Nice netbook.4/8/2010 1:32:33 PM

Pros: The keyboard is nice and spacious. The screen is gorgeous and the veiwing angles are pretty good. Battery life is okay. The thing about this netbook is that clock cycle for clock cycle this processor will be much faster than anything from the Intel Atom line. Plus most of the Atom line in netbooks are single core machines. The machine is on par with the CULV netbooks but it also has a decent gpu, which intel doesn't make yet. If you want a CULV with a good gpu you're looking at $700 or more.

Cons: The battery life is not as long as the Intel CULV's. The gpu is not as good as the ion gpu.

Overall Review: To stop the laptop going into 800mhz on battery do the following: Go into bios -Advanced -Powernow -DISABLE

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