The RAM to buy for Ryzen1/19/2020 1:42:06 PM

Overall Review: This is Micron E-Die ram, nothing comes close to the performance these sticks can offer at this price. Currently running at DDR4-3733 C16 with tuned subtimings. ~67ns latency Just buy it & move on.

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Beautiful1/24/2019 11:45:48 AM

Pros: - 2560x1440 - IPS, new Innolux 10 bit panel - 27 Inch - $399 (or $369 if you catch this sale) This is the most beautiful monitor I have ever used. Having previously owned a PG279Q and also the Dell S2417DG (terrible) this monitor is certainly on par with the PG279Q if not better while costing almost half as much. Freesync is now supported on Nvidia GPU's so there is no need to pay G-Sync tax anymore. Passes all tests on lagom.

Cons: The stand is very basic and not super sturdy, but this hardly matters once you get everything setup. Also only has tilt and does not support rotation obviously. In order to enable 10 bit, you have to be running at 120hz or less. Option is not present at 144hz. DP cable not included, only comes with HDMI

Overall Review: My unit has some IPS Glow in the bottom right corner on a full black screen in a dark room but this is hardly worth mentioning since it's something that exists on all IPS monitors. Could not see any backlight bleed on my unit even in a dark room.

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Excellent12/18/2017 6:51:13 PM

Pros: - Large 17 inch high quality IPS screen. Viewing angles are very good and it's a bright display. - Core i5 8250u is a great processor. 4 cores 8 threads is mostly unheard of on laptops today. - MX150 is a solid low-power gpu for light gaming. You won't be maxing out visuals in games but on reasonable settings you can manage 60 fps in most games. Use MSI Afterburner to add +1000mhz on the memory clock for a rather significant performance boost that many reviews sites have not picked up on. This chip is significantly better than onboard graphics. - Fast 256gb SSD. This is such an important component for general use responsiveness. I'd never buy a laptop without an SSD today. - HD can be added in the empty drive bay

Cons: - No backlit on the keyboard - Only one accessible ram slot. This can be an issue if you wish to add more ram in the future as you will lose dual channel since the other 4gb of ram seems to be embedded on the motherboard. - Could use more USB 3.0 ports, not sure why manufacturers continue to put more USB 2.0 ports than 3.0 here in 2017. - Temperatures on this model are not great out of the box just like most laptops. Running benchmark applications such as Unigine Valley / Cinebench and the CPU was entering 90s territory when boosting. Fortunately this problem can be solved if you are willing to spend a few minutes undervolting the CPU with Intel Extreme Tuning Utility. I was able to set -0.1v on the CPU and used MSI Afterburner to reduce gpu voltage to 950mV from the default 1012mV. Your mileage may vary as not all chips are created equal. Running GTA V my max temps were 76c on both the CPU & GPU with undervolts & overclocks applied.

Overall Review: Overall this is an excellent budget laptop at $650 for someone who wants a laptop that is fast / responsive that is also capable of handling some gaming with playable frame rates. If you are a heavy gamer though it would be worth paying more for a laptop with a GTX 1050.

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Solid Case9/20/2017 7:57:30 AM

Pros: It's huge, lots of space for the biggest CPU coolers and long GPU's Lots of customization, can rotate drive bays / remove ssd cage Comes with 4 fans, 3 of which have white LED Strong carrying handle at the top makes it easier to move around Looks pretty cool Was on sale for $70 and had a $30 MIR for a net cost of $40, crazy good deal..

Cons: Manual does not explain how to connect the fan controller

Overall Review: Note that in the default fan configuration you will have an extra 4 pin / 3 pin fan connector cable lying around. This has no purpose so don't spend 30 min trying to figure out what you forgot to connect. It's just spare.

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Excellent8/18/2017 6:50:57 PM

Pros: Excellent picture quality, actually looks better than my other $600 monitor. Nice aesthetics.

Cons: The "ultra thin bezel" shown in the images is somewhat misleading, the bezels are wider and actually look like those black bars you would see playing 16:10 content on a 16:9 screenin person.

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Good budget board5/28/2017 10:33:22 AM

Pros: Popped in a G4560 and it runs fine. Didn't require any bios update. Looks pretty cool for such a budget board too.

Cons: None

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Solid Card11/11/2013 6:06:36 AM

Pros: This card performs nicely. Got it for $180 after the rebate, which is done through 4myrebates and they allow you to track your rebate. Never had an issue getting a rebate from them. Also came with 4 games. This card is voltage locked, however mine was already set to 1.25v which is pretty high anyway. I overclocked it just to see how far it would go, which was 1175mhz on the core stable. Temperature maxes out at about 72c, although my case is well ventilated so it's hard to say how good the cooler is compared to other brands. This card also has a lifetime warranty if you register it within 30 days on the xfx website, which is a nice bonus.

Cons: None

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Manufacturer Response:
Thank you for the great review! Okay, If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and let us know. Play Hard -Support
Good Fan10/24/2013 9:00:48 PM

Pros: Using this fan as an exhaust at the back of my case, plugged into the chassis fan slot on my motherboard and then adjusted from "level 4" (2000 RPM) to "level 3" (1800 RPM) fan speed in my bios. It was audible at 2000 RPM, but at 1800 RPM it's no louder than any other fans in my computer. Airflow is good. Nothing bad to say about this fan yet.

Cons: None

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Good1/13/2012 2:03:03 PM

Pros: This is a very nice cooler. I needed something smaller than those 120mm coolers like the Hyper 212 due to a large 250mm fan on the side of my case, and this one fit just fine. Dropped my load temps by about 15C. Installation was pretty straight forward.

Cons: Fan is very noisy at anything above 2100 rpm. This is to be expected though and from my experience it never actually needs to spin that fast under normal usage anyway. No eggs docked here.

Overall Review: Had a $20 rebate at the time of my purchase.

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6/15/2010 11:37:10 AM

Pros: - Comfortable - Decent sound - Mic hides away well

Cons: - Ringing noises after 2 months of usage - Mic is quiet, had to use +20db boost - Ears will get warm after a while

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