 gig sata seagate. Loaded Vista from Corsair USB stick. Newegg, of course. Drives 37 inch wall mount LCD TV in bathroom. A no brainer.....

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Not so good12/29/2007 7:59:15 AM

Pros: Lots of inputs!!!

Cons: DOA, sound only at first, then no audio, no video, no nothing.

Overall Review: Newegg's shipping is great, as always.

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Good Idea, Bad execution12/17/2005 2:53:56 PM

Pros: Very compact unit, so I bought two!

Cons: Only works when IT wants to. Huge waste of time. Gave them both away.

Overall Review: Just buy a Bytecc 5 1/2 external USB case and leave the top off. At least they work consistenly.

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