Perhaps the highest-end low-profile video card currently available4/11/2021 8:55:08 PM

Pros: Runs Overwatch 1080p Low settings at 100fps: an acceptable gaming card. It's Radeon Pro, so I would expect it to perform admirably for productivity workloads. It's also available (this review posted March 2021).

Cons: Comes with two Mini-Displayport to Displayport adapters, so you may need to buy more/different dongles for your use case. Does not support framerates higher than 95 Hz. When multiple displays are connected, does not support framerates higher than 60 Hz.

Overall Review: I have been trying to build a gaming computer for months, and my next project will be a workstation which will fit into a 2U server rack. I finally got the CPU I wanted for the gaming rig, but I was still unable to get a GPU, so I decided to get a low-profile GPU (which will eventually go in the 2U build) and use it in my gaming rig until I can get my gaming GPU. I didn't do an exhaustive search, but this was the highest-end new (not resold) low-profile graphics card I could find. I took an egg off my rating once I realized that it only supports 60 Hz with multiple displays, but other than that I can't complain. A very good graphics card.

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Good design, bad parts/electronics3/14/2017 11:06:51 PM

Pros: Excellent design Feels good in hand Excellent macro options with SteelSeries Engine

Cons: Side buttons are a little too forward for me (those who use claw grip will probably be quite happy with them though) Right click works intermittently after some right-click-intensive gaming Scroll wheel input is occasionally reversed (the page goes the wrong direction when I scroll)

Overall Review: For context, I bought this mouse half a year ago and it has been under average-to-intense wear. It is probably usable for up to a year. I would not recommend this product, go for a more durable mouse.

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Best Mid Tower around for portable personal use8/27/2016 4:13:36 PM

Pros: No-hassle front USB/Audio ports: the front ports point up from the front-top of the case (perfect for a pc sitting on the floor), and have a nice dust cover for when they are not in use 3 fans in a very good default configuration The 2 LED fans on the front are kinda pretty 8) 8 possible fan locations for expandability/customizability galore Fans that come with case are pretty quiet, and provide good ventilation Good hardware expandability: 3 disc-drive slots, 7 3.5" hard-disk slots, easy to replace any 2 of those 3.5" slots with 4 2.5" slots; remove a panel and 4 of the 3.5" slots turn into space for graphics cards larger than 11.3 inches long SUPER CONVENIENT CARRY HANDLE Carry handle doubles as cable organizer in certain special circumstances

Cons: Not much to reassure those worried about theft (the carry handle can be used to lock the computer to a desk, but the chassis intrusion lock is nearly useless) Side/front fan locations allow considerable noise leakage if you have noisy CPU/GPU fans Reasonable protection from dust, but more dust filters and places to put dust filters (like as the side fan locations) would be welcome

Overall Review: I just finished doing my first build, and this is one of the few parts that I have no regrets about. The carry handle in particular (which is a feature effectively unique to this case) is a big help for college students who need to move a lot. This is the one component of my build I don't think I'll ever replace.

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