Great heatsink4/26/2021 9:29:31 AM

Pros: aluminum with thermal pads, fits ddr4 rsm sticks. Easily placed on ram. Arrived in brand new with no flaws.

Cons: None, shipping is a bit slower due to coming from asia. But worth the wait..

Overall Review: Worth adding to ram with no heatsink.

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Good ram4/1/2021 2:12:54 PM

Pros: Recieved what was advertised and in great condition. Good price on ddr4 2933 speed. Paired it with amd athlon 3000g and a gigabyte b450 mb.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Definitly recommend.

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decent speed and price2/28/2019 7:11:43 PM

Pros: solid, heavier construction than other drives, decent speed of 30Mb/sec on transfer of 4 GB file. All 3 bought as a combo worked as promised.

Cons: none yet

Overall Review: using it for bootable installation OS. works well in all versions of USB ports.

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solid construction!2/28/2019 7:08:13 PM

Pros: Aluminum body with aluminum drive trays. Quiet fan. The Athena actually was shorter then my existing external drive bay. Drive caddies locking mechanism was a pleasant surprise, worked extremely well. Drive fit perfectly in my RAIDMAX micro-ATX case. SATA & Power connectors easily accessible in the back.

Cons: None really. other than cannot use 90 degree sata cables.

Overall Review: Replaced existing (4) 2.5" external drive bay with this new one. My Marvell SATA/SAS controller saw the raid which stayed intact. I have Seagate 1TB 5400 rpm drives and all of them fit snug in the caddies. Didn't really need to screw the drives to the caddies because they were so snug. Just make sure you use <=7mm drives...recommend for anyone looking to expand on an existing 5.25 drive bay.

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
so-so2/15/2019 7:33:50 PM

Pros: Ordered a combo that included (3) 32 GB USB 3.0 drives and received 3.1 USB drives instead.

Cons: 2 out of 3 worked. 1 was DOA. transfer speed was not great.

Overall Review: Didn't bother with warranty as they were cheap. Probably go with another brand next time.

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great adater!1/18/2018 2:09:47 PM

Pros: fits Asus N56J laptop. easily saw my HD. fast delivery, good packaging..

Cons: none. Should have ordered it sooner!

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great little nas drives11/11/2017 12:21:31 PM

Pros: Low power, good size cache, small form factor. Quiet with low heat...

Cons: Cant speak for use in a laptop. But, None that i know of otherwise.

Overall Review: Excellent in an OMV NAS. Running 4 in raid 0 and getting 80-120 mb per second transfer rate across gig lan. Just as fast transfer rate as my 3.5 inch 1 tb 7200rpm drives in raid 10. Same fast response even when spun done in power saving mode.

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fantastic options8/5/2017 7:13:18 PM

Pros: Plenty of space for fans, even comes with good quality fans including magnetic air filters....Airflow is great! Liquid cooling options are awesome! Put in a Swiftech 240 AIO attached to the slide out top tray for now. Hid all of my excess cables under the power supply shroud. Makes it look clean. Love the tempered glass. I have been building PCs for close to twenty years. One of the best designed case I have seen in a long while. Built the Pc for my son and he wanted some lighting effects. So I added Thermaltake LED Halo 140mm fans for the front and 1 for the exhaust. My son loved it because they were green. The system was very quiet.

Cons: Only cons are fingerprints on glass. (Gotta expect that.) Easy to lose the rubber rings on panel screws. One warning is that if you use the top tray to hold your radiator. Be careful, because depending on the length of your hose you can be limited in sliding the tray out completely. Mine was to short and I had to remove the cpu block to completely slide out the tray.

Overall Review: Yes, definitely recommend. You won't be disappointed. I currently have a Cooler master HAF 922 cases (2) running AMD and a Corsair Carbide 760 running Intel. So I can make a good judgement call on this case. So with this case being so good. I am going to get another one and build a RyZen rig with custom cooling. Thinking of purple LEDs or a black light with clear tubing holding neon coolant.

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Great refurb!10/6/2016 8:39:46 AM

Pros: Clean, no scratches/dents. fast delivery even though it was free UPS ground! Received in two days, came exactly as described. Came with Windows 8 Pro, but I preferred Windows 7 x64. Expandability of the system is great, additional drives (3 total) can be added for a RAID. Discrete video card, a Quadro pro 3000 2GB graphics card. Plenty of USB ports included. All around a nice big screen laptop! Highly recommend!

Cons: Not really a con, but what big power supply! Size of brick, no kidding! Thoughh it does not get warm at all, too...Luckily, I did not buy this to lug around.

Overall Review: I will probably get a docking station and a newer power supply later. Nice deal fro the price!

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Great case for a homebrew NAS/media server2/20/2016 7:55:53 PM

Pros: Compartmentalized, solid metal construction, nice paint inside, plenty of cable space and HD locations. Small form factor, Power supply air intake on the side of case. Nice looking style and takes up less room than my old case.

Cons: I am not impressed with the front fan options. I tried adding a 200 mm fan and found out it was to thick. (30 mm). nothing bigger than a 140 mm would fit, (26) mm. Also, if more than 2 HDs to be used the less fans locations will be available. Another issue and from my observation only it is a small one is that the hard drives that sit in the drive cage, do run about 10 degrees hotter than other HD locations. No real air circulation at that corner of that case.

Overall Review: Built my first NAS & Media server running OpenMediaVault with Plexmedia server and other plugins. It is going quite well too! Gigabyte AM1 MB w/ AMD 2.5Ghz kabrini quad core with integrated video 8 GB RAM (1) 2.5" 120GB HD (4) 1TB HDs-RAID 10 (2) Realtech Gigbit Nics -Teamed (1) 200MM fan on top as intake (2) Artic F12 120mm Fans in front -intake (1) Artic F12 120mm fan back - exhaust (1) EGA 500 Watt power supply Overall it is a great case for building easy to work if you plan ahead your moves. I've had Raidmax power supplies before and found out they were pretty reliable. But I didn't know they made a great little case. Definitely could see using this case for another build of some type...

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Great board 4 a homebrew NAS1/29/2016 10:58:43 AM

Pros: Low power consumption, little heat, pairs well with Kabini quad core 5350. Has all the amenities of a full ATX motherboard, just less of quantity of them.

Cons: None so far. I will report back after completing my NAS build.

Overall Review: Using it for a NAS with OpenMediaVault installed. Added 8 Gigs of ram, Kabini 5350, Artic Alpinte M1 CPU cooler, (4) 2TB drives and (3) 1TB drives. Raid 10 and Raid 5 respectively. Added (2) SYBA PCI express Sata 6 controllers just for the software raids too. Just ordered a new 500 Watt power supply as my old recycled 650 Watt was noisy as heck. All parts from Newegg of course. So far testing file transfer rates, additional services installed within OMV does not have any overall impact to the system. The rig does look promising...I will let you know after more stress testing of motherboard :)

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Great little motherboard!1/29/2016 10:44:43 AM

Pros: Low power consumption and small form factor. Paired it with the Kabini 8350 Sempron 1.3Ghz, 4 gigs ram and 1 2.5" HD. Also picked up a fanless Artic Cooler heat sink for the CPU. Built it to replace my home Router. Installed Untangle with OpenVPN, IDS, antivirus, etc. All free no less... Works great, low heat and is quiet. Great little board!

Cons: Only drawback is no USB 3.0 header on motherboard. But I knew that going in.

Overall Review: Worried a the Kabini 3850 would not be up to snuff on performance, but had the Kabini 5350 2.05Ghz on hand in case. No need as this little rig handled all perfectly. I wanted to buy another one but it was out of stock at the time.

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Refurbished?12/16/2015 10:11:10 AM

Pros: Came shrink wrapped like a new purchase. Could not beat the price (49.00). Tested pump and it runs real quiet, fan is ok.

Cons: None yet. Planning to use for water cooling my R9 290 air cooled. Replacing fan with a better quality, quieter fan.

Overall Review: I have bought refurbished components before and never had one come in its original packaging and shrink wrapped. Like other reviewers stated, I do not believe this is a refurb, If it is then Corsair does it refurbishments real well.

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great replacement11/16/2015 11:55:17 AM

Pros: Cheap, digital and easy to install. old wires (3) matched exactly the same as the new thermostat required. W,Y,G markings

Cons: none

Overall Review: Replaced my analogue mercury filled old thermostat.

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Noisy but fast!11/13/2015 10:46:06 AM

Pros: Price, when on sale. Great GPU. BF4, Fallout 4 and all my other games maxxed out to ultra! Great graphics! Got mine earlier for $219.00 w/out rebate.

Cons: Noisy (fan above 50%) and runs hot (90c) even in my HAF 922. So I set my GPU fan (MSI Afterburner) to run at no more than 50% and the temps stayed at 75c. Any more increase in fan speed and everyone upstairs would hear it.

Overall Review: I replaced the reference cooler with artic extreme III bought on sale from another online vendor (A**Z*N) . A little tedious bit of work to install, but oh so worth it. Dropped my GPU temps from 90c to 50-60c, VRM 1 temps from 100c to 70c and VRM 2 from 70c to 50c. and best of all it is very quiet!!!

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good enough7/31/2014 5:50:49 AM

Pros: Low price, plenty of slots for CC's. Real leather

Cons: Only con might be that the leather is very stiff to begin with. Takes a little bit longer to mold for my back pocket than a soft leather version. one other thing, the Alpine Swiss metal logo attached to the outside of the wallet might get in the way of insertion into tight pockets.

Overall Review: I would buy again

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nice PS7/25/2014 11:59:23 AM

Pros: 1000 watts, Quiet, modular, price,

Cons: none so far

Overall Review: I have this for 6 months now. Sitting in my HAF 922 on the table right next to me and it is quiet. It powers my Asus M5A99FX PRO R2.0 board w/AMD 9370 overclocked to 5 GHZ water cooled w/CM Seidon 240 in a push/pull config 16GB Crucial DDR3/1866 ram and an ATI R9 270X. And 2/200mm,1/20mm and1/140mm fans too. Never any problems. matter of fact I am going to get another one for my son's PC upgrade....:)

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former skeptic6/17/2014 8:22:59 PM

Pros: 8 GB memory, 1 TB of space and price. Replaced a normal mechanical drive with this hybrid. I must confess I was wondering if it was worth it. But it is as my boot time was significantly reduced., Prior it took a good 1 1/2 minutes to boot windows 7 Ultimate with all my sons cr*p auto starting. Now it is less than 30 seconds.

Cons: none so far.

Overall Review: If I was to buy another HD it would be a hybrid as the costs are the same as a mechanical HD. Quite satisfied with the performance of the hybrids. My sons rig: AMD 8350 sapphire R9 270 gigabyte 970 motherboard 8 gigs of 1600 ram.

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very cool2/4/2014 7:14:31 AM

Pros: Quiet, PWM, 1500 RPM's, cable is long, quality fan. As a test Replaced Noctua nfs12 120MM fan with this one on the back of my HAF 922 as an exhaust. It dropped my temperature about 8C. It is very quiet and moves more air than the Noctua. And can't beat the price compared to the Noctua.

Cons: Rubber anti-vibration pins are too short. The Noctua came with about 1/1/2 inch pins which were easy to grab thru the holes on the fans. Noctua comes with better accessories , splitters, reduced voltage cables and longer pins.,

Overall Review: I bought Noctua and cougar fans as a test and after reading their respective reviews. In my personal opinion, someone who has been building PC's for close to 20 years. I chose Cougar for the price and performance. 1/2 the price of Noctua and moves more air too. I even bought the Cougar 140MM version for an intake. That one was quiet too. That is blowing on my R9 270 overclocked. (It runs BF4 in Ultra!)

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
QUIET!1/27/2014 7:45:34 AM

Pros: Quiet, well engineered, cable sleeve, PWM . Excellent optional parts...

Cons: none

Overall Review: Replaced stock Cooler master fan, used it as an exhaust fan on back of HAF 922. rarely spins past 900rpm.

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2nd review after some OC tweaking12/23/2013 11:30:18 AM

Pros: price, quiet, cool, and overclock able! Temperatures with BF4 runs at 50C

Cons: video overclocking Trixx app from Sapphire is, eh., afterburner is much better even if it is from MSI. So easy to overclock.

Overall Review: Overclocked core clock from 1050 to 1100 and memory clock from 1400 to 1420 and still tweaking! After tweaking and running BF4 in Ultra for hours I get 57C on average. never over 58C.

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wide body12/12/2013 9:58:52 AM

Pros: lots of airflow, plenty of fans, will fit even the biggest video cards. plenty of room.

Cons: USb 3.0 connector plugs into my Asus M5A99FX Pro r2.0 rather not to securly. I expected one side of connector to have a notch, but the other side of the connector too? ?

Overall Review: My rig including the Asus Mb: FX-9370 @4.7Ghz Cooler Master Seidon 240 liquid cooler in top of case (exhaust) 2x8Gb crucial ballistix Sport DDR3 1866 Radeon R9 270x 4GB ram thermaltake 1050 Watt power supply Adata premier pro 256GB SSD Seagate 1TB HD

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fast12/12/2013 9:51:07 AM

Pros: DDR3 1866 for cheap, installed on my Asus M5A99FX Pro R2.0 MB. with Fx-9370 installed .

Cons: Had to upgrade MB to see the new ram...

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Cool!12/12/2013 9:47:12 AM

Pros: Keeps my FX-9370 cool at 4.7GHz. Under 50C when playing BF4 or BF3. Idles at 20C. It was a little tricky to installing in the top of my Cooler master HAF 922 case. But I got in a exhaust setup with fans pulling..less dust on radiater that way and easier to clean. Very quiet, very happy with it..

Cons: Rubber gasket is a pain to use with only 2 hands. but it does stop noise from reverberating from the fans. Use Asus Fanexpert to auto config the fans. It is much quiter now. otherwise it is all manual via bios...

Overall Review: My rig: AMD FX-9370 @4.7GHZ Asus M5A99FX Pro R2.0 2x8 Crucial Ballistic Sport DDR 3 1866 Adata premier 256 SSD Seagate 1TB HD Radeon R9 270X 4Gb ram Thermaltake 1050 Watt Power supply

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Verified Owner
Ownership: more than 1 year
Nice sound12/12/2013 9:13:00 AM

Pros: great speakers with woofer. Plays music, games and overall a great buy for under $75. I am not an audiophile as I just game and want to hear the explosions in BF3/BF4! I had this for over and year and bought a set for my son for christmas as his old Dell's died and they were on sale.

Cons: none really,

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